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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The study showed that the children should live among animals

The people who spent the first few years of life on the farm, on average, less likely to suffer from asthma and in General are more likely to boast of a healthy lungs and a strong immune system. This conducted the study, experts have concluded that contact with animals at an early age, it is often helpful to human health in the long term.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by a number of media with reference to the European community survey of the health status of the respiratory system, the study was attended by about 10 thousand people from 13 countries ranging in age from 26 to 54 years. As it turned out, people who spent his childhood on the farm and spent a lot of time among animals, much less likely to suffer from asthma — the probability of its occurrence was lower at 54 percent compared to “urban” children. Also those who in childhood lived in a rural area a lot of contact with our smaller brethren, and 57 percent less likely to develop allergies. Thus they are 26 percent less likely to have been exposed to inadequate reaction of organism even on those allergens that are considered typical for the city.

Experts tend to explain these results by the fact that the people who lived on farms, we lived in a less “sterile” environment and are exposed to a greater number of microorganisms that their immune system to develop harmoniously. At the same time the people who spent childhood on the farm, growing in the best environmental conditions, thus avoiding some of the clearly negative aspects of the impact of cities on health. However, by themselves, animals also played a significant role, the experts believe that their body contains some microbes, ultimately, raise the immunity of people.

This is not the first time that scientists have come to the conclusion about the use of animals for the formation of the immune system in children. In particular, in February this year scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway, came to the conclusion that even city children, in an apartment where Pets live, on average, somewhat less likely to suffer from asthma.


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