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Monday, October 24, 2016

Pentagon chief: US can use nuclear weapons to punish Russia

Russia and North Korea do not adhere to the principle of conservation of the planet of nuclear stability and pose a threat to the United States. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, citing Moscow and Pyongyang in the example of China and India.

photo: Archive MK

The Ministry of defense believe that a hypothetical nuclear conflict unlikely scenario of the cold war (a massive exchange of blows). As stated by Carter at air force base Minot in North Dakota, most likely it will be a smaller-scale conflict, to which Russia or North Korea will go to deter the enemy with superiority in conventional weapons.

According to Carter, the US cannot afford to throw allies and in this context, “work in both regions in order to develop new methods of strengthening the regime of nuclear deterrence.

The Pentagon chief added that Washington was reviewing methods of NATO in the field of nuclear weapons in the Atlantic region. Carter stressed that the West give Russia to understand that she will not benefit in the event of a nuclear conflict with the Alliance.

Along the way, the Pentagon chief accused Moscow in the creation of new nuclear systems, and cited the example of India and China. These countries, he said, “behave responsibly and professionally in the field of nuclear weapons.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry said that in the West sounding statements that Russia has increased the emphasis on nuclear weapons, are inaccurate.


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