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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Election of two evils: trump and Clinton is caught up in the unpopularity

Marvels. My 19-year-old grandson Leo Solovyov, the Sitka, the former capital of Russian Alaska, is young early: skips a semester in College because of emergency employment in the election campaign of Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, though originally, like most American youth, was rooting for her rival, socialist with a human face Bernie Sanders, but he fizzled and he is now her PR. And he remains?

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Equilibrium: panic Hillary and optimism of Donald

Meanwhile, the grandfather of my grandson, I mean the author of this article Vladimir Solovyov, receives letter of appreciation from Donald trump who found out about the Moscow publishing our co-authored with Elena Klepikova (who is also my wife) books about him and says that though the book is in Russian, but he put it on public display in their headquarters in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue as proof of his popularity in Russia, and with it he wants to establish normal relations, and now, in schmuck, Obama, is on the floor, and when Billary the Clintons, if they again, though, and by castling, occupy the White house, will fall even lower, although below is nowhere.

A letter from trump came in my absence. While I almost all of August hanging out in Acadia National Park, Maine, escape from new York the unbearable sticky heat, the wife of the former President herself, perhaps, the future President lost the electoral points, though it retains yet its advantage, but it expressed it is an unambiguous and unique number, and according to some polls judging is at all marginal, reducible to a mathematical error. And there are polls that give odds of the Buddha: according to the prestigious company IPSOS, he went in the fast lane and ahead of Clintonia at one point, and CNN gives him two points: 45:43.

Anyway two months before the election chances if not equal, then leveled off — it would be more accurate. There is a equilibrium, that is equilibrium, which makes the fight for the White house is not fatal foregone conclusion, and the triumph of Hillary Clinton and the fiasco Donald trump’s not so inevitable. Hence the panic in the camp of the Clintons and a cautious optimism and renewed hope in the camp of the tramp, who on the third time finally has found quite a decent professional leader of his team. After the brutal bully Corey Lewandowski was questionable due to his former ties with the Ukrainian President Yanukovych Paul Manafort chief strategist trump became a journalist and banker Stephen Bannon, who, however, suspected it was anti-Semitism, but these suspicions are neutralized, because it protects an Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner, and he is not only a friend, father-in-law and grandchildren of trump, but the grey cardinal of his campaign headquarters.

Not too many at once American names for a Russian reader? The role of the political guru for the future of the American President increases every leap year. The last two presidents not just pulled out, and made them spin doctors: it would not be in the White house nor Bush, nor Barack Obama, if not for their “uncle”: as Karl Rove and David Axelrod. I latest print called “moustached nurses” — after the election the first two years of Barack without him take a step but could not. Then oklemalis. About the headquarters of Hillary Clinton say: stable, ultra-modern, highbrow. It is sufficient to take as an example my grandson Leo Solovyov: a highly sophisticated and savvy young man will go far. I say objectively because our stakes in these elections are different.

Feature: negative & positive, who will?

Not that I sympathized with Trump, however, my antipathy toward Hillary are probably stronger than my antipathy to Donald. That’s the trick. So I was in the margin of one of my “anti” on my other “anti” alone? I will not say. In this matter is the electoral watershed of the country, which I am a citizen: one of the candidates in the American presidents no longer love? Interest here began unexpectedly to change.

In some sectors — for example, in advertising books PR — negative, scandalous publicity, more price: know for myself. Not in presidential elections, however. The present is unprecedented in American history: never before had candidates from the two main parties did not cause such a friendly, widespread, almost total dislike. And that’s an understatement. Whoever is elected President, voters in the majority will vote this time out of necessity — “I do not want”. That’s where the main contest between them: who was better and who worse.

Well, Yes: the American voter will have the choice of two evils. There are, of course, anecdotal opportunity, when a Jew of two evils chooses both. In the network walks back future American President: half face trump and half face Clinton without any seams between them. Fortunately or unfortunately, this possibility of the applicants to the highest post on our planet is not in the White house will enter only one candidate — not on a white horse, as dreamed Hillary Clinton most recently.

That’s where statistical surveys are not just very curious and can have a decisive, if not fatal (depends on how you look at it) influence on the outcome of the November elections. In early August, the Donald is far ahead in dislike to him of the potential electorate, and suddenly they Hillary caught up in the negative. Mogul and the developer lost its negative lead of about 60 plus or minus per cent are now both negative. It’s like that joke: “Well, I don’t like it”, but here is not like both of them.

