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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The negotiations on the UN security Council on Syria have stalled

An emergency UN security Council meeting on Syria ended because the West has accused Moscow of “barbarism” and support Assad. Stakeholders understand that the situation will not resolve by military means, but continue to accuse each other of irresponsibility and air strikes on civilians. Experts say the deadlock and a high level of mutual distrust.

Agreement with U.S. on Syria not disrupted, said the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, stressed that the situation is extremely complex. Moscow, however, hopes “that there is a possibility”, Churkin summed up the results of the emergency meeting of the security Council of the organization asked the U.S., Britain and France.

“The Syrian government is ready to return to Geneva to resume dialogue, but not deaf, dumb or blind. We want to have a conversation with the same Syrians, as we are”

“We clearly outlined its position. We need a serious process, without any trickery, without having people change their conditions every two days. The agreement was, and the only thing you need it to run instead of changing positions,” the diplomat stated. If “partners” in the negotiations, and will continue to behave this way, “it is extremely difficult to have a serious process,” the Russian diplomat said.

The lack of desire for cooperation and willingness to take responsibility is now available. “Western colleagues two months ago promised to tell us about their investigation of a bomb attack on the Syrian city of Manbij, where reportedly killed more than 100 civilians,” said Churkin. “It was reported that it was French planes that bombed the city. But neither French colleagues, nor the American leaders of the coalition are not in a hurry to announce the results of this investigation,” he said.

“It’s time to stop dancing around irresponsible”

Earlier, the delegation of UK, USA and France, the initiators of the meeting of the security Council – made a demarche and left the room when the act began, Syria’s permanent representative Bashar ja’afari.

“We need to decide how to end it. Right now. The Syrian Ambassador is not interested in such a solution, so I just left the UN Security Council,” – said the British diplomat Matthew Rycroft.

In response, ja’afari said that after the meeting, three countries have signaled that they support and will continue to support terrorists, “which referred to the moderate opposition”. In addition, the initiators of this meeting of the security Council themselves repeatedly undermined efforts for a peaceful settlement in Syria, accidentally striking Syrian army positions, he said.

Vitaly Churkin noted that the special representative of the Secretary General of the world organization Staffan de Mistura, that the negotiations should be conducted with those representatives of the Syrian opposition that really want to get their country out of crisis. “Those who refused to hold direct talks? We know…” – said Churkin. “Maybe it’s time to stop dancing around the irresponsible politicians?” – he turned to de Mistura.

With the Russian Ambassador agreed, and ja’afari. He reaffirmed the willingness of Damascus to hold talks with the opposition, but stressed that the delegation should not be representatives of terrorist groups. Ja’afari recalled that Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the last year was requested to compile lists of opposition groups and terrorists, but the authorities in these countries have not coped with the task.

“The Syrian government is ready to return to Geneva to resume dialogue, but not deaf, dumb or blind. We want to have a conversation with the same Syrians, like us, to those who believe in our country, and not with those who serve the interests of external players and spends time in the five star hotels, getting money from governments that use them for their cheap tricks,” said the diplomat.

Russia again accused of “barbarism”

US special envoy to the UN Samantha Power at the meeting of the UN security Council once again declared: “Russia is engaged in air strikes, deadly supports the regime, disrupting delivery of humanitarian aid”. According to her, what Russia is doing is not fighting terrorism. “This is a barbaric action.”

Churkin in response reminded that the West still continues to supply insurgents in Aleppo with heavy weapons: armed with restraints East of Aleppo of the militants consist of tanks, armored vehicles, field artillery guns, multiple rocket launchers and other heavy military equipment, “of Course, they do handicraft, this technique could not, it was all received and continue to receive from generous Western backers, with the connivance, I think, head of the coalition, States,” – said Churkin.

Power assured that “even now, we will look for any possible way to ensure the ceasefire regime”, but, according to her, the main role should Russia play. Peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria is impossible “if Russia is set on continuing the war,” she said. Power said that the United States has participated in two Ministerial meetings on Syria, however, the Russian side “was saying one thing and doing another”.

However, by the attacks of the American delegation of Russia are not used to. But this time, joined France. Foreign Minister of the country Jean-Marc Ayrault said that “the Assad regime clearly made a choice in favor of military escalation… I Therefore appeal to his supporters, Russia and Iran, to take itself in hands and to take responsibility to put an end to this strategy, which leads to a dead end. Otherwise Russia and Iran will be implicated in war crimes committed in Aleppo,” he said.

The agreement on Syria is actually thwarted

The Russian-American agreement on Syria is actually thwarted, said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Chairman of the Presidium of the non-governmental organization Council for foreign and defense policy, member of the Presidium of non-profit organization “Russian international Affairs Council”, the political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov. However, both the Russian and American representatives do not want to declare it officially repealed, no one knows what to do next.

“The situation in Syria is now stalled due to the fact that the agreement doesn’t work or doesn’t work that way, but because it was a classic for this kind of conflict the balance of power when it is obvious that military means no party can not win, for this is no one strong enough, however, to agree to a political settlement process, no one is ready, because I’m still hoping to change the situation in their favor on the battlefield,” – said the expert.

Also, the analyst pointed to the high level of mutual distrust between the Russian and the American party, formed long before the events in Syria. “In addition, the U.S. position on the issue is clearly not unique, since the state Department and President Obama really want progress on Syria and the Pentagon is trying all possible ways to sabotage the conclusion of the agreement,” he explained.

With the Americans there is nothing to negotiate

The activities of the Anglo-French coalition in Alliance with Turkey against Russia, is not news since the Crimean war, recalled in an interview with the newspaper LOOK President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky: “Now also added the United States.

Developments in the UN security Council was not surprising. Another thing is that today’s Russian politics is very different from that which was in the 1990-ies. Neither Putin nor Lavrov can neither buy nor frighten, and almost impossible to cheat. Therefore, it is not possible to resolve the crisis in Syria on unprofitable conditions for Russia, which is very unpleasant for Western partners,” – said the expert.

However, according to Satanovsky, we do not make any sense to negotiate with the U.S. on Syria. “There is no impact on the situation in Syria, the States do not have, all groups operating on its territory, controlled by either Ankara or Doha and Riyadh. No matter what they signed, to guarantee its execution they can’t,” he explained.


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