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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In the first debate with Clinton trump chided her in a low endurance

Before Hillary Clinton and Donald trump for the first time came face to face in the debate on the stage of the Hofstra University (long island, new York), political scientists long have speculated about the impact of the outcome of the 90-minute encounter, the chances of both candidates to win in November.

On the eve of the debate the polls showed a tie unpredictable: in most polls, Hillary is slightly ahead of trump, and some polls showed minimum advantage over the competitor within the statistical error. The debate was supposed to tip the scales in one direction or another.

photo: youtube.com

The results will speak in the coming days, but something was there now. Looks like Hillary managed to stop the progress of trump, who in the last couple of weeks started to catch up in the opinion polls.

A friend of mine living in Denmark, said it would be to watch the debate live on CNN, despite the fact that they will start at three o’clock Danish time. “For us Europeans, the prospect of electing trump President of the United States is even worse than for Americans. This man is ignorant, perverted understanding of what is happening in the world and what role should America play against its NATO allies, such as Denmark,” said my friend.

In America, many expressed concern about the fact that trump will lie, and no one can stop him. There were calls to ensure that the moderator of the debate has exposed the factually incorrect statements.

Hillary Clinton supported this idea, Donald trump is not. But the Executive Director of the Commission on presidential debates Janet brown went to the side of the trump, saying: “it is Not necessary that the moderator of the debate, acted as the British encyclopedia. However, she added that in the end, the moderator, leading nightly news program NBC TV Lester Holt, will determine its role.

Holt did not “play the role of ENCYCLOPAEDIA Britannica”. But he was asking tough questions, answering them, “trump proved himself a trump,” to use the wording of the CNN. He tried to compensate for their ignorance of the realities of aggressive behavior and verbosity, the lack of concrete plans and ideas – accusations against Hillary (say, she’s already 30 years working in the government and has done nothing good).

Accusing, he was obviously full of shit, for example, said that Hillary “my entire adult life fighting ISIS,” and the result – zero. In fact, LIH (banned in Russia – “MK”) appeared in Iraq and became to gain strength in 2014, when Hillary was not Secretary of state. Trump denied that he supported the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 – though there is a record radio where he did just that.

Speaking about nuclear weapons, trump claimed that Russia vengeance is modernizing its nuclear forces, and the US sitting idly by. In fact, the nuclear arms race has long been mutual, and the U.S. spends tens of billions of dollars to update all components of the nuclear triad.

The trump he could not convincingly explain why he still has not published his tax return, as it always makes candidates in US presidents of the last 40 years. He tried instead of explaining to go to the counter to Hillary, saying that as soon as it will release more than 30 thousand of the disappeared emails, he immediately manifests his Declaration. Hillary put out her problem emails concise confession of his guilt: “I made a mistake”. “This is not a bug, but intent!” – heralded trump, but Hillary did not become him to discuss further on this topic. The FBI’s investigation over the fact that her actions have not found crime structure…

Making almost a Freudian slip, trump in response to the question about discrimination against his black tenants in 1973, said: “We settled this lawsuit out of court” (forgetting to say that his company did not admit his guilt). When asked to explain what he meant when said that Hillary is “not a presidential appearance,” he began to Dodge and substitute “appearance” of “endurance”. What Hillary told him that when he visits as she is, from 112 countries, with the holding of many hours of negotiations and agreements, and when he stand, like her 11-hour interrogation in Congress, then let him talk about “endurance”.

Speaking about the economy, the applicants presented two diametrically opposite approaches: trump believes that the rich need to create tax incentives so they don’t withdraw money abroad, and that wealth will flow down.” Clinton, by contrast, wants to tax the rich for more taxes. She doesn’t believe in “flow” (statistics not confirmed) and promises to take care of the middle class, which is impoverished and reduced, while the rich are becoming richer..

In foreign policy, Hillary promised U.S. allies firmly perform its contractual obligations in America. She spoke about building coalitions and the search for diplomatic solutions instead of applying brute force – as it was against Iran. Trump demanded from the allies more money and insisted that all prisoners, US agreements on international trade is bad, and it will be reviewed. He also repeatedly accused China of unfair play against America.

Commenting on the results of the first (of three) debates of Clinton-trump, CNN, Bloomberg and other media outlets stated the loser by far trump (so CNN viewers after the debate gave him 27% of the votes, Clinton – 62%). But there are two rounds of debate. Maybe he’ll leave his talking: this time, he boasted that he went to Pennsylvania, “went to the people”, while Hillary was preparing for the debate. And she proudly said Yes, prepared – unlike him – and to debate, and for future presidency.

Ilya Paranicas, New York


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