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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The car, standing in traffic, it is proposed to make it an effective energy source

California authorities announced the launch of the project, which aims to reap the benefits of not the most pleasant aspect of life in the big cities — morning traffic. As stated by some experts, the ranks of machines, sometimes standing for hours with almost no traffic, constitute a source of large amounts of energy, and just need to learn how to use it.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As explained by the Deputy head of the Energy Commission of California Michael Gravely, traffic jams are quite common on many U.S. highways, and cars, which they get continue to provide energy through vibration and heat. “Catch” it is proposed, in particular, using piezoelectric generators that can convert into electric power the mechanical movement. Special small crystals are expected to generate electricity when compressed and redirect it in a special grid, which is expected to be installed under the asphalt.

The project initially planned to allocate $ 2 million. At the moment we haven’t decided yet which University or company to engage in its implementation. As the portal Phys.org about the fact that, technically, such a project almost certainly can be realized, known for a long time, but in many countries, this idea was abandoned due to the fact that the authors have had considerable doubt in the fact that its implementation will ever pay off. In particular, about five years ago, a project to create roads capable of save the energy of passing them on cars, was discontinued in Israel.

In the United States at the first stage it is also planned to evaluate what are the odds that the reconstruction of roads will benefit in the long term. If it turns out that the project actually has real prospects, it is expected that he will play a significant role in improving the environmental situation of the road, “eating” from piezoelectric generators will provide a renewable and clean source of energy. Thus for efficient operation of the road surface will need to be replaced every few decades.


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