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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Secret wedding Knipper-Chekhova

On Saturday at Novodevichy cemetery held a memorial service in honor of the 115th anniversary of the wedding of Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper, as well as on the occasion of the 148 th anniversary of the birthday of the actress.

photo: Andres Valme

Say Leonardovna Olga Knipper-Chekhov’s most loved oak branch with acorns – they she decorated the house in Melikhovo. However, on Saturday at her grave, the participants of the funeral procession, among whom were relatives of the actress, still came with the traditional pinks, not with oak bouquets.

Requiem was the father of Dmitry, the rector of the Church of the exaltation of the cross on Clean Vrazhek. In this little-known Church, located near the Plyushchikha, were married 115 years ago, the great Russian writer with an equally well-known in theatrical circles Olga Knipper. Then it was the outskirts of Moscow. Chose this temple is not accidental. The Czechs didn’t want any fuss: in addition to the bride and groom in the Church were the only two witnesses. Even his brother, with whom he met an hour before the wedding, I was in the dark about an upcoming event.

photo: Andres Valme

It is known that Antosha Chekhonte very skeptical of the institution of marriage before I met Olga Knipper. For example, he wrote to his publisher that he is not averse to marry, if only everything in his life will remain the same. He and his wife will live as they lived – each in their own, and to meet at the hotel. “Happiness that lasts from day to day, from morning to morning, — I will not stand”.

But after a few years, he wrote his new friend Olga Knipper: “Hello, the last page of my life, great actress of the Russian land”. Just this unusual couple wrote 6 years, 3 of which they were married, 400 letters to each other. Many still unpublished, and those that become known, are striking in their tenderness. “Darling, my angel, the dog, my dear,” — turned to his wife Czechs. She wrote to him even after his death, claiming that “there is no death”.

Therefore, it is an interesting exhibition on the wedding writer and actress, which was prepared by the parishioners of Holy cross Church. Even the relatives of Olga Knipper-Chekhova, who after the service visited this temple, I learned new facts from the life of his famous relative.

photo: Andres Valme

“On romance novels of Olga Knipper and Anton Chekhov were many legends,” the Chairman Knipper-Chekhov society Andres Hip. – But in Soviet times the subject was taboo. The image of the writer were too formalized, lost features of the living of a passionate person. But in recent years there have been numerous publications in which the authors, by contrast, rushed to the other extreme. They try to imagine the intimate life of the writer, and his marriage in a negative light. The aim of our society, which, incidentally, comprises 5,000 fans of this creative couples around the world to restore historical justice. Do not deify genius, but don’t trivialize their lives.”

Two years later, will celebrate 150 years since the birth of Olga Knipper-Chekhova. The theatre and Museum to the public in Moscow is to prepare for this significant date. Teslev Irina, the employee of mission of the Udmurt Republic under the RF President, who was also present at the memorial, reported that the homeland actress in the city of Glazov recently opened a memorial exhibition dedicated to the family Knipper and Chekhov.


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