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Monday, October 24, 2016

Scientists explained the lionesses of feminism: it’s all in laziness of their husbands

Five lionesses living in a national Park in Botswana, has surprised the scientists is too “masculine” behavior.

photo: pixabay.com

Predatory lady began to grow a lush mane, show habits typical of males, and even attempted mating with other females. Moreover, one of the lionesses did the unthinkable for the fairer sex act — killed cubs. As a rule, such brutality can only males. According to zoologists, this behavior may be due to excess testosterone in the blood. Moreover, hormonal failure could occur at the stage of fetal development.

The trainer of predatory animals Mikhail Baghdasarov told “MK” that during his long practice of working with lions, I haven’t seen anything similar to the case of South Africa.

Animals, like people being unpredictable, nature often presents us with surprises, and explain why it happened, very difficult, ” commented the trainer. – It happens that you meet a lioness with a male character, and Vice versa. The truth is we have in taming there were no exceptions: all lionesses are usually very talented, and all males are terrible lazy people. They can 24 hours a day to lie down and sleep. Whether it is males tigers so they can show their male essence: and hunt and the female to achieve. And the lion — a kind of lazy beauty, just look at him and pray.


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