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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“United Russia” announced the creation of the state Duma Committee.

The result of inter-factional consultations by Monday it became clear that the total number of committees in the new legislature will be reduced from 30 to 26, and half of them “ER” takes. The dream of Vladimir Zhirinovsky: head of the international Affairs Committee for the first time in history will become a member of LDPR Leonid Slutsky. This faction United Russia gave and “execution” in the current economic climate, the Committee for labor and social policy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

From recall: control in the form of majority votes from the “party of power” with more than two thirds of the seats in the Duma, all committees without exception.

A meeting of representatives of all parliamentary parties lasted about an hour and he summarized the consultation, which began last week with the participation of Sergey Naryshkin,” said Vladimir Vasilyev (“United Russia”).

But even before it was trusted hardly, but to reduce the total number of Duma committees (and hence “authoritative” posts) failed. Of the 26 committees 13 went to United Russia, 5 – the CPRF and the LDPR, and 3 – the smallest of the Duma faction “SR”.

Talking about the principles that guided when deciding which committees to keep and which to abolish, transferring their functions to others, Mr. Vasilyev noted: the aim was to avoid the approach that has been practiced in the past, namely, when the committees were created under the prominent politicians and good professionals.

As an example, he cited created in the state Duma of the third convocation of a Committee on constitutional legislation and state building – it all these years was headed by Vladimir Pligin, who in the Duma of the seventh convocation were not included. Now merge this Committee with the Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia), he, unlike Mr. Pligin, a Deputy was again.

Mr. Krasheninnikov seem to get a new Committee-the monster with the unfeasibly long name (“the Committee on state building, constitutional, civil, criminal and procedural law”).

Committees Pligin and Krasheninnikov and individually were overloaded with work: in the first are now pending bills 236 and the second 318. So no, even in a different key and intensively working with the Committee on budget and taxes! Apparently, supercommittee will be created the subcommittees – they will be engaged in separate areas of law…

The Committee on science and high technologies, which was led by not got to the Duma spywares Valery Chereshnev, merged with the education Committee, and the Committee on education and science – he also went to United Russia. The Committee on construction and land relations, on the contrary, dismembered: the construction will now address the Committee on transport and construction, and land relations is another compound Committee, natural resources, property and land relations”. Both are quota of “ER.”

As a result of these maneuvers all issues of property, land relations, construction, environmental Sciences, which formally was in charge of the last Duma, the representatives of the Communist party, the “party of power took under his now very much complete control.

The committees on culture, on budget and taxes, on regulations and organization of work of the Duma security and anti-corruption, energy, the nationalities are left with the same names, the same functionality, and still in “ER”. And a new Committee on ecology and environment will also be headed by the representative of the party.

Committees on health and on defense, too, in the quota of “ER.” To the question “is it true that the defense Committee will be headed by General Vladimir Shamanov?”, Mr. Vasilyev, a direct answer has not given, offered to wait a couple of days.

Among the posts that got the Communist party, you can see all the same Committee for regional policy and problems of the far North and the Far East, created in the last convocation specifically for Nikolai Kharitonov – apparently, the MP will remain in charge is not characterized by active lawmaking structure.

Gennady Zyuganov has refused to name the names of the heads of the “Communist” now, committees on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations, agricultural policy, and the CIS countries. And the new “Mizulina” it will be necessary to find in the depths of the faction of the Communist party: the Committee on family, women and children caught in the quota of the party. If you follow tradition, according to which “female” the Committee was always headed by a woman, you have to choose the Communist party will have between Tamara Pletneva, Faith Gansa and Svetlana Savitskaya, the remaining members of the faction of the total population of 42 people – men…

Igor Lebedev told about the committees, inherited the liberal democratic party: in addition to the already mentioned expensive prize of the international Affairs Committee is the Committee for physical culture and sport and the Committee on Federal structure and local government. It is worth noting one supercomfy inherited the liberal democratic party – it was formed with the merger of two committees: the Committee on industry, economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship. And – unexpectedly for many – “United Russia” gave the liberal democratic party Committee on work and social policy!

In last convocation it was headed by United Russia (first Andrei Isayev, then Olga batalina). Anyway for the past 16 years, this socially important Committee, through which goes all pension and labor laws, “ER” out of the hands never released… Apparently, in a crisis, when, according to many indicators, have to make unpopular laws aimed at reduction in social spending, to be the face of such decisions, the “party of power” does not want. According to “MK” head of the Committee on labor and social policy can get nilavu Yaroslav, who in the past headed the Duma Committee on public associations and religious organizations…

Only the representative of the “SR” Mikhail Emelyanov called the names of the heads of the three committees, which this smallest faction: Chairman of the Committee on housing and communal services will be Galina Khovanskaya, Chairman of the Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, and the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin. Ms. Khovanskaya and Mr. Levin, thus, will remain in their classrooms and in previous posts.


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