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Friday, March 16, 2018

Uproar festival “Gavroche” on stage broke two hundred Newspapers

At the international festival “GAVROSH. The season of Israel” played the first set of performances. And who they were, was convinced that the concept of “Jewish happiness” does not always mean bad luck. “Gavroche” unequivocally lucky Israel is what it is today presented at the children’s festival: witty, hot, energetic, thin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

On the 10th account anniversary, Gavroche” – only performances from Israel: 7 theaters, 8 titles, more than 40 shows, and in just two weekend. On Serpukhivka Theresa Durova in the great hall – a madhouse: ‘d think that everyone who gets behind the door, and if you step into the room, asked:” Mother dear, where am I? “And hit the audience for football, where they yell, stomp their feet, whistle. And which (the moment) dancing.

Notice the desperate choreographers repeatedly made attempts to translate in plastic and in motion that the world’s most popular game. Not often, but unsuccessfully. The home of football in England the Royal ballet in the 80s was in the repertoire of the ballet of the same name. In Brazil, soccer is not the last country in the beginning of the English choreographer has released a gorgeous spectacle. But the children thought only choreographer from Israel, residing in new York, Nadine, Bommer, which in 2008 put your “Football” for 10 dancers, disguised as boys. But what…

Teresa Durova, as requested, Nadine Bommer, divides the room in yellow and red colour t-shirts and blows the whistle. On a green field the team ran out of red and yellow – first warm-up, Jogging, shaking hands – all as expected. Hall welcomes goalkeepers – they took seats near the gate in new window and went to play… Without the ball, but play, that is dancing with humor, inventive. The choreographer looked at a lot of football broadcasts, team breakthroughs to the opponent’s goal, sneaky steps, fight on the field and arguing with the judge, he repeated it in duets and ensembles. And the players played so that children do not doubt – on the field tough guys. Not all adults understand the substitution and only bows when the girl pulled the wet hair wigs, surprised – in football, girls only.

In the meantime, while raged the stadium, the theatre of the moon” was looking for “Full moon” (famous for The Train Theater from Jerusalem) About the full moon tells Helemskii stories, and Hel is a small town in old Poland, where in the opinion of the whole country live … Well not the most intelligent people who his antics amused the whole world. Cranks in General.

In every country there is a city not that of fools, but such funny people. – explains to me before the performance the author and the only performer Galia levy-Grad – I asked if there’s a town in Russia, but I was told that you are all smart. Or almost everything.

I did not disappoint the actress to talk about the field of miracles in the country is known who is our cross. A better look at her Luggage that she came to the festival. Only two small suitcases, but they fit all but the Hel.

Now he is on stage lying on a small table. In the form of a large book, which reveals Galia and from there climb the synagogue, and the goat chews the straw. Sea blue waves, in which the two crank-laser and Lamech – throw pickled herring, assuring the world that the herring will start to multiply until they sail and drive to Warsaw. And they went there for the moon, because they are, chelimsky, first drowned in the well, and then stole.

And the well, and the engine with the boat, and klezmerski band, and wise men deciding what punishment deserve laser with Laimejom paper and literally grow up in the hands of the actress. She is manipulating his paper world masterfully, quietly, humming and dancing along with the residents Helena. At first small, and the final, growing to large sizes.

The play, performed in the technique pop-up, careful attention to detail, the visuals, although not using bright colors. But handmade makes it so warm, bringing us half-forgotten in the theatre a sense of naturalness.

In the meantime, another scene “the Contemporary” is literally littered with Newspapers. It printed mass media became a source of inspiration for “The Dream Theater of tel Aviv. He brought the “Gavroche” “the Story of a newspaper” ( directed by Artus Chavez). However, in the beginning in black office scene in addition to benches and ridiculous creation in red socks and a plaid coat nothing. Then there are Madame Marshmallow under an umbrella and her assistant, who all despise the guy. But it is worth it in the hands of the Newspapers, the eyes of the audience are born costumes, dolls, and anything else your heart desires.

In addition to the Newspapers in the amount of 200 pieces to help them in their clown talent: three masks, different and very funny, subtly conduct their Comedy history. . Kids laughing the entire show, and then ate the marshmallow and passion destroy the Newspapers that they were allowed to tear to shreds. Children broke away.

And the next day the actress went to children’s hospitals to play a fun news show for children who due to various diseases are not able to go to the theatre. Actress held in Israel special training and are confident that through open naive eyes of a clown laughter helps to overcome pain.

Moscow hosted the opening of a new children’s theatrical festival “Gavrosh” (35 photos)


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