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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Exhibition of people’s anger

The current weekend was marked in Moscow a major scandal — the public closed the exhibition of Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment”, seeing it as a promotion of pedophilia. It was public, although the formal reason was the statement of Senator Elena Mizulina. “In Russia, pictures of Sturgis is recognized as a resource of child pornography. Roskomnadzor demands to remove the photos of photographer, published on the websites of the Exhibition should be immediately closed!” — according to the website of the first Deputy head of the constitutional Committee of the Federation Council. Also the Senator plans to appeal to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika on an official request to hold on the given fact public Prosecutor’s check.

But this is the final results. In fact, the exhibition was closed by the blogger Lena Miro, writing, not especially choosing expressions, an angry post in social networks. Just post. Just on the Internet. But he caused such a stir, which not only resulted in the proliferation of requirements on the prohibition of the exhibition in the network accounts, but ended with the letters on the website of the Prosecutor General with the requirement to investigate immediately!” Of course, not all perturbing saw the exhibition with my own eyes, but in the suspected pedophiles better safe — won.

There remains, however, unknown how quickly had time to react the Prosecutor General’s office requests the Russians — she was faster. Still, the soon became the organizers immediately shut down on Saturday evening, exposure, explaining that “broken pipe”. “Cover their tracks! “good Russians — so the stigma of a gun!”. But we’ll never know. Although it is strange that in two weeks the successful running of the exhibition and it was opened already on 8 September, no more of this fluff didn’t notice and didn’t blow over.

Many today say that the main impetus of the organization of such exhibitions in the Russian capital, was a commercial benefit that outweighed the dubious reputation of Sturgis. We will remind, scandal with his name broke out in April 1990, when the FBI along with the police raided the Studio of Jock Sturges in San Francisco, seized a computer, cameras, negatives, final images. More than a year lasted investigation. But public art in the U.S. and Europe recaptured photographer, court in San Francisco has not put forward any charges. Of course, no charges — no crime, but that the name of the artist is today the commercial component, in this no doubt. This is the money which I have there on the “Nude beaches”, where, as evidenced by the advertising of the exhibition, and was made still images in the “situation perfectly harmonious”. Where was given permission from parents to film the children, which the artist modestly calls “women’s nature in the period of puberty.” Where was organized for this exhibition tour, and finally, where it was eventually carried out. That is, in Moscow. Art center, a shelter photographer with a tarnished reputation, deeply commercial, and he probably took into account all the nuances of the situation and predicted that might be a scandal, but will bring including the extra, albeit scandalous popularity.

We are not going to call the filling of the exhibition “pedophile”, because it gives us the right to only expert opinion, but those who gave permission for the holding of the exhibition, evaluated the degree of her “lolita”? And if so, could the organizers and experts be wrong? Is there any criteria under which evaluated work, done on the verge of potresti Vice, which is opposed to the criminal code?

But the exhibition Sturges, despite his doubtfulness showed us many positives. For example, the fact that our society cannot be called indifferent. This is evidenced by the fact that there were people that put question about the appropriateness of such exposure. And the fact that this question is left not only without discussion, but no action. Showed that Mizulina, no matter how much sneered at her remarks, the Russians, still on alert, but newly minted children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova was the second, who has required testing, and it is bad — means that its staff requires a serious shake-up. Showed this exposition that the society keeps a defensive perimeter against the slightest slackening in the fight against propaganda of pedophilia. And all this means that the proverbial Overton window is closed tightly and the slightest draft of air makes you want to take up the insulation frame.

But I want to remind you something else: pedophilia is a disease. Besides that heavy by itself, it also goes with complications in the form of large terms of imprisonment, if the patient’s disease started, gave her development and public incarnation. As is known, the disease is much easier to prevent than to cure. But hold a wrong diagnosis, the wrong diagnosis is also very dangerous. The exhibition is now closed. Without the verdict of the experts. According to the decision of the public.

But if tomorrow it will be acknowledged legitimate, the exposure will be more people. At least just to see, what the fuss? Good commercial move, isn’t it? The course, which is in favor of Sturges made ourselves.

The storming of the exhibition of photographs Sturgis: sensational footage of a closed public exposure (42 photos)


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