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Friday, January 19, 2018

Found a large treasure, allegedly belonging to the prototype of Elijah from “Dead souls”

During excavations in Pskov, scientists have discovered the largest trove of jewelry ever discovered in the area. According to specialists, their hands could get part of the numismatic collection of the merchant Theodore Elijah, which is considered the prototype of the hero of the poem by Nikolai Gogol “Dead souls” under the same name.

photo: pixabay.com

The hoard discovered in Museum street, includes about 300 items including — coins-scales Tver, Moscow, Novgorod and Pskov coins of the reign of Nicholas II, the orders, medals and much more. To illustrate just how high the value of the detected items, the head of the Pskov archaeological center Tatiana Ershova reported that recently the coin, similar to several discovered in the hoard was sold at auction in Moscow in Moscow for two million rubles.

According to legend, the name of the merchant (or rather, his father) caught the eye of Alexander Pushkin, and that he told her Nikolai Gogol looked up the name for the character. After that, this name in Russia has become a household word, and implies the excessive and often irrational greed, and in some countries even turned out to be a kind of medical term is “hoarder” sometimes called excessive passion for hoarding.

However, to assume that Fyodor Plyushkin in Gogol’s the prototype of the character in the full sense of the word would be the obvious exaggeration — at the time of the first publication of the poem the future, the merchant was only five years old. However, the fate of the merchant and of the character- “namesake” sometimes quite unusual interactions. Merchant for 40 years gathered a collection that includes a great variety of items — coins, letters, weapons, works of art, books and more. The collection consisted of around a million items and, according to some estimates, represented the third largest in Russia and the eleventh in Europe. However, many noted that no inventory of the collection, the merchant did not conduct, and often indeed valuable exhibits side by side in it with incomparably less significant, because of what the collection seemed to many provincial and pushkinskoy” in the sense that it has gained thanks to the works of Gogol.


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