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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dirty “Buki” Ukraine

On 28 September, the public Prosecutor’s office is going to publish the conclusions to which has come the investigation of the crash Boeing 777 flight MH17 shot down in the summer of 2014 over the Donbas. On Monday, the defense Ministry organized a briefing for media representatives, where it unveiled a new, the latest data of the radar situation at the time of the disaster that refute the findings of the investigation that destroyed the liner missile was fired from territory controlled by militias.

As stated by the representative of the military Department Igor Konashenkov, Kiev is withholding information that would help to establish the cause of the disaster in the South-East of Ukraine.

The representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said confirmed the fact of presence of Ukrainian air defense assets in the disaster area. Photo: mil.ru

First, the briefing was made by the representative of Lianozovsky Electromechanical factory which is a manufacturer of EN-route radar systems, which are used in the system of air traffic control, Victor Mescheryakov. He said that the information received by factory specialists after studying data from Russian radar “Utes-1, which worked at the time of the disaster in the district of village Ust-Donetskiy, allow us to conclude that the radar “Utes-T” were not recorded closer to the collapsed in Ukraine Malaysian Boeing any aerial objects from the Eastern regions of Donbass, in addition to two civilian planes that were parallel courses. The first ship crossed paths with Boeing long before the accident, and another in that moment was him at 30 km at the same time, he said, the Rostov radar station at 13.20 17 Jul 2014 watched the beginning of the destruction of the liner. He broke into three large pieces that were seen on the radar screen. “At the same time in close proximity to the Malaysian aircraft Ust-Donetsk radar did not observe any foreign objects that could cause its destruction,” said Meshcheryakov.

The same information was confirmed speaking after the chief of Radio engineering armies (RTV) ATT Russia Andrew Coban, who made a similar analysis on the basis of data from military radar. However, the military is on your radar watch and reconnaissance UAV “Orlan-10,” which cruised along the Russian border. “Orlan” in two times less than the missile complex “Buk” and is made of composite materials, making it difficult to detect”, — he explained.

Andrew Coban stated that the analysis of the primary radar data refutes the assertion that the missile that hit Malaysian Boeing, could be made out of Snow, who at the time of the disaster was controlled by the militias.

According to the head of RTV, “the Ukrainian side has information about air situation in the area of the crash, both from civil and military sources. The fact that Ukraine has still not released information from radar, suggests that the location of the missile launch, if it was “Buk”, located on the territory controlled by the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU)”.

As stated, the primary radar data that refutes the conclusions about the possible launch site of the rocket at the Malaysian Boeing, will soon be handed over to the Dutch investigators.

At the end of the briefing, the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, who stated that the investigation is on the wrong track from contradictory data about the striking elements to the definition of the type of missile, and, as a consequence, the place of its launch. The Ukrainian side does not inadvertently withheld from the investigation, relatives of the victims and the international community information that would allow a full picture of the disaster.

Konashenkov recalled that on 17 July 2014, the Russian radio technical intelligence recorded work of radar stations of the APU in the area of the crash Malaysian liner, which confirms the fact of presence of Ukrainian air defense assets in the disaster area.

“Kyiv to date has not released information about the location of their military calculations Buk “in the day of the disaster, nuclear power, primarily military, the activity data on the day of their disaster radars of the Ukrainian air defense systems and the testimony of witnesses”, — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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