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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Pigs, klutz, dog”: the debate trump and Clinton were hot

Monday, September 26, at Hofstra University (new York), hosted the first debate of candidates in US presidents, Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. They lasted 90 minutes and watched 100 million people.

photo: youtube.com

One hundred million is usually the audience of the super bowl in American football. Before Monday’s record was a debate Carter-Reagan — 80 million viewers. Other journalists have compared the current candidates ‘ speeches with the historical fight of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, which lasted also three meetings. There were other comparisons, but they all had one monumental flaw. Their endings were specific. Someone won the super bowl, and Ali defeated Frazier with 2:1…

Duel in new York, such an end had not. The results are not dependent on the decision of 100 million viewers, and several hundred journalists-commentators. After the debate these millions switched on their favorite television stations to learn the results of the debate, which was higher than their political understanding. Liberal TV overshadowed by Clinton, conservative — Trump.

But everyone was watching at home, drinking a beer. In a tiny, Nantucket, Massachusetts cinema “Dreamland” was Packed to capacity. I even had to call the police. In Texas, in the town of Richardson stormed “the Alano Drafthaus”, which had to expand. Served drinks debate content, for example, “Surround with wall Taco salad” with hints of trump, who wants to separate the United States from Mexico, but demonstrates love for her, choking on a Taco salad.

It was not only in America. In Paris, brought together the mass of Americans to fashion Week, three hours of the night or the morning rose the cacophony of calls. People have woken up that they have not slept through the debate. “I want to be a part of this,” — said the chief editor of the fashion magazine “InStyle” Laura brown.

“It’s the remnant of a phenomenon that has largely disappeared in the era of digital media. The Americans gathered around the electronic campfire”, is bantered former President of CBS News Andrew Hayward…

The debate trump Clinton didn’t solve anything. Debates do not solve anything. The exception was only the first Kennedy-Nixon. Then Kennedy “knocked out” pochivshego Nixon. And was more beautiful than his opponent.

My colleagues at School of management at the Kennedy school at Harvard, Tom Sander warned before the debate: “I am afraid that our voters will not be able to remove the party blinders from their eyes. They’ll come to the debate only to confirm what we already know. No one will look for common ground”.

The participants hoped for more. Hillary, speaking to his donors, saying that 60 million of the 100 will support her candidacy.

There were those, who in the debates attracted the show. But they are very disappointed. No drama, no fireworks, no insults (almost), no horror. And moreover, no enlightenment…

The debate began at 9 hours and 3 minutes. They were divided into six pieces at 15 minutes each. Trump arrived early. And 24 minutes prior to the debate, appeared and Mrs. Clinton. Leading the debate was a journalist Lester Holt. The first word went to Hillary Clinton. The beginning was drawn in eagle and tails.

Everyone expected that Clinton with the bat will denounce trump. And trump was expecting any jokes. The first actually took place. But no jokes from trump followed.

The debate has been, of course, antagonistic. Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed on issues such as trade, the war in Iraq, his refusal to provide his tax statement, and the use of personal email servers MS Clinton.

Trump was not able nothing serious to object to Clinton when she accused him that he did not pay Federal taxes for several years. Clinton repeatedly criticized trump for what he juggles the facts, hides information about your debt, wall street and foreign banks.

Trump looked stronger at the beginning of the debate when he forced Clinton to defend. The case concerned her support of free trade agreements, which, according to trump, has cost Americans many jobs.

But on racial issues and gender issues trump was at least consistent. The same can be said about his famous campaign against President Obama when he claimed that Obama was born outside U.S. borders. However, trump recorded in the net and the fact that “forced” Obama to publish his birth certificate. Hillary Clinton tried to drive a wedge between trump and President Obama, ratings which are now on the rise. “Barack Obama — a man of high virtue. And I can tell you how it all annoys him,” said Hillary due to the fact that voters deeply admire Obama and enthusiastic about it.

In this regard, she accused trump of “racist lies,” linking it to the question of where Obama was born. To this question, Clinton buckled and “racist behavior” of trump, which, according to her, already has a long history. So, for example, said Hillary, his real estate company was engaged by the Ministry of justice in 1972 over racial discrimination.

Mr. trump did not seriously refute her accusations of racism. Instead, he stated that he recently watched her debate with President Obama in 2008 during the democratic primaries. “You treated him with terrible disrespect,” he said.

Then Mrs. Clinton has accused trump of the streams of insults, which he has caused to the women for many years. She was obviously trying to attract women voters.

“This is the guy who calls women pigs, bitches and dogs. This is a man who says that pregnancy deprives women of the right to equal men in pay,” said Mrs. Clinton. Touching story of a girl who participated in beauty contest, Hillary said, “trump called this woman “Ms. piggy”. Then he called her “lady lady”, referring to its Latin origin”. Trump, responding to accusations of Clinton, said that most of the insults to women were directed against comic actress Rosie O’donnell, with whom he is feuding. “I was talking about pretty strong stuff and I think everyone will agree with me that she deserves it. No one is spared,” said trump.

