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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Every self-respecting pedophile is an album Sturges: counsel appreciated the exhibition

Every hour the scandal around the exhibition of Jock Sturges in the Center of photography Lumiere brothers is enveloped in a new sordid detail. But it’s not even that there was any child porn, and why the project was closed actually, but the fact that someone decided to loudly advertise itself in this case. Though in Russia to raise and thumb such threads is extremely harmful. It provokes aggression and bleeding and the split of our society.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A member of the Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov at a press conference stated that close to him “Officers of Russia”, allegedly blocked the entrance to the room, the door to which was closed. A statement from the series “don’t trust the eyes”: the eyes of hundreds of witnesses, these brave guys lined up in front of the door and no one was allowed to enter. Also, according to Tsvetkova, he “normally” refers to modern art, and negative – to Sturgis.

It is good that the organizers closed the indecent exhibition of themselves. Our organization did not, – said social activist.

“Didn’t do”? However, physically and mentally made for that. Concerns of organizers is clear: a group in uniform lined up in front of the Photocenter and at its discretion, decide whom to admit and whom not. It’s flowers: the crowd sounded the offer to hang of the Lumiere brothers for the wickedness of the people. Well, that is a highly moral intention to exercise is impossible, since the brothers died in the middle of the last century.

Similar “heroes” (a society “Memory”) broke into the editorial office of “MK” in 1992-m to year and pointed out that how to write. Was prosecuted, and then sentenced. And “Officers of Russia” feel incompetent heroes.

By the way, the organizers and did not think to go to court – on the contrary, I thank the prohibitive. Although not agree with the label “pornographic pictures”. Lawyer Faig Abdullayev says that nothing criminal in the project no.

Expert monitoring center to detect dangerous and prohibited by law content, lawyer Stalin Gurevich said: “Yes, this exhibition is legal. But immoral. Hitler wrote good watercolours, but the exhibition of his works would have been strange. For this project, I feel the same way. Yet we must remember that every self-respecting pedophile is an album with pornography Sturges”. Hmm, the term “self-respecting pedophile” hitherto we have not heard.

Well, Sturges sees in his works – the beauty. Someone pornography. The majority (and visitors, and professionals) in this exhibit nothing vicious saw. In the first two weeks she was held in absolute silence and boring.

What else do you want to close heroes to protect the public from pornography? The exhibition of Raphael in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, where pictures naked boys in the form of angels. Or come to the library to burn Nabokovs “lolita”? If the government is not going to straighten out – they will not stop.

The storming of the exhibition of photographs Sturgis: sensational footage of a closed public exposure (42 photos)


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