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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The defense Ministry stated about the Ukrainian trace in the death of “Boeing” MH17

The defense Ministry of Russia held Monday briefing on new data about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17. At the briefing it was stated that the Rostov radar station has not detected a missile fired by “Boeing” from the territory of the militias. It was also stated that Ukraine is leading the investigation on a false trail, but the rocket could launch from the territory controlled by the APU.

photo: youtube.com

First the floor was taken by Deputy chief designer of the air route radar complex “Utes-T” scientific and production Association Lianozovo Electromechanical plant” Victor Mescheryakov. He spoke about the data obtained with a radar complex in the Rostov region. It turned out that no third-party aerial objects in the vicinity of the Malaysian aircraft radar are not recorded. There were two civilian side, but they couldn’t have anything to do with the crash, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Then a word took the chief of radio engineering troops of the Russian aerospace defence forces major General Andrew Coban. He explained that if Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down by missiles from the militia, that is, from the area East of the point of catastrophe, the Russian locator it would be fixed. But if the missile flew from the point South or West of the point of catastrophe, its primary radar do not be fixed because of its technical capabilities.

Coban said that the launch of such a missile could get on the satellite images, which earlier said the United States and Ukraine, but they were never submitted.

According to Coban, Ukraine still has not released its information from the radar station. So this leads to the conclusion that the missile that hit Malaysian “Boeing” released from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces.

Koban emphasized that the analysis of the primary radar data refutes the statement of the Ukrainian side and the technical conclusions of the Dutch investigation that the missile that hit Malaysian “Boeing” could be made from near the village of Snow.

He also said that the Russian military recorded that at the time of the crash “Boeing” worked radar APU. Thus, it confirms the fact of presence of Ukrainian air defense assets in the disaster area, and the second says that Kiev has information about the traffic situation in the area of the crash of MH17, both from civil and military sources.

The Kiev withholding information on the crash of Malaysian “Boeing” notice and the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. He stressed that the data of Ukrainian radars and air defense systems would help establish a full picture of the disaster. Konashenkov added that the Ukrainian authorities have behaved the same in 2001, when the Ukrainian air defense calculation during military exercises downed a Russian passenger plane TU-154.

Konashenkov noted that Ukraine is a member of the joint investigation team and openly refuses to provide data and manipulates the course of the investigation. According to Konashenkov, the international investigation is on the wrong track – “from contradictory data about the striking elements to the definition of the type of missile, and, as a consequence, the location of her launch.”

Konashenkov said at the end of the briefing, that Russia will give Holland all represented by “Almaz-Antey” information about the situation in the disaster area of the MH17.

The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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