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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Pentagon’s defense before the United States Senate for the “underdelivery” of lethal weapons to Ukraine

The House of representatives of the Congress of the United States of America unanimously supported the draft law H. R. 5094 “On support of stability and democracy in Ukraine.” In addition to the openly anti-Russian paragraphs and subparagraphs (banning recognition of States “annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation” and the preservation of American sanctions against Russia until full and unconditional fulfillment of the Minsk agreement) the document contains the fundamental solution for the supply of the post-Soviet Slavic Republic modern designs of lethal weapons.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

While Russian diplomacy is developing a strategy of action to prevent the entry into force of the document in the style of the sad memory of the cold war, overseas “hawks” in full work “in the right direction” members of the Upper house of Congress.

The intensity and aggressiveness of the opponents of the rate of GDP can be judged by yesterday’s report, prepared in the Senate of the Ukrainian edition of “voice of America”. Before the senators reported to the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter and General Joseph Dunford, who led a year ago the joint chiefs of staff.

Here is a little snippet of the hearings in which the tone is set by a member of the Senate Committee on arms James Inhof:

– Is the priority of our policy of containment of Russia in Europe?

Ashton Carter: – Absolutely! We quadrupled the funding of the “European initiative guaranteeing security.”

– Then why we do not provide Ukraine lethal weapons?

The issue stays on the agenda, he has a certain period of time is considered. Quickness of decision making depends on the Russians: that they will do in terms of following the Minsk agreements. I just met with his Ukrainian counterpart, he’s a lovely guy, he performs this work for a long time (we are talking about the General of the army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak – a bus). And he is a very loyal, easy to work with. And we discussed everything we were doing to them. We have training, we’ve moved from training National guard battalions to the regular army.

Inhof: I don’t want to be rude, Mr. Secretary, but my time is coming to an end. Refer to General Dunford. If we changed our policy, what type of weapons would be more suited to Ukraine? We have a “javelin”, armor-piercing weapons. You probably know that in our bill on this question. We therefore support the provision of Ukraine lethal weapons.

Joseph Dunford: the Critical shortage of weapons, some Ukrainians, includes systems of fire support, artillery, armor-piercing weapons.

Further Dunford has revealed some details of the development of a new Pentagon program for response to potential action of Russia: it is, they say, today is the greatest world threat.”

Dunford: When I look at Russian nuclear weapons, their cyber capabilities, when you look at the development of their weapons, their military operations (how often and in what areas of their operations) are actions that we haven’t seen in 20 years. When you look at Mr Putin’s actions in Crimea, in Ukraine, in Georgia, it gives me a reason to say that the combination of their behavior and the volume of weapons in some “hot zones” make them the greatest challenge for the United States and a potential threat to our national interests.

In the Pentagon believe that provide Ukraine with sufficient assistance.

We gave about $ 600 million to maintain security of Ukraine since the conflict began, we launched a very large and very successful training programme in Ukraine, to teach her the NG and VS, – reminded the Deputy assistant Secretary of defense Michael carpenter. – I think that assistance will have a lasting and significant impact on the reform of the defence industry and strengthen the combat capability of the Ukrainian armed forces.

… According to American observers, the chances of successful passage in the Senate of the draft law “On support of stability and democracy in Ukraine are very high.

In the case of the signing by Barack Obama of the act, H. R. 5094 the next US President will be obliged to adhere to the prescribed principles in this policy towards the Russian Federation.

Vice-President for research of the analytical center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington) Andrew Weiss, however, predicts “red tape” in the passage of the bill. “Signs that the Senate will immediately take up consideration of the bill, no”, – the expert said in Twitter.

As previously reported by “MK”, the document really needs to be considered by the U.S. Senate and at this point in the text can make a difference.

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