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Thursday, March 15, 2018

At the film festival in San Sebastian the tail of the “Zoology” seemed chaste

Spanish in San Sebastian ended with one of the most prestigious International film festivals. The programme was attended by the Russian film “Zoology” Ivan Tverdovsky was the youngest.

photo: pixabay.com

After a premiere on “a Kinotavr” many rebuked this picture of excessive naturalism, “EW! As much as possible! A woman with a tail!”. After the Sochi acting prize performer starring Natalia Pavlenkova film received a second important award of the festival in Karlovy vary, and then went to Toronto. Critically minded citizens sarcastically grinned, “Well, of course. Only that they are from us and need.”

At the 64th International film festival in San Sebastian “Zoology” is shown not in the main competition. The program, in which the film could participate, was called in Basque – “Sabatage tabakalera”. The second word (more or less clear), the program has appeared only this year. The fact that the famous Basque resort has become the European capital of culture. Selected by the Brussels funds, the city restored the old building of the tobacco factory, turning it into a “hotbed of culture”. Among other things, here is located the main office of the festival and the Cinematheque has two halls which moved the program, which is the equivalent of Cannes “the Special sight”.

Prizes “Zoology” has not received, but the young Director was honored to give a master class during which they shared with the audience his thoughts and answered numerous questions. However, the most surprising is that in the framework of the “Tabacalera”, and in the festival program, caused us scandal picture looked like something gentle, timid and cute.

The background was so.

…in the middle of the 1 century, the young owner of the estate comes into contact with his employee, and when the husband is impotent “is returned from missions, kills it, after having poisoned mushrooms her husband’s daddy. Soon the lady with his own hands strangled illegitimate child, begotten of a husband when his potency was still okay (the British “Lady Macbeth”. FIPRESCI prize)

…poor Romanian women, to somehow provide for the children, are forced to moonlight as a prostitute. The police catch them, take away all the money, stripped almost naked, but the poor aunties are back “post. It is necessary to live. (Romanian-German “Hunting”. Competition “New Directors”)

…provincial of the Polish sixth graders, plenty of mocking a fat classmate, taking in the Mall toddler, abandoned by his parents, dragged him to a railway embankment, kicked, and then killed in cold blood and pull the corpse on the rails, after removing all this on the phone (Polish “Playground”.The main competition)

…in a small Mexican town there is a strange and terrifying creature. Whether the alien, whether derived local mad scientist. It looks like a giant octopus. With its tentacles the creature envelops the victim, causing her to anything or comparable erotic pleasure. However, the monster gets fed up and kills his victims (the”wild province” of Mexico. The program “Latin American horizons”)

…in the southern Japanese town is the brutal murder of a married couple. Suspicion falls on three characters – the boy, hiding from the revenge of the Yakuza, the suffering of a homosexual, finally finding the man of her dreams and diligent construction work, which turns out to be the killer point, write on the wall with the blood of his victims, the character “the Fury” (Japanese “Fury”. The main competition)

…the daughter of a Welsh doctor finds herself embroiled in a drugs gang. Dad sorry, subtly using his surgical skills (Icelandic “Oath”. The main competition)

Surrounded by this kind of stories, “Zoology” looks at the Russian soul. How much would a Director is not assured, made a film about love, this film is about society’s attitude to strangers, not like everyone else. If you do not dwell on the climactic scene in the empty cage of the zoo (funny, I must say, invented), you can compare our Natasha felliniesque Cabiria. Ecstatic Roman, too, it’s not at a textile factory work, however, is the oldest profession did not prevent the world to shed tears over its fate, and the Soviet people, who saw the tape at the Moscow festival of 1959, to require purchases to hire.

In 2016, the world, alas, is not better. And if we are “different”, as outcasts, in the West and relish the uniqueness, consider the smallest details, assuring themselves and others that they deserve to be the subject of art.

To honor the festival jury headed by eminent Dane Bille August I must say that no such films have been winners. The main award of the contest “Golden shell” went to an amazing Chinese ribbon Director Syaogana Dryer “I am Madame Bovary”. There is no savoring of naturalism. It is accurate and wonderfully played (Fan Bingbing won the prize for best actress), the story of what could be called the “struggle of the heroine for their rights”, if that phrase weren’t so clichéd. A husband is a scoundrel. There is the desire of women to punish the traitor. But all this is not speculative, but immersed in contemporary Chinese reality, which we know is greater, the less the Director focuses on her our attention. He just takes a story about how, in the name of domestic use fictitious couple decide to divorce, then the husband turns fiction into reality, for which the deceived woman has a vendetta against him, using for this purpose all methods and overcoming all the obstacles erected Kafkaesque bureaucratic world.

Chinese painting has in common with the Russian Director’s love for the heroine and the understanding of how difficult the weak creature to survive in the world strong. In this sense, “Zoology” and “Madame Bovary” is much more politically correct than the above incredible story. Tverdovsky and Xiaogang Hairdryer offer us not be terrified, not to stigmatize monstrous world where not give a dominant place to the minorities. They, as once Fellini, I suggest just to fall in love with their heroines. And let one of them seeking justice and punish the offender, and the second decides to leave the struggle is their life, their destiny, their struggle and the search for the best does not leave us indifferent.

Indifferent – that’s probably the key word. Depends what’s on offer in modern film festivals, we are surprised and irritated, sometimes clings to the screen, sometimes turning away in disgust. In the final Polish of the film, the audience just ran out of the hall, unable to watch how long the kids kill the baby. But it looks like the nervous stimuli. Our response to what happens physiologically. No mind, no heart in perception are not involved.

In San Sebastian was the most joyful movies classic French movie by Jacques Becker. So it was encouraging to run away from the anatomic theater “new Directors” and enjoy a good black and white and sometimes colourful stories. They were gangsters, and murder, and treason and betrayal, but most importantly, the sympathy of the author to his characters that we feel now, 60 years later. And there was a wonderful movie. Free camera, the air in every shot, amazing portraits, fine panorama,clear the checking of each tableau, each episode.

Today the award for best Director gets fashionable Korean Han sang-soo, whose film “Yours and your camera, if nailed down, stand still, and the characters say a minute, two, five. Then the camera lazily crawls to another location to give us a reason to listen to the next 15-minute conversation. A modern movie. What can you do! But how wonderful it is said in the English-language slogan, “Zoology”, “never too late to grow a tail.”


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