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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The expert said that Syria could start world war III

Another diplomatic demarche turned the UN security Council session on Syria, convened at the initiative of Western countries. Representatives of the United States, Britain and France left the hall meetings during the performance of their Syrian colleagues. Despite cautious statements by foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the viability of the Russian-American agreement on the truce, the events speak otherwise.

photo: youtube.com

Permanent representatives of the United States, France and Britain to the UN, Samantha Power, Francois Delattre and Matthew Rycroft sabotaged the performance of his Syrian counterpart Bashar ja’afari, in protest against the position of the Syrian government. The reason for the fierce criticism of the Damascus steel of the continuing massive bombardment of Aleppo that UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon praised as “the most sustained and intense” in the history of the five-year conflict in the Arab country.

New skirmish during the UN security Council was held between the representative of Russia in the organization Vitaly Churkin and Samantha Power, who called support for Moscow’s military offensive in Aleppo “barbarism”. “And Russia is (Syrian President Bashar) Assad is bombing convoys, hospitals and emergency services who are desperately trying to save the life of the people,” CNN quoted a us diplomat. Previously a fierce debate between Power and Churkin broke out about the “unintentional” attack on the us coalition army of Assad in Deir AZ-Zor and attack on humanitarian convoy of the UN, which the Western countries accused Russia.

“The conflict around Aleppo becomes unguided, said at a press conference in Moscow the President of the strategic research Center “Russia — Islamic world” Shamil Sultanov. The breakdown of agreements between the US and Russia shows few moments. First, that great power is unable to influence this conflict. Secondly, in this conflict, increasing the importance of regional actors. However, if the situation will continue, it will mean that the opposition enters the game with a zero amount, when agreement is not possible, the alternative is this: either someone totally wins or someone loses.

But, in my opinion, can not win, none of the parties. The five-year course of the civil war in Syria proves it. Here sharply there is a risk that the great powers more will be involved in the conflict. Now the Pentagon is increasing its influence on the situation through the state Department. On the other hand, Russia there are forces that believe that now is a good opportunity to inflict a major military defeat to the forces supported by the West. It is an illusion. We are on the verge of a transition in a very difficult period. In Syria could start the Third world in perspective”.

Analysts tend to associate the strike in Deir al-Zor and the shooting of a humanitarian convoy. “I wouldn’t say unilateral strengthening of regional forces at the expense of international — says senior researcher of the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Constantine Truevtsev. The situation is moving. Obviously, for some time declined the role of Saudi Arabia in Syria. The invasion is ambiguous. The Turks hit Kurds, but hit and ISIS (a group banned in Russia. — “MK”). When asked about Deir AZ-Zor, error or deliberate action, even a diplomat like Lavrov, said it was more like a deliberate action. This is a reaction to the success of the Syrian armed forces in Aleppo. Further from Aleppo will depend on all further developments. But it is a development that puts the world on the brink”.

“The overall situation develops positively for the Syrian army, — the Deputy Director of the CIS Institute, military expert Vladimir Evseev. Apparently, Qatar has limited the assistance to the opposition. Saudi Arabia is trying to find his place in the future Syria and to cooperate with Russia. There is such a player as China, which is ready to take steps in the direction of the Syrian army. In these circumstances, the United States, whose policy on Syria has failed, and went to deliberate provocation to ISIS to take Deir al-Zor… I don’t see the main role of China in the military sphere. He wanted to gain military experience in Syria, but its main role is, arguably, political support and economic assistance in the reconstruction of Syria”.

“The third world war can not be, because of its hypothetical participants understand that it is self-destruction, — commented a senior researcher in the Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov. — But it will be a hybrid war. It is in Syria, and Ukraine. What is happening in Syria, should release part of the Russian leadership and establishment thinking in relation to US politics that you can work together. Time to get rid of these illusions, but this does not mean that we have to confront everything.”

The war in Syria. Chronicle of events

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