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Saturday, February 24, 2018

In Parnassus rebelled against Kasyanov

Vice-chairmen of PARNAS Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Kara-Murza will convene a Congress that will free Mikhail Kasyanov from the post of leader of the party. This was announced in a statement on Monday morning, and the evening of the same day at the meeting of the Federal political Council.

At the same time, the regional office of the Udmurt Republic wrote a letter to the Federal political Council with the requirement to exclude from the party already rebel Yashin for breach of discipline. There is tsutsvang and Kasyanov, and Yashin can be removed only by the delegates, any of the decisions, will deprive the party of the supporters, if they both remain, the split will eventually eat PARNAS inside.

The ensuing six months ago the split was that Yashin and many other Democrats refused to run in Gosdumu from the party, and the disastrous results of the election, the infamous 0,73% of the vote. About what I expect rebels, “MK” asked to them, and about the prospects of the party — the analyst.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

A few words about the history of split. Yashin and many others insisted that candidates to the state Duma of PARNASSUS are to be elected in the primaries with the participation of representatives of all democratic forces.

Kasyanov had other ideas: he wanted to generate lists. As a result, the head of the Moscow branch of Yashin they did not get at all its nuclear electorate in the elections did not go.

But on top of the Federal list was a nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev that jarred the Democrats, and historian Andrei Zubov with his unambiguous look at the world and pleas to return the Crimea to Kiev. So “Misha 2%” turned to “Misha is 0.7”. And this despite the fact that, if the party did not turn away bloggers headed by Navalny and other disgruntled Democrats, she was able to overcome the five percent barrier. In the Monday statement, Yashin and his comrades said that Kasyanov had turned PARNAS party autocratic type, which has no room for other politicians.

What’s next? Question to Ilya YASHIN:

– You pretend to lead the party instead of Kasyanov?

– I’m not ready to discuss it. While Kasyanov declares that he is not going to resign. Accordingly, the topic of new elections of the party leader to discuss earlier, it can only raise. But I think that if the elections did take place, then the man who will replace Kasyanov, will not lead the party in future elections. Now needs a bailout, the Chairman and, as I see it, this role suits someone from the regional presidents. He must revitalize the party, which is in poor condition.

– And closer to a single day of voting next year, this technical leader will have to give way to a political figure?

– I don’t want to look too far ahead. We need to create a United democratic party structure, which consolidates the electorate instead of his kibble. And the figure is not so important.

– You admit the possibility that Congress will not listen to your arguments, and expelled from the party, you and the other signers of the statement?

– Such a development is not excluded, but it will mean the demise of Parnas as a party. It will turn into autocratic structure without any prospects. But to realize such a scenario will be difficult. In the party a lot of people who are unhappy with what is happening and want to change, that is, agree with us.

– Is there a chance for you to supporters and partners will come back Bulk?

– I hope for it, and that the democratic coalition around PARNASSUS reborn. Navalny is a valuable ally with which to build a renewed relationship.

Suppose, ideas, Yashina will play out, and PARNASSUS is Kasyanov will lead more young and active party leader. Will there be a chance to revive the party? This question of “MK” asked the General Director of the Center for political technologies Igor BUNIN.

– There is no such chance. Each party has a history, at the Parnassus it is sad: the constant conflicts, faults, the Bulk with them, not with them. They are the “Apple” not “Apple”… Accumulated bad mojo.

But most importantly, the proportion of people who are willing to go all the way in the fight against Putin, is small and declining. I estimate it at 2-3%. And it is this “struggle to the end” was laid in the Foundation of Parnassus.

But society has changed, and 2011 with mass walks angry citizens are gone. Today, most protest-democratic electorate still doesn’t want to go full out conflict with Putin’s the majority. It would be psychologically very difficult. And to Parnassus as difficult to change after society: to go to the presidential administration about something to negotiate with the government. The need for the “party of barricades” can society go back, but not before a few years, when Parnassus, most likely, will be gone. There are other people and other parties.

– And Kasyanov did not tried all the time after the death of Nemtsov to negotiate with the government, to remake the party into a loyal and conciliatory?

– I don’t think so. Kasyanov called Maltsev, and revolutionary, and nationalist, and so on. What kind of can be an agreement with the government? Kasyanov tries to demonstrate its intransigence, but in the constitutional framework. And what he expects is unclear.


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