Female card a bit!

What is most interesting is the trend: trump the number of deniers remains the same, while Clinton just one month increased by nearly ten percent. Even in the electoral strata on which it rests: among liberals, its popularity fell from 76 to 63 percent, among Latinos, from 71 to 55 percent, and even among same-sex with her voters — 54 percent to 45 percent.

But most recently, it was her gender a trump card — the first woman President, and now, judging by the polls, this factor has lost its appeal and stopped to galvanize women voters. In fact, if you follow this “female” logic, the main drawback of the trump that he’s not a woman, right? However, Hillary Clinton continues to show this battered map and speculative accuses those who doubt her as a future President that they deny the very right of a woman to this post. Woman to woman hatred! A shocking replica of the famous rapper about the availability of the uterus as lack of qualifications to be President, I have already cited, but here, put it in a new context. And that some kind of truth in this joke about the uterus, Yes? Sorry for the involuntary pun.

Not my rules, Pro-scientist to repeat truisms. Therefore I will not go into details and enumerate all reasons for the rapid growth of unpopularity of Hillary Clinton — business email (including secret) not protected from hackers home server when she was Secretary of state to questionable contributions from foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation, and nepotism corruption wing, if they will lobby for their interests. Not for the beautiful eyes Hillary they donate millions! Let the inscription on the popular trambouze chesotke Hillary for Prison — sound similar to the slogan of the Hillary for President. This is hyperbole and even a dirty trick. However, Hillary, live in Russia, it would long ago have been declared a foreign agent. Now imagine: a foreign agent is aiming for the presidency of the United States! What I love best about this story struck, so it is a promise to Hillary Clinton to stop accepting donations from foreigners, as soon as she becomes President. Why not right now, not immediately? No matter how fraera ruined by greed. With the loss of confidence reduces the chances of Hillary and bill Clinton in the White house.

October surprise?

Who can argue, there are many other factors that can affect the outcome of this unprecedented presidential election. Take the same political experience, the lack of which is rightly criticized Trump, but is it fair to put his presence in the merit of Hillary Clinton? Yes, and she relentlessly refers to his four-year job at the state Department. However, to boast of great achievements of our top diplomat is unlikely, but the failures are obvious. Superstar — Yes, but not superdupont, what were General Marshall, “the Marshall plan”), DULLES, Kissinger: some were not.

Those who sing her praises, mention her record-breaking travel indicators: four years as a Secretary she is almost a year spent in airplanes, flew a million miles, and it would be like to circumnavigate the globe 40 times! Quite a frog-traveler, and not the Secretary of state. However, those who, on the contrary, blaspheme her, point out that to achieve anything the Secretary can not in the sky and on earth, descending from the ladder. So, on the ground of continuous failure, the responsibility for which it must carry along with President Obama. Only one thoughtless support of the Arab spring eventually led to political chaos, civil war, power vacuum, and de-nationalisation in the middle East and to the problem of refugees which poured into Europe like the waters of the biblical flood. As they say, is worse than a crime — a mistake. Not to mention Benghazi, the murder of Americans in which Hillary Clinton is solely responsible. Yeah, nothing to brag about — her diplomatic experience of it is negative.

Is it because in the camp of the Clintons so afraid of October surprise and in plain text say that the Kremlin tries to disrupt the presidential elections in the United States. This threat, however, comes not from the Kremlin but from clintonites. October surprise is not excluded, it is possible and even probable — the type of compromising the publication of secret dispatches Hillary in mezhdunarodni acute problem, but it comes not from the Kremlin dreamer, and an Australian hermit, who for the fourth year in hiding in the Embassy of Ecuador in London: Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange. Another thing, as it will get these top secret documents? Tricky question. But without question, that the beneficiary of this hypothetical publication will not only trump, but Putin.

But that’s when it will be (if will be), though October is not far off. And on the nose — at the end of September — the first debate of the presidential candidates. And again, the task is a more difficult Democrat than a Republican: if Hillary is more or less predictable and calculable, even if there are, of course, some homemade, many-sided, like Proteus, Donald unpredictable at all. “I don’t know who I have to deal” — frankly admits Hillary. And the tramp knows what pranks will he pull off this debate, which can decide the outcome of presidential elections?

Aty-Baty, were debates…

New York.


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