Then trump said a few mysteriously the next word. “I wanted to be extremely hard, talking about Hillary and her family. But I can’t do it, I just can’t.” Later he told the correspondent of CNN that he didn’t talked about extramarital relationships of bill Clinton, because among the audience were the daughter of the Clintons, Chelsea. Trump went all the time personal, attacking Hillary Clinton and her endurance.

To this she replied: “to accuse me of lack of stamina, you need to fly to 12 countries, having signed peace agreements on a ceasefire, the release of dissidents and open up new opportunities for countries around the world. Or at least let them spend 11 hours of testimony before a congressional Committee. After that he talks to me about stamina”.

Trump also attacked Clinton because she does not adhere to a hard line in the fight against crime and refused to even pronounce the famous formula “law and order”. As for black and Hispanic, according to him, they live in hell, because crime is increasing. He reminded Clinton that she was a supporter of the policy of “stop and frisk”. Recently, however, inexplicably abandoned it. Apparently, trump said, she was afraid to hurt their relationships with voters-black. But here he went on the offensive, reminding the audience that she used in the 90-ies the word “superchinese”, referring to young offenders. “It was terrible to say that,” he added.

Trump felt in the saddle, when he was accused Mrs. Clinton that she did not succeed or even any results, being in public life almost thirty years. He was trying to fasten her all the mistakes of American policy over the past decade.

Trump, accusing Hillary Clinton in a wide variety of offenses and SIP water from a glass, and apparently was very nervous. In this regard, Hillary, smiling, said: “I Have a feeling that at the end of tonight’s debate, will you blame me for everything that happened.” This trump replied, “why not?”

Clinton also accused trump that his economic policy meets the interests of the wealthiest Americans and built on the so-called “seepage”, that is, the percolation of wealth from the top down. She stated that he received 14 million dollars from his father to start his own business and therefore think that the more to help the rich, the better off and the poor. As for climate, that Mrs. Clinton allowed themselves a mockery of trump, who supposedly believes climate change is just a “ploy”. Here trump interrupted her, that such things he never said. Although in 2012, he actually mocked this topic.

The debate, which took place on Monday — the first of three scheduled for the month of October. The second debate will be held in St. Louis on October 9 and will be in the form of so-called “town meeting” where half of the questions asks voters not supporting one side or the other. The third debate will be held on October 19 in Las Vegas. They will be in the format of the first debate. Let’s wait and see.


Viktoria Zhuravlyova, senior research fellow in the Department of domestic and foreign policy of the USA, IMEMO ran:

Clinton was clearly stronger and more professional. She looked like a man who knows what he will do, if you come to the White house. I think many experts expect the debate to compare the two politicians from the point of view, who is more like the President. The debate and focused on this, especially in a situation like this year, when the voter does not understand who he needs.

This debate gave the opportunity to see that trump, who positions himself as an ordinary man, devoid of political correctness, it is uncertainty that will be, if elected. And it’s clear that Clinton is a professional politician: she has many years of experience, for which she criticizes trump, but this experience gives her the opportunity to be the candidate who is able to govern the country. Accordingly, it gives confidence to the electorate: it will be fine, won’t attack the opponent with obscure jokes or ugly expressions, will be ready for any unexpected turns during his presidency, to have a specific plan and idea of how she implements it. I think Clinton is shown.

In 2012, when Obama ran for a second term, he is not very successful performance at the debate. The first debate, he lost to MITT Romney. It was sad to watch, as someone who in principle is able to act, just merged all the debates. But it did not affect the result. In the second and third round Obama got together and were great. In the end he was elected.

Here one can not say that the one who won the debate, will come to the White house. We need to see how will be held second and third rounds of the debate. We must remember that in such a campaign as this, the debate is more focused on the 10% of the population who are undecided. I’m not sure you can say: Yes, now all will choose Clinton. But am inclined to think that more likely you can say Hillary will win.

Sergey Rogov, head of the research Institute of USA and Canada studies:

Polls that carry other sociological centers, for example, tend toward the Republicans, “Rasmussen”, may yield slightly different figures than the CNN poll which supports the Democratic party (according to this poll 62% declared winner in debate, Clinton – MK). But I also have the impression that Hillary won the debate. She was very confident and took an offensive stance. Trump, who is known for his eccentric and even boorish behavior, was forced to defend. It played a role. Plus and that, and another candidate has a lot of vulnerabilities. Perhaps Clinton most effectively used. For example, the fact that trump is still not published his tax return.

I don’t think these debates will be crucial. The situation is that the outcome of the elections remains unclear. Although a small lead in the polls “who will you vote Hillary Clinton, trump could to defeat it. The two politicians extremely high level of distrust on the part of voters. Special enthusiasm for Clinton is also not shown. It should be recalled that during the previous presidential elections have often turned out that the candidate who allegedly won the debate by a large margin, lost the presidential election with a Bang. So to exaggerate the importance of this debate is not worth it. However, if to them the psychological advantage was on the side of trump, who nearly overtook Clinton, it seems that now trump this advantage is lost.

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