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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Moscow city military Prosecutor said that he had done for the year

Vladislav Prikhodchenko, has been appointed as the Moscow city military Prosecutor a year ago, summed up the interim results of the work. According to him, the main efforts of the MGVP all this time was aimed at real results. The prosecutors prosecuted the builders for millions of violations during the fulfilment of state orders, put in place officials who violate the rights of soldiers, “counted” the charge for utility services in military camps and forced employers to repay wage arrears.

photo: youtube.com

On the done Moscow city hell the military Prosecutor (MGVP) the work of Vladislav Prikhodchenko told at the end of last week the journalists of a number of Federal mass media.

– This year at the request of prosecutors reinstated almost 68 thousand citizens, including for salaries, housing and medical care, compliance with safe conditions of military service. The state is reimbursed damage amounting to more than 172 million rubles. Thanks to the joint efforts of military prosecutors, commanders, and other authorities, we have managed to reduce the number of serious and particularly serious crimes, including those committed by the officers, fraud and drug trafficking., noted Prikhodchenko.

Serious violations of the law, Prikhodchenko, MGVP are opened in the execution of the state defense order.

– On materials of our checks, criminal cases against several officials of FSUE “General Directorate of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia”, which, when executed in the framework of the SDO construction and installation works at the facilities of the range “Ashuluk” used the counterfeit soil stabilizers, causing damage amounting to more than 76 million rubles. Last year a number of positions of the defensive order for the weapons and military equipment, not executed more than 300 contracts totaling over $ 120 billion RUB., the amount of overdue payables of enterprises of the defence industry amounted to almost 100 billion rubles. the Same situation holds in the current year. So there is work to do.

The issues of social protection of servicemen and other citizens, including ensuring their money allowances and other payments for MGVP are a priority.

– As a result of operational actions of the military prosecutors, including through recourse to the courts, repaid wage arrears in front of 1404 employees of the enterprises for the sum about 14 million roubles, – said Vladislav Prikhodchenko.

Military prosecutors have achieved payment of insurance compensation to the participant of military actions during a combat mission in the Chechen Republic received minno-explosive wound that resulted in amputation of the foot. Disabled paid an allowance of 300 thousand rubles provided for by the Federal law “On combating terrorism”, not 2 million rubles, which is required by law “On military pay and provide them with separate payments”.

– Our suit of the Moscow district military court made the decision on payment to the serviceman of the remaining 1.7 million rubles, – said Prikhodchenko.

As noted by the military Prosecutor of Moscow, often military pensioners and their family members complain about irregularities in the accounting of allowances for certain categories of citizens, untimely payment for the installation of the monuments. Especially often with irregularities in the appointment and payment of pensions for long service or for loss of breadwinner experienced former military personnel and their family members who moved to Russia from CIS countries. For example, they are wrongly required to provide for the appointment of the pension the piece of departure from the other state and the information that the payment of the pension at the previous place of residence terminated.

-Applicable law the representation of this information is not provided. The rights of citizens restored, – said the military Prosecutor of Moscow.

Restored the two prosecutors and law officers who did military service in the Central regional emergency center, and was dismissed without ensuring the provisions of the living quarters.

As noted by Vladislav Prikhodchenko, thanks to the work of the mobile reception office of the Moscow city military Prosecutor in military camps and places of mass settlement of military personnel were able to identify and quickly resolve more than 200 violations of legislation in the sphere of housing, to restore the violated rights of more than 500 citizens.

Among the priorities facing the military Prosecutor of Moscow garrison, Vladislav Prikhodchenko said monitor preparation of housing facilities of military towns for the heating season.

In Moscow and Moscow region is more than 150 military installations, has more than 16 thousand houses and other buildings, as well as 213 boilers and more than 3.5 thousand kilometers of heating systems, – said Prikhodchenko.

A particular concern of the Prosecutor is “a training for the winter cantonments, “the North” Meshcherino-1, the Wedge-9 and others. The situation is complicated by the fact that the size of the total debt of JSC “Main Department of housing and communal services” to resource-supplying organisations exceeds 6 billion rubles.”

As found by the prosecutors, the cause of the education debt has become inadequate execution of the duties of persons carrying out managerial functions in JSC “GU housing and communal services” at the conclusion of contracts.

Prikhodchenko gave an example:

– Conducted by the Moscow city military Prosecutor’s office audit found that in December 2015 between JSC “GU housing and communal services” and MUP “Big Vyazemy” contract delivery of heat and hot water, and also contract for cold water supply and sanitation. However, as a result of disagreements that arose only after the conclusion of the contract concerning the supply of thermal energy JSC “GU housing and communal services” the payment for the consumed objects of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation utilities not produced, causing the debts to MUP’shie Vyazemy for the above contracts was exceeded 12 million rubles By results of check to the General Director of JSC “GU housing and communal services” made a representation to eliminate violations of the law, which is implemented. The size of the debt fell to 1.7 million rubles, – told Prikhodchenko.

In MGVP found that do not allow branches and structural subdivisions of housing and utilities sector to perform effectively objectives manual for the respective funds of the Ministry of defense of Russia. This lack of title documents on real estate objects located on the territory of military camps, the provision of housing and communal services of inadequate quality, violations of the law in the management of multi-family homes that are located in military camps.

In particular, in a military town No. 224 (Noginsk-9) it was found that the maintenance and repair of common property in apartment buildings not properly carried out, favourable conditions of residence is not provided.

– By results of check to the head of a separate subdivision “Noginsk”, OOO GU ZHF made a representation to eliminate violations of the law, initiated 17 administrative cases against the head of separate subdivision “Noginsk”, OOO GU ZHF under article 7.22 of the administrative code. Merchants fined, and the house is included in the maintenance plan for 2016. Part of the flaws are being fixed, said Prikhodchenko.

Identified cases of incorrect calculation of charges for utility services. So, the military Prosecutor’s office Balashikha garrison established that officers of a separate division “Noginsk”, OOO GUIF”, despite the fact that the inhabitants of the military town p/o Pleany installed individual metering of electricity, within six months, produced a calculation for its potreblenia social norm.

– By results of consideration made by the military Prosecutor Balashikha garrison representation to eliminate violations of the law to the residents of 16 apartments recalculated payment, the supply of electricity for the sum more than 50 thousand rubles., – the Prosecutor told.

There was also evidence of excessive charges for public utility services, namely maintenance and repair of common property in apartment buildings, what to the Executive Director of “GU ZHF made a representation to eliminate violations of the law.

Today separated subdivision “Noginsk”, OOO GU ZHF recalculated in the amount of 1 million rubles, – told Prikhodchenko.

In addition, MGVP revealed evidence of involvement of contractors for operation and maintenance of hazardous industrial facilities in the absence of a license to operate on these objects.

– Overall I am satisfied with the work done by the team in the past year, – concluded Vladislav Prikhodchenko.


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