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Friday, March 16, 2018

Named the country, where cats and dogs live the longest

Japan is the leading country in the world in life expectancy and, as it turned out, it concerns not only people but their Pets. Anyway, to such conclusion experts from the Tokyo University of agriculture and technology and the Japanese veterinary Association small animals.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts from the Country of the rising Sun gathered available data on average life expectancy of Pets for two and a half decades and came to the conclusion that this figure is continuously growing and now reaches an impressive record high of dogs in Japan live an average of 13.2 years — a cat is nearly 12 years old. For comparison, in 1990 the average life expectancy was around 9 and 5 years, respectively, that is, for a quarter century, dogs are living longer, about one and a half, and cats — more than two times.

As the researchers suggest, the increasing life expectancy of Pets has contributed to a number of factors, including more frequent vaccinations, improving the quality of veterinary care, the emergence of a more perfect food for animals and the fact that cats and dogs often find owners living in warm houses and not remain on the street, writes Bloomberg.

Scientists also drew attention to another quite surprising fact: the number of Pets in the country exceeds the number of children under 14 years of age — 19.8 million vs. 15.9 million. Researchers tend to associate this with the fact that the Japanese rarely decide to have children, and elderly citizens often lack such opportunities. Also the inhabitants of the country, according to statistics, are increasingly living alone. For these reasons, the demand for Pets as those who are able to brighten up people’s loneliness, all growing quickly, suggested by the authors of the study. For this reason, many Japanese are willing to spend a lot of money on their Pets ‘ needs, from high-quality food to clothing and sometimes even special massages.


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