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Monday, March 19, 2018

In this respect, Clinton found the money from the government of North Korea

USA shocked the scandal. What is the Clinton Foundation accepting donations from Russia and from Arab sheikhs, was known. It was known that, in return, the Clintons have benefactors lobbying services. But such a sponsor like the North Korean Kim dynasty, no one even could not imagine. And the main question now is why the DPRK financed the Clintons.

Last week the charity the Clinton Foundation has announced changes in the tax reporting for the period from 2010 to 2013-th year. The Clinton Foundation is a global organization that operates worldwide and is engaged in many issues – from funding educational projects in South America to support farms in South Africa. Money for their initiatives, the Clintons are also looking for around the globe. Someone donates twenty of salary, someone – million. Among the Foundation’s sponsors Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman and Steven Spielberg), the German racer Michael Schumacher, the Creator of Microsoft bill gates, billionaire George Soros and other worthy people.

“Nothing, but together with Uranian One Agency Sergei Kiriyenko went to the mines in Wyoming and 20% of the uranium resources of the United States”

Changes in tax reporting and disclosure related to the sponsors. The charitable Foundation is not required to disclose the source of money, but can do it at will. And it turned out suddenly that $ 20 million was received from the governments of North Korea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is unlikely these countries can be called a model of respect for human rights, friendliness toward the United States, and with the finances they have not. Congo is generally considered the poorest nation on the planet itself constantly in need of charitable assistance.

All of this was a real surprise, despite the fact that the Clinton Foundation is subjected to regular attacks from the Republican party and conservative media since 2009, when it became known that Hillary Clinton plans to take the post of Secretary of state. It was then that there was a reasonable questions, not whether the new Secretary of state conflict of interest?

It’s one thing to take money from rich Germans and give them to poor Africans. It is another to be also the head of foreign policy Department of the USA. In addition, there is the aforementioned hole in the law. All donors to political campaigns are known by name – this is mandatory US citizens or businesses, where foreigners have no controlling interest. With charity funds is not so. The more money transferred from one account in Switzerland to another and into the United States are not even. Thus, the ability of the authorities to track the origin and destination is significantly limited. It turns the grey zone, which may be hiding not only the conflict of interests and corruption.

The policy applying for the post of President of the United States (infographic)In response to criticism, the Foundation has set a course for greater openness and has published a list of its largest donors, but Mrs Clinton has vowed not to accept donations from foreign governments while she holds the post of Secretary of state. But, as noted by Machiavelli, “the greatest success achieved by those leaders who do not attach importance to promises.”

The fact that the Clintons are lobbying the interests of major donors of the Foundation, was already clear before the publication of the documents. How can bill and Hillary to turn down a billionaire, philanthropist, and patron and not to introduce him to one or another Minister, President, or Sheikh, presenting the best side? Another thing is the order of amounts. In 2005, during the visit to Kazakhstan, bill Clinton was accompanied by canadian mining magnate Frank Distro, within the framework of what was presented to Nursultan Nazarbayev. A few months later Distro received the right to develop three deposits of uranium in Kazakhstan, and after a few weeks the Clinton Foundation got donations in the amount of $ 30 million. Billionaire to direct questions to the American media said that no mediation, the Clintons never had, and all this is nothing more than a coincidence.

The next stage of the interest of the opponents of Hillary and the press to the Foundation occurred in the spring and summer of this year, when the United States started the primaries. Then began to ascend the episodes much more unpleasant for one of the most famous families of America.

All the same Distre wanted to sell the company to Uranium One, the Russian state Corporation “Rosatom”. Has the right to. However, such a deal requires a permit including the State Department, which at that time was headed by Clinton. Permission was granted without unnecessary delay and Distra have donated to the Fund 10 million.

In those days, bill Clinton came to Moscow and received a half-million translations for two-hour lecture from the Bank “Renaissance Capital”. All anything, but with the company Uranian One Agency Sergei Kiriyenko went to the mines in Wyoming and 20% of the uranium resources of the United States.

This is just one episode. Among the contributors of the Fund of the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, Arab sheiks, a company affiliated with the Chinese government, and now suddenly it turned out that even North Korea to the Congo.

Fund Clinton began to undress, following the logic of “for surrender will give less”. Supposedly, it is better to confess than to wait until “dirty Laundry” dig journalists. On Friday The Washington Post published an enormous amount of material, which raised the statistics on donations in favor of Clinton for 41 years, i.e. since the election of the attorney General of Arkansas in 1975 – the first for bill Clinton. Such texts are for one week.

Edition took to count, and how much money could accumulate the Clintons over forty years years of its activities. According to him, the Fund has collected about two billion dollars, about a billion was donated to various choices, which were attended by the Clintons. Out have several tens of millions of dollars in fees for lectures, books and other “creative activities”.

For comparison, the newspaper cites the same figures for the Bush family. Those three managed to attract 2.4 billion on their election campaigns and charity events, but it should be noted that Bushey has participated in five presidential races, excluding primaries (the first time Bush senior was in the main the ballot as Vice President under Ronald Reagan) and bill Clinton in only two.

As for the primaries, at the moment, Mrs. Clinton has already received donations of 70 million dollars. Closest rivals are far behind. Bernie Sanders was able to collect slightly more than 40 million, and Ben Carson – about 30.

To comment to The Washington Post, neither bill nor Hillary would not. But assistant Mrs. Clinton’s Josh Schwerin said that “at least incorrect to mix the money given to charity, and the funds donated to your campaign needs.” “As for political campaigns, as the number of contributions and their value – a clear indication that bill and Hillary dedicated his life to public service and the struggle to make this country stronger,” – he added.

Apparently, the journalists of WP at the time when took the comment, did not know about the Congo and North Korea. Otherwise I would not hesitate to check what country is referring to the Schwerin.

It is obvious that the governments of these poor countries can not be suspected of upright philanthropy through the American Foundation, closely connected to the political elite. But what kind of services provided by the Clintons in return? Given that the DPRK, where the role of the state in the economy, nearly absolute, is under the influence of us sanctions and is officially a “sponsor of terrorism” by the state Department, any answer to this question in the US very few people like. No answer yet, but its looking for, and it is possible that you will find. In the end, it will give the Republicans a trump card in the presidential race, about which they could not even dream of.


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