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Friday, March 23, 2018

Danced at the mosque the forbidden artist concerts

Singer and dancer RESEDA Galiullina, who directed the video for the song “Zhanym” (“Dear”) on the background of the minarets of Bolgar in Kazan, was not given to hold a solo concert in the capital of Tatarstan, planned for October 13. Violent indignation of a certain part of the Muslim community was the fact that the artist in the open outfit performed a belly dance near religious buildings. Apologies did not help.

Recital Mignonette Galiullina was to be held in the walls of the Tatar State Philharmonic. G. Tukay 13 October, but on Tuesday it became known that the establishment unilaterally excluded him from its schedule of events.

“I admit, we even took Muslims from Moscow, which proposed to punish the artist for blasphemy”

At the Philharmonic to comment on such a decision the newspaper VIEW refused, offering to ask about this very artist.

The latter, in turn, is also preferred to refrain from comments, having declared that will speak on this topic later.

It should be noted that on the page Galiullina in one of the social networks still hangs a communication dated 21 September, in which she invites everyone to his concert at the Tatar Philharmonic society, where, in fact, besides it was supposed to see the performances of my closest, brightest stars of the Tatar stage”.

“In fact, the incident has long been exhausted and we have no claims to the artist, – commented the newspaper LOOK first Deputy mufti of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan (DUM RT), Rustam-Hazrat Barrow. – I admit, we even took Muslims from Moscow, which proposed to punish the artist for blasphemy, comparing its action with the well known antics of Pussy Riot. However, this phenomenon of a different order, in that case it was about the deliberate provocations in the walls of the temple, here the artist just unknowingly starred in the background of the mosque, believing that it is just an architectural background.

According to the representative of MRB RT, the claim of Muslims to RESEDA Galiullina was not that she danced on the background of the complex is a newly built complex of White mosque in Bolgar, and that she continued her dance on the ruins of the medieval “Khan’s mosque” in the same Bulgarian settlement, the Volga revered by Muslims as sacred. In particular, every year on 25 may, the anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the locals (at that time subjects of the state, Volga Bulgaria), are held giany – meeting of Muslims of the Volga region, mostly Tatars, and on the ruins of the medieval cities are mass prayers.

“Galiullina, being a man, didn’t know about that, with what respect we refer to the ruins of the ancient Bolgar. But after we explained it to her, apologized and even removed the video for the song “Zhanym” from your page on the social network. Any other claims we have for her. Because I do not understand what the reason for the cancellation of the concert”, – said the representative of MRB RT.

Note that while the DUM RT conflict with the artist closed, law enforcement agencies, in particular the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan, initiated preliminary examination, trying to find the video Mignonette Galiullina “violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion”. Solutions for the test yet.

“In my opinion, this is the usual obscurantism, differently will not tell, – has shared with the newspaper VIEW his vision of the incident the writer and writer German Sadulayev. – Belly dance is part of culture, Eastern culture do not understand that this is seditious?

If she performed the room inside the mosque – punish her administratively, if the background, sorry – the law is the same for all. And there is no definition of “on background”. With the same success can be, for example, to attract me if I hold a rock concert in St. Petersburg, then say that I did it on the background of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Unfortunately, among the representatives of all religions there is a certain stratum of people who are clearly behind the curve, and other than obscurantism I can not name them”, he concluded.

Earlier, the Imam of the mosque Zakabannaya Kazan Saidjafar-Hazrat Lutfullin called singer and dancer Mignonette Galiullina “stripper” just because in your clip that danced in front of a White mosque in Bolgar, as clearly stated on his page in the social network (speech on the ruins of the “Khan’s mosque” in the words of the indignant priest was not conducted). And gave her the night, so she removed the “infamous” clip, refusing to accept her apology.


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