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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The United States formally committed itself in 25 years to land on Mars

The U.S. Congress has approved a bill under which the American space Agency NASA will receive 19.5 million dollars for the organization of a manned expedition to Mars and the landing of astronauts on the Red planet. Thus, according to the same document, NASA is obliged to arrange such a flight in the next 25 years.

photo: pixabay.com

In order to have a quarter of a century to Mars stepped the first man, the us space Agency and its partners created manned spacecraft Orion and heavy missiles SLS (Space Launch System). Document S. 3346 was the first not only in determining the amount of funding for the Martian manned expedition, but enshrining its deadlines.

In one form or another, NASA experts announced plans to send humans to Mars for the past 45 years — ever since the red planet was first launched research satellite. Some time concrete terms of implementation of such a project is not known, later it appeared that the expedition of this kind could happen in 2033, and in may of this year was voiced even more bold prediction — speaking at a forum in Washington, Vice-President of one of the American companies said that the first manned mission to Mars is scheduled for 2028. However, it was not about the landing on the planet, but only on the journey to its orbit.

About the same time a number of experts, including the Russian, have said they believe the prospects of a somewhat more distant prospect than it seems to their American counterparts. Anyway, shortly before that, the Director of the U.S. space Agency, Charles Bolden said that would be glad to cooperate with Russia and other countries in the preparation of the Martian expedition, and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, in turn, stressed the importance of cooperation with the United States in the space sector for the country.

In June, NASA astronaut Tom Jones in an interview for the MK said that 25 years most likely period during which a manned flight to Mars will be a very real prospect, and professionals gathered enough information to make the flight and landing as safe as possible for participants.


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