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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pino Pinelli: “Art is a woman you need to seduce”

This fall the art institutions just “bomb” the Italian cultural audience projects. Multimedia Art Museum is no exception. There has been exhibition of Pino Pinelli, the greatest representative of “analytical painting”, a bold experimenter whose work is distracting from the overall trend.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Here are 10 of them, but what. Without canvases and frames they are floating on white walls. (Pinelli one of the first who decided the walls of the neutral status of the support, making the main character). Dozens wrinkled scarlet flowers form a curved meadow. Blue and lemon rings merge, resembling the shape of pacifiers. The accumulation of crosses of white and red like the Swiss flag. But what meant the artist — to guess is useless. Here probably it is not the content but in form, very emotional.

Items here not only sway and exude light, but transmit emotion through bright colors. They are a match for its Creator, who chose for opening day red white dots suspenders and a tie. Pinelli 80, but he’s drunk: keep laughing, makes a selfie with guests in the background of his work, talking excitedly.

Pino, how do you like Moscow?

It’s infinite. I like big cities, but I wouldn’t be able to live here.

— But you live in Milan, the city is not small.

Moscow is huge. Yes, Milan is a metropolis, but it has a different biorhythm. There I do one thing a day, and here we have a dozen.

— Do you think our viewers — with a special biorhythm, brought up on traditional painting — appreciate your work?

I’m not sure. At the Venice Biennale I was not able to enter the Russian pavilion. Outwardly, he pushed me, like many of my colleagues. Although we understood that the inside will appear a different world.

He lightly blows of the totalitarian era, especially after the last architecture Biennale where we have recreated the era. But isn’t it a reason to want to know what the country lives?

I don’t think the whole country lives Imperial manners. They may only be interested in a group of people. Understand, I am a person with progressive views. I think that the past must stay behind, to go forward. The same in art: traditionalism is dead.

— And you started it career?

— I have executed several works in the classical technique and realized that they all repeat. Artist living in the homeland of Piero della Francesca and Masaccio, and feeling the burden of their art, it remains only to imitate painting, giving it new meanings. This cannot be done until you feel the boundaries. So I went for them and refused the frame and canvas.

— What are the available materials do you use?

— Industrial parts, fabric fibers, animal hair On them… I put a special surface-treated pigments. They a month can dry out, forming a shell, which is touchable.

— Indeed, some look like velvet. You are allowed to touch them?

— Just a bit, not rude. I provoke the desire to touch the works. Because the art is the woman you need to seduce. It asks to touch it, but you understand that it must be done gently.

The exhibition is organized with the support of UniCredit Bank.


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