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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Kiev metro is justified for cracked station

Kiev residents alarmed by the appearance of cracks on one of the local metro stations. By a strange coincidence, cracks appeared simultaneously with the construction nearby of a large shopping center, the owner of which is associated with the city’s mayor. Is there a possibility of violation of construction norms and the threat of collapse of the station?

A crack length of 10 meters on the platform of the station was noticed on Tuesday. “Wait! – wrote in “Facebook” the inhabitant of Kiev, journalist Konstantin Kovalenko, first to raise the noise around the incident. – Why it cracked, you know? Above station is a very dubious and dangerous construction of the third nearby shopping centre. In the incident, he personally accused the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and warned that it jeopardized people’s lives.

“Why is it cracked, you know? Above station is a very dubious and dangerous construction of the third nearby shopping centre

The head of the press service of the Metropolitan Natalia Makogon said in turn that it is not so dramatic. According to her, the danger to the lives of the people there, the deformation of the structure of the station is not detected. While some eyewitnesses claim that crack has ancient origin and appeared before the start of construction in the metro. Perhaps this explanation would satisfy the public, if it were the only crack. But there are already several. Most of all fears causes the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel station. She appeared in mid-September.

A version that appeared to blame cracks construction is very popular. The confrontation between local residents and developers began in the summer, when the station “Heroes of Dnepr”, there were signs warning of construction works associated with the strengthening of soil. This news was greeted with Kiev with understanding.

The fact that the station “Heroes of Dnepr”, built in 1982, refers to the stations of the so-called shallow. That is, it is located relatively shallow. This was due to the peculiarity of the terrain, and the lobby of the station occupy a large amount. They are, in the opinion of the architects shall be performed in a single complex with transportation, is very important for the Obolon district of Kyiv, referring to “sleeping”.

Shallow Foundation led to specific problems: the station during the heavy rains flooded. Last time it was in July of this year. Chemical strengthening of soil the locals at first regarded as a part of the solution to this problem.

However, everything was different: the soils are strengthened, to begin construction of the shopping center “Oasis”, an investment competition for the construction of which was conducted in 2003. According to local media reports, the construction was delayed due to various technical obstacles, including due to the resistance of GAI. Traffic police for a long time refused to agree on a General plan of construction.

The firm-the contractor which was engaged in construction of the “Oasis”, the Ukrainian edition of “Our money” associated with the name of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Valery Ishchenko. It, in turn, called close ally of Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko. Ishchenko has long been regarded as the main “money bag” of the party KICK. It is known to be created and was headed by Klitschko.

The confrontation began when locals saw that in parallel with construction started to change the station, where the ceiling of the tunnel have discovered micro-cracks and, later, a hole that was quickly repaired. In addition, the construction takes place at night that interfere with sleep residents of neighboring houses.

The first thunder in the night of 7 September when the builders began to demolish the entrance of the metro station “Heroes of Dnepr”. It tried to prevent local residents. As a result of a skirmish with the builders and rallies, joined by members of volunteer battalions “Donbass”, “Aidar” and “Kievan Rus”. September 12, protesters blocked the local road. On 15 September, immediately after the discovery of cracks in the ceiling of the station, Klitschko ordered to suspend construction. And now appeared the message Kovalenko, which has already caused a great resonance.

Head of Kyiv metro Viktor Braginsky at the meeting of the city Council explained the origin of the cracks in the ceiling by the error of the driver of the rig. Drilling was carried out in the framework of strengthening the soils. According to Braginsky, the driver self-willedally replaced the drill. “I stress again that the station operates in the normal mode, no violations of the integrity of load-bearing design not. It is one hundred percent, because this is followed daily,” he said on local television. Apparently, his words must be understood so that other cracks are caused by some individual errors.

The leadership of the Kiev metro strongly argues that the threat of collapse is not. Anyway, highlights of the Braginsky, the station is designed so that, in principle, to strike can not. In addition, the developer, and the metro authorities insist that the construction to the cracks is irrelevant. Piles located a few metres from the station. It is, according to the developer, will only be strengthened from the construction. Because the pile will descend to a depth below the station location. Therefore, the load of the building will move to other ground layers.

Anyway, in the near future the situation should have some continuation. Klitschko stopped construction only until the end of proceedings. If you are engaged in the work of the Commission establishes that the version set out Braginskim, Verna, the construction of the complex will continue. So, will continue confrontation with the locals.


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