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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Useful work” of students in schools is widespread

The Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva spoke for more active involvement of pupils in labor education. In particular, it supported the return of the Soviet tradition of cleaning classes by students. Some teachers and parents in this initiative have any questions from a purely legal point of view.

Vasilyev said that the return, as she put it, “useful labor of the school” is absolutely necessary. “We must return and rural brigades, which were in rural schools, working in home gardens, cleaning the school premises – none of this threatens the health of pupils,” said she.

“It is important that the initiative was in the framework of the legislation and was legally”

The initiative of the Minister has caused in the social networks and forums numerous critical comments from yesterday’s students. And teachers reacted to it, though not unambiguously negative, but with a certain degree of apprehension. “It is important that the initiative was in the framework of the legislation and was legally issued, and nothing more”, – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Director of the school № 842 Olga Makarova.

Indeed, the question of the legal basis for the initiatives of the Minister it is appropriate. In 1992, with the adoption of the law “On education” has lost the force of Soviet rule on mandatory student work outside the school curriculum. Moreover, such work was expressly prohibited by section 14 of article 50 of this law. Thus, the then government of Russia has banned operating in the Soviet era practice of sending students of schools and universities on agricultural work to help the village, before the beginning of the school year. In the future, the law became overgrown with a lot of regulations that sometimes put teachers in a very difficult position.

So, in 2009 Prosecutor’s office of the Verkh-Iset district of Ekaterinburg has demanded to change the statutes of a number of schools in the region, where the duties of the students was charged with the duty class: cleaning and preparation of the chalkboard to start the lesson. Prosecutors relied on paragraph 14 of article 50. Similar cases were and in other regions. In 2013 was adopted new law on education. There the ill-fated 14 paragraph has been absent. However, a number of regulations that impede the transformation of child labor outside of the school curriculum in charge, are still valid.

However, as assured the newspaper VIEW, the Ministry of education and science, the initiative Vasilyeva will not require any fundamentally new instruments. It is planned only to adjust the content of the Federal educational standards and to develop guidelines for accessible forms of labour education. “Will remain all the same shape, which acted”, – assured OPINION in the press service of the Ministry. It noted that, for example, used Vasilyeva and caused a lot of rumors, the concept of “household cleaning” (it’s painful, it associated with the Soviet practice of sending students “on potatoes”) involves cleaning the school grounds and used since 2004 in the framework of the approximate program of the discipline “technology” – that now replaces Soviet lessons.

“Adjustment of educational standards will not go beyond the already contained in the programs forms of labor education, and is designed rather to encourage the regions the methodology of their application, incorporating best practices. Special attention will be paid to the inadmissibility of exceeding the burden on students of different age groups,” – said the press service.

By the way, teachers and principals, which talked of OPINION, I say that now, in the absence of amended standards, practice, and when students help to remove classes, is widespread. “Yes, students come to community work days, maintain cleanliness in the classrooms, but it’s just not to the extent as before. In consultation with parents it happens,” – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the school № 842 Olga Makarova.

In favor of his innocence, the Ministry could refer not only on Soviet, but on world experience. The practice of using apprentices for, say, cleaning classes, there are in many countries. Somewhere, in Japan, it is directly prescribed in the regulations, exists somewhere on the level of Charter schools. There are, however, extreme, vivid example of which is Uzbekistan. This country has been repeatedly accused of violating conventions prohibiting child labour.

The violation lies in the fact that pupils are regularly sent to pick cotton, sometimes occupying almost most of the training time. The Uzbek authorities stated that this is an initiative of some local leaders. This year, the Ministry of labour of Uzbekistan said that carried out explanatory work among decision-makers, heads of educational institutions and students about the non-involvement of minors in forced labour.


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