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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Movie star Isabelle Huppert was fired from the cannon of the fortress

In Saint-Petersburg is held the 26th international film festival “Message to Man”. Its honorary guest was the French star Isabelle Huppert. She was awarded the “Golden centaur” for contribution to cinema, and then sent to shoot a gun.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Isabelle Huppert. The shot came.

Fearless and fragile Huppert in sandals on his bare feet, stood in the wind on the roof of the Bastion fortress, was taught and experienced a moment of fear (you should have seen her face), but took himself in hand and brought an unexpected role to the end.

A festival opened in the Palace square in the rain. The President “Message to Man” Alex, the Teacher said it was even good, let guests feel the essence of St. Petersburg. So they were out in the rain, I watched a documentary “On the Internet: dreams of the digital world” classics of world cinema Werner Herzog in extreme conditions.

International jury was headed by Belgian filmmaker Dense van den Berg, who drew attention to themselves debut picture of “baby Jesus of Flanders” with the participation of people with down syndrome. Now interested in an early film by Sergei Ovcharova “fantastic story” and talk during the festival about his perception of the paintings based on Russian folklore. What Russia is, to feel he did not. Acquaintance with Moscow was limited to a Cup of coffee on red square. However, the Thick learned a Russian saying “vodka without beer — money for a wind”. The jury consisted of Russian Director Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr., who so fell in love with Isabelle Huppert and writer, winner of the Prix Goncourt Jonathan Littell, speaking in Russian.

Isabelle Huppert presented the movie “her”, Paul Verhoeven, in which neither the American actress has not agreed to withdraw. But Huppert is bold, like her heroine, whose house is invaded by a rapist, and she States this in the police. Reviewer “MK” asked the actress what she looks for in a movie and why it is so loved.

— Recently you worked with Korean and Filipino Directors. What you are looking for on the edge of the world?

— I traveled in distant countries thanks to the two Directors. One of them is Filipino – Mendoza, and the film was shot in the Philippines. Two films I made with the South Korean Director Hong sang-soo. And one of them has been removed very quickly, during the Cannes film festival. It’s lightning fast. Brillante Mendoza struck me that created Hyper realistic conditions of filming. This is a story about how in the Philippines captured the people and I played one of the hostages. Hong sang-soo — a Director with his approach. We didn’t have a finished script. Every time we learned about what the scene will be shot, only on-site. Both the Director have a strong cinematic gift and a special approach to the organization of the shooting process. We are different, but we were United by the language of cinema. I starred in the films of Russian Director Igor Minayev (a long time living in France. — S. H.). Over the “Flood” story Zamyatin worked in Moscow, although the action takes place in St. Petersburg. Recently, it has been another joint project about Tchaikovsky, where I was supposed to play his wife. But Igor Minaev faced with financial difficulties. The project had to be frozen. I hope we’ll come back to him. I have recently finished a job in the new film of Michael Haneke “Happy ending”. I like to inject a note of irony, even in difficult and tragic roles. I like to mix genres.

Isabelle rarely revisits his old movies: “During filming, there are two film. One in the mind of the Director, the second — in the mind of the actor. When you see the finished product, you realize that it’s not your picture, and the vision of the Director, and you must accept it. Not a lot of standing offers in the life of the actress, and I they are not scattered. But I do not like to break yourself for the role. It is important that the work was easy and interesting. Such adventures that I experienced in the film, Paul Verhoeven, to me was not so much. Every time, taking the decision to participate in a particular project, make a leap into the unknown”.

On a purely Russian Huppert, who graduated from the Slavic Department of the University of Paris, says: “I speak in Russian a little bit, but can’t read, for example, of Dostoevsky”. And then follows in French: “Two years ago, I was head of the jury at the Marrakech, and we were handed the Grand Prix of the Russian film “the Class correction” Ivan Tverdovsky was the youngest. Wonderful picture! I’m sorry that in the French box office and critics were not properly evaluated. For the cinephile, you must know Russian film from Eisenstein to Zvyagintsev. Do not forget Chukhrai, Kalatozov and Sokurov. Soviet cinema has influenced me. When I saw “the cranes are Flying” by Mikhail Kalatozov, especially the final scene, I thought, how cool! I still remember the pattern by heart. This is one of the first films that I consciously looked. I would love to play Ranevskaya in “the Cherry orchard”. So many classics beat, and Chekhov.”


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