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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hope dies last

Open the newspaper, and the feeling of bewilderment is replaced by a feeling of despair, and then you feeling of powerlessness begin to realize that anything is not up to you. The newspaper offers the reader a front-page headline, accompanied by grim photos of the Minister of economic development Ulyukayev: “Citizens will be poorer by the year 2017”.

Headers in the other rooms: “Pension freeze from the temporary turned into permanent. Next. “Perspective 2020: stagnation or recession.” And clarification of fact for the uninitiated: “economic growth in conditions of budget cuts, unrealistic”. It’s a daily reality around the 2016 budget is a constant revision of its to reduce.

Notice that all the headlines of these articles is not accidental in quotes are the words of the ruling officials.

Another phrase used in the title of the article owned by the head of the accounting chamber Golikova, not add to us optimism: “the Currency of Russia is exporting not just lazy.

And we never tire of repeating: productive business our support. Omit the eyes, and the streams, rivers and waterfalls funneling currency abroad by way of making the import-export trade transactions. As a result, illegal withdrawal of capital from the country. In 2013-2015, it amounted to 1.2 trillion rubles, these figures are referred to in the report of the accounting chamber.

And then the conclusion. The work of the Federal bodies of Executive power to prevent withdrawal of capital abroad of counting chamber is called inefficient. There is no claim to the law which does not allow to stop illegal withdrawal of capital. The main flaw of the law — the degree of responsibility does not correspond to the gravity of the offence. SP does not exclude that the scale of capital flight is much more significant as the number of inspections carried out by customs bodies, slightly. In 2014 there were 5.3 thousand (6% of the total number of transactions). In 2015 — 4.5 million (4.1 percent) of the total number of transactions. For three years the custom was transferred to the Rosfinnadzor 17.3 thousand cases in which violators were fined 663,4 billion. But actually, it sums up the SP, the Federal budget received about 3 million rubles, which is a fraction of the amount of the revealed violations.

In other words, theft is widespread. Further debugged the logic Scam. A growing number of cases of violations of currency legislation identified, but criminal proceedings are not initiated or are terminated. Despite the increasing scale of the theft, in criminal cases of this type, in 2013 and 2014, was sentenced to three people. In 2015 condemned eight, but five were released under the Amnesty, According to academician Grinberg, these shameful phenomena of a very long tradition in Russia. They are the consequence of mindless currency liberalization and inability to resist. All it says about the collapse of quality state itself.

A series of crises the country is going through is never ending. Almost all areas of industrial production pass through the corridor of endless recession.

And these fundamental negative events, the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin promised to state employees in 2017 to raise wages. Meanwhile, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta, foreign researchers have described the Russian economy the most unfair in the world. The argument is not devoid of soundness in Russia 88% of the wealth controlled by millionaires and billionaires, who make up 8% of the total population. The middle class in the country almost none.

But our managerial elite lives in a different world, and official records of the non-existent middle class is calculated in other figures of 15-20%. In fact, obvious lies. And in response to criticism of such false estimates you hear the words of officials: “This is how to count…”.

If millionaires are in control of more than 50% of the country’s wealth, then there is very little space for the emergence of the middle class — quoted CNВС. Now we have to get away from the erroneous evaluation of the filling of the middle class in Europe and the world. Supposedly this is very often the representatives of business, employees of the banking sector, in other words, white-collar world. This is not so. The middle class abroad is not only engineers, lawyers, representatives of small business, but also school teachers, University professors, doctors, the world of science and scientists.

But if you go back to Russia, based on the findings of a landmark global research institutions — we now have only 4.1% of the adult population can be classified as middle class. What is the reason? All in the same. In a depressing injustice, a sharp difference in salaries of skilled professionals and representatives of the administration of the institutions in which they work. In Moscow, the teacher receives an average of about 40 thousand, and the head of the institution more than 2 million rubles per month. The situation is similar in all social areas such as medicine, education, science.

In the regions, the salary of the experts below, it is very often comparable with the cost of living. This creates problems of the burgeoning world of the poor in Russia.

This is a semantic proof of the terrible crisis afflicting the country — a crisis of justice. This crisis could topple the country. And this process is happening before our eyes. Alas, he caught us by surprise. On the eve of the 1990s we were in a fantasy world. Democracy has struck the society like a volcanic eruption, and society, it was unprepared. Uncontrolled freedom became known to one and all. Do whatever you want, you’re a free man. With all the reforms of the early 90s created a time of myths, such as privatization — we’ll be rich and happy. Freedom of speech — we will talk what they want to hear and not to hear those who deem it necessary. And this division, each of us was doing.

