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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Report on the accident of “Boeing” over the Donbas, the Ministry of defense prepares the cards

A briefing held in the Ministry of defense announced on the eve of the Netherlands the publication of the first results of the investigation of Boeing-777, downed in Donbas, put a fat point on the version that Malaysian airliner by a missile “Buka” militias shot down. The conclusion of their participation was made on the basis of the raw primary information (to fake it) EN-route radar at the time of the disaster tracking aircraft in the airspace of the region of Luhansk/Donetsk. These data will be transferred to the Dutch Prosecutor’s office, which they have requested. Evidence sounded authentically and convincingly. But at the same time gave rise to new questions.

photo: youtube.com

Speak not only for themselves but also for those journalists who are leaving, after a briefing from the military, puzzled shrug: what was it? Why not a word about combat aircraft, about which so told the Deputy chief of the General staff, Lieutenant General Andrey Kartapolov immediately after the disaster?

We all remember how on the third day in this very chamber, he said that the objective means of control fixed next to the Boeing Ukrainian air force aircraft – a MiG-29 or su-25 (on radar they appear the same), who scored such a height, that its distance from Boeing was 3-5 km away. no One is accusing, then Kartapolov explained that the su-25 and its characteristics are able to reach a height of 10 km, and its weapons are missiles “air-air” R-60, which can hit targets at a distance of 12 km and is guaranteed up to 5 km.

Read the story “Dirty “Buki” Ukraine”

But two years have passed and now first Victor Meshcheryakov, the representative of Lianozovsky factory, Creator of the open-path locator, and with him the chief of Radio engineering armies (RTV) ATT Russia Andrew Coban, again based on radar data also clearly declare in close proximity to the Malaysian aircraft Ust-Donetsk radar did not observe any foreign objects that could cause its destruction.

It turns out, two years ago a military aircraft was, and now disappeared — break the pattern! How can be substituted? Or there is some intrigue?

At the briefing I was wondering what about the plane say a word. For example: the mark combat aircraft(tov) we initially took pieces of the Boeing 777, which after the explosion recorded a locator, but additionally studying the available information… etc, etc — anything similar. Silence…

Further, I have no doubt that by the evening the Internet, especially its Ukrainian part, is awash with accusations like: yeah, Moscow gave compensation — no Ukrainian military aircraft! When the Russians lied — now, or two years ago?! Their evidence is fake, etc.

Then begin to float conspiracy theories: the leaders of the US and Russia behind the scenes of the investigation to make a deal, I decided: neither ours nor yours! In the explosion on Board accused the terrorists of ISIS (banned in Russia organization)! Just some stuff now don’t read a lot…

But still painfully wanted to know: where’s the catch? What it is — clear, but without specialists do not understand this. And the military themselves are silent.

Then I turned to one of his good friend — a retired General of the air defense, which immediately put everything in place. The story was much more banal than, perhaps, someone would like to represent.

It immediately cooled my emotions:

– I on all TV channels many times have looked carefully this briefing, and I can say for sure: all the above said is the conclusions made based on information solely trace locator. It is designed to support flying objects, moving through the corridors of the flight, as on applications and outdoor applications. It’s all civilian objects. This situation they showed.

Yeah, but analyzed it not just the designer Lianozovskoe plant, but also the chief of the Radiotechnical troops of HQs General Coban. Of course, all decided that the locators of RTV was the same picture. Maybe if the briefing was not in the defense Ministry and the Federal air transport Agency, no such problems arose?

I do not know. I will say one thing: the military, specifically in the RTV, there is a station of duty and battle mode. In standby mode they have the same options in combat — their capabilities increase dramatically. But even in standby mode they can see the objects flying and on the track, and off-piste. In addition, we have the Federal intelligence service and control air space (Pcrecpp) — this system brings together both military and civilian. Her information put at the zonal center for air traffic control. One of them is in Rostov. Now declare unequivocally: about the data this system neither the military nor the civilian at the briefing in the Ministry of defence did not say anything. So, you can be sure: the question of military aircraft about which the General staff told me two years ago, immediately after the disaster, from the agenda.

…After this conversation I even regretted that after the briefing, called to the man, who in 2014 provided me with the materials for the locator of the Rostov center and hastily gave him the Ministry of defence are now saying that no military aircraft near Boeing was not. To which he indignantly exclaimed can not be!

Meanwhile, on the basis of those materials record aircraft movements in the area of the Rostov center of the moment of the catastrophe plus 20 minutes after it — in the “MK” November 12, 2014 published the article “these air traffic controllers have confirmed: next to “Boeing”, collapsed in the Ukraine, flew military aircraft”.

Courtesy of “MK” materials then commented CEO Advisory-analytical Agency “Safety of flights” Sergey Melnichenko. He said that the picture with locator air traffic controllers are absolutely aligned with those of the Russian General staff, but the information centre of Rostov was more accurate. It clearly shows that in a time of disaster and after it, to the North of the flight route of the Boeing 777, there has been a movement of some military aircraft. Most likely one or two, as the marks are very close together. From these objects was only the primary label radar, which comes from military aircraft, which are either not equipped with transponders or turn them off during combat flights.

As a result, Sergei Melnichenko came to the conclusion:

– And now all of us, including Europeans and Australians, in the absence of any facts, persistently trying to convince that there was some air defense complex, delivered from Russia, which allegedly brought down the Boeing. The data taken from the radar screen – and that’s a fact which proves that even within 20 minutes after the disaster a military aircraft was in that airspace just try not to notice. The presence of these marks on the radar screen does not fit with the statements of the Ukrainian side about the fact that military aircraft of Ukraine in the interests of the investigation period of time no flights are not performed. And most important: the location of these markers on the locator on the left of the course of Boeing – the same with the photos at the crash site, where it is clearly visible traces of external influence on the left wing and left side of the cockpit, shot down Boeing-777.

…So apparently, not all the cards in Donetsk Boeing posted to the Dutch for our military.


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