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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Not life, but abounds: planetary scientists saw in Europe geysers

With the help of the Hubble space telescope experts at the American space Agency NASA found on the images of Europe, Jupiter’s moon, unexpected elements which with high probability can be water geysers. If so, this means that to study the composition of water on the satellite do not need to drill many kilometers of ice thickness, and perhaps to make it fit. On opening, the scientists said in announced nearly a week ago the press conference

It is assumed that the water from the geyser rises to an impressive height of more than a hundred kilometers, after which the rain falls on the icy surface of the satellite and freezes. In favor of the fact that scientists are dealing with geyser, evidenced by the published, and some anomalies in the interaction of the magnetic fields of Europe and Jupiter. This is evidenced by the results of several studies using different approaches and techniques. However, the experts stress that no definitive evidence of geysers on Europa exist, to speak prematurely.

The telescope “Hubble”, which was a discovery launched into space on 24 April 1990, and since then helped to get a lot of useful information about the near and far space. Some experts believe the launch of this telescope, along with the launch of the ISS, one of the key events in the field of space exploration over the past decade.

After the press conference was announced last week, many expected that team members will make some even more sensational news. This is due to a special “reputation” of Europe — many experts believe that of all celestial bodies in the Solar system is this moon probably has the most optimal conditions for the origin of life (of course, after Earth). Therefore, the announcement of a press conference devoted to “unexpected activity” on Jupiter was met with great interest

However, less than a day before the event on the official page of NASA on Twitter were jokingly a message that had some of the dreamers in advance to come down from heaven to Earth. The message read: “on Monday we will announce a new opening for the Europe, moon of Jupiter. Spoiler: it wasn’T aliens”. “Spoiler” in this context is called prematurely disclosed important plot information in movie or literature, which destroyed one of the main intrigue, and the viewer or the reader is deprived of the pleasure of waiting for the denouement.

However, scientists stress that if Europe is really inhabited, geysers largely approach the moment when it will be possible to check, and in this regard represent good news for many.

Details about the opening of scientists will present on September 29 at the pages of scientific publication The Astrophysical Journal.


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