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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Art or pornography?”: Director Sergei Solovyov appreciated the echo of the exhibition Sturges

Citizen Alexander Petrunko, who poured urine photo at the exhibition of Jock Sturges received today 7 days for disorderly conduct.

The exhibition “Without embarrassment”, the American photographer Jock Sturges, depicting naked girls from the nudist community, was closed prematurely, although it was to last in the Center of photography them. Lumiere brothers until October 30. It criticized the Senator Elena Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, who found in the present study the demonstration of child pornography. And we talked about the boundaries of what is permitted in art with Director Sergei Solovyov.

The author is saddened by such perception. In an interview, he said that have exhibited their work around the world, and no one accused him of pornography.

photo: youtube.com

I wonder what would be said of the current adherents of the morality of the films created during the Soviet era, if they appeared only now? For example, “wounded animal” Nikolay Gubenko, where Teens see Topless teacher in the performance of Zhanna Bolotova and experiencing forbidden feelings. And as gently and chastely shown!

Sergei Soloviev, too, could talk about the fragile world of teenagers in his paintings “one Hundred days after childhood” and “Rescuer” to show the most intimate moments that no one had any doubts, and if there were, the Director nobody twisted arms, not banned.

Two years ago at the international documentary film festival “Flahertiana” in Perm, showed the program of the Russian state archive of cinema and photo documents (Krasnogorsk). One of the documentaries, “the warm sea”, talked about the rest of Soviet children at camp Artek in 1940. On the sunbed — adult pioneers 12-14. All naked — boys and girls. A embarrassed cover. And they still shoot you.

Bathed Teens also naked and all-together — boys and girls. Such was the system of education, weakening the sex differences. And it came to summer camp children from distant villages where such liberties are not what is invalid about them, and to think this was impossible. VoiceOver informs that the guys will take away from the “Artek” a healthy body and a strong friendship.

We talked with Sergey solovevym about the boundaries of what is permitted in art.

I don’t know where that face is. Every time you need to look at any creature and understand what is in front of you: a work of art or pornography? Everything is decided at the level of the human eye and intuition.

— That is, there are no criteria?

— No, of course. Take any painting by Matisse. Someone there naked, someone is wearing, but that doesn’t matter. We are dealing with a work of art. And that’s all. If the pictures we are talking about, great, then they need to exhibit and show. Are unable to solve this issue some officers and ignorant people. In fact, it is all foolishness and shame.

— In Soviet times you didn’t point out that you create something indecent?

– Never. Recently at the Academy of arts of Zurab Tsereteli I put a whole room of Nudes. And we talked to Tsereteli how many centuries artists engaged in the mystery of the female body. The Academy supports this tradition.

At the time, I Andrei Konchalovsky showed a thick album of the famous photographer, which I then bought in Paris. It is depicted Nude girls 14-15 years. And it’s awesome! Gorgeous worn that still I look and admire these works. I constantly flip over.

The storming of the exhibition of photographs Sturgis: sensational footage of a closed public exposure (42 photos)


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