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Monday, October 24, 2016

FBI: Clinton almost came to a secret document

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton is “extremely careless” refers to secret data entrusted to her. This conclusion was made by the head of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi on the results of the investigation, writes ABC News. This is evidenced by the incident with secret documents in Russia, says the report of the FBI.

photo: youtube.com

So, Clinton, who worked at that time as Secretary of state, during a visit to Moscow forgot in the hotel room a folder with classified documents. It brought in the apartment the assistant to Clinton. The FBI noted that this folder was not supposed to be there. It was discovered in the room of the officer of the diplomatic protection after Clinton left the hotel.

The FBI investigated the situation about the use of Clinton’s personal e-mail for conducting a correspondence. After interrogation of witnesses from among her aides and staff of U.S. experts came to the conclusion that Clinton could not know that it comes secret information.

According to FBI documents, Clinton and her correspondents are aware that discussing sensitive issues, but was not sure whether it was a secret. For example, Clinton adviser Jacob Sullivan said about receiving an email from a state Department document about the expectations of military action by the DPRK. According to him, he concluded that time, the state Department decided to send the document by mail, so the sender had reason to assume that this can be done in unclassified form.

Also about Clinton reacted to the letter about the secret air strikes using drones. Aides to former Secretary of state has decided that it is a fait accompli, which became public knowledge and therefore known to declassify all the secret is not.

In September, the FBI announced that he would not press for the prosecution of Clinton in the case of correspondence. However, this incident is pretty complicated her campaign, becoming the argument to her opponents.


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