And, as always, first there was an explosion of delight. We are free and nobody can stop us. And then when it’s time to ask own hope, where is their triumph, began the Epiphany. Privatization, which was supposed to transform the country. And a private owner, independent and successful. Where is he?

Oh Yes he is, his name is millionaire and even a billionaire. Not so much, around 5-7%, but now in their possession 88% of Russia’s wealth. So the main problem is not the slowdown of the country that doesn’t exist, and the absurdity of the endless stream of poorly thought-out reforms, which transformed into a myth about the development of Russia. Depressing proof of this are initiatives now former Minister of education and science Livanov to reform the Academy of Sciences and the whole system of scientific development. Both are now on the verge of collapse. The scientific community is destroyed. And this at a time when the country needs an economic breakthrough, to break away from the bottom of the crisis, where the country is on the last eight years.

I do not want to announce the emerging confidence that what is happening is not accidental, in the system of governance there are forces, embodying the deliberate destruction of the achievements of the Soviet past, outstanding science, the world’s best health care and education. The collapse of these components, has made the country great and unique, can not be a coincidence.

Who will challenge the undeniable reality? Russia is making every effort possible to ensure that went nowhere free education and health care.

His promise of raising the salaries of appointed summed up the significant phrase: “the Decrees must be done” — referring to the may presidential decree in 2012. As it will increase the pay of public employees, is still unknown.

The increase in wages under conditions of constant budget deficits the action risky. Especially now that the budget expenses enormously reduced. Most problematic in this respect is education. Budget provisions under “education” in 2016, was 8% below the expenditures in this area in 2015.

The same thing is happening with health care costs, despite the non-stop spell of the Prime Minister that “social spending is sacred for us and no attacks on them are unacceptable.” In practice, the actions of subordinate individuals in the rank of Ministers do we see just the opposite. This is one of the obvious consequence to find the resources to increase the public sector wage. No one admits that the increase in wages in 2017 will be based on the growth of the tax burden. Now there are talks about increase in rates of major taxes such as personal income tax, profit tax, value added tax. Simultaneously, local authorities impose new fees, experts admit that power for the sake of replenishment of the budget can go to the devaluation of the ruble by about 10-20%. Then to fulfill obligations to the public sector will be easier, although the purchasing power of their wages will be reduced accordingly.

Read all this and begin to understand that the main flaw of the development of the country — it’s not even a series of economic failures and the loss of skills of foresight. Alas, the main reason is different: in the deepest crisis of justice that there is obvious failure in the practice of governance. And the first result of the triumph of injustice — excessive stratification of society, increasing not every day, and every hour.

As already mentioned, 88% of the country’s wealth in Russia belongs to a small circle of millionaires and billionaires. Nothing like that in one of the most significant countries. In the UK millionaires control 35% of national wealth in America — 32%, Australia 28%, Japan — 22%.

Of course, we are a different country. But if the West we can not decree, then why to copy it and negate free higher education? And as a revolutionary idea — a unity of teachers trying to make a breakthrough in this injustice and offer the person who wants to get a second degree, get it for free. What does a second degree? Free should be the first basic education, and everything else, if it is permissible to make a charge. That’s what justice is.

Something like this should happen with medicine. Health care reform, which invariably blow the medicine, or rather, its social essence, depriving it of its main component — the maximum accessibility, not just unlawful, they are criminal.

In the result of consolidation of medical facilities — hospitals and clinics — the number of doctors fell by more than hundreds of thousands. We, Abigail? The queue for the doctor grow incredibly. And even time standard introduced by the Ministry of health — the patient no more than 10 minutes, not reduced them. And I don’t care what the reason innovations are norms of American or European. In Russia and the low average level of health of the nation is not enough maternity hospitals, APB the lack of hospitals and clinics in remote parts of the countryside, with constant failures in the ambulance to the strength of the critical state of the roads. Does not add optimism and the reduction in the number of doctors in the background.

What is the result of this reform? It is depressing. The reduction in the number of doctors not in the tens or hundreds of thousands of people. So in the regiment of the unemployed has arrived, and has arrived thoroughly. I would venture to say: this is not the way to development, but to the destruction of the nation.

Why do we have to fight for the health of older people? Let them be tested, let them know that no particular deviations, consider that already gave them positive, and escort to the door. And let them die in peace. Notice that this is not fantasy, but a hidden policy in the many medical institutions.

I am writing this article at the time of the elections, which took place on 18 September. God forbid that we saw the light and realized the power is not from heaven to us. We choose it, and if so, we have the right to demand from it the maximum respect and reverence for the ordinary citizens.

And when the Prime Minister invites teachers because of the small wages to do business, it is legal to say: “All the guys. The Prime Minister suffered!!! Need to change the government”. What says it all (except the “United Russia”) political parties participating in the elections.


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