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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Exhibition of achievements of “United Russia”: Spring and Tolstoy approved Vice-speakers of the state Duma

At a joint meeting of the Supreme Council and the General Council of the party “United Russia” headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev officially stated its victory in the recent parliamentary elections and outlined how now to use it. Including the division of posts in the state Duma. The action took place in the iconic place among the fairy-tale palaces and fountains of the Soviet era.

photo: government.ru

Vyacheslav Volodin.

Victory in the election on 18 September will provide a “ER” unprecedented in scale in modern Russian history represented in the state Duma – 343 seats out of 450. Therefore, opening the meeting, the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev thanked one and all: and voters, supporters, and organizers of elections:

– This is a real victory which we can be proud of! But we did not come here to celebrate, and to determine how we will live further, to prove that those who voted for the “United Russia” has made the right choice.

– I understand that you’re all tired, ” he continued, referring to colleagues. “I feel that did a good job. But we have no right to relax: a constitutional majority in the State Duma is the highest responsibility. But the situation now is not simple: in the economy of complexity, incomes decreased due to objective reasons. In these circumstances, even amazing are the results. But our people still supported us. And this trust is worth a lot!

To justify it, said the LADIES, it is necessary to implement the electoral programme: “I was doing this programme and believe that it is right: we all should. And make no mistake: it will be guided by the government, because we have a party”.

The “sudden movements”, using a constitutional majority in the Duma, allowing you to push almost any government decision, the government will not do, promised Medvedev:

– I want to be able to state: any ill-conceived and not supported by the people sharp solutions, as proposed by some, will not! We pursue a balanced, informed decisions in Economics and social policy. All measures of social policy will continue at all levels of government. Our key political objective – the preservation of political stability in the country.

Party leader and Prime Minister in one person outlined, as will be further based party politics. Its main novelty, in addition to the primaries, as it turned out, would be the principle of “one person – One office”: the authoritative seats in the Duma will forbid to combine with the party.

– Everyone will have to define their priorities, because anyone who occupies a high position in the State Duma, does not always have the time needed for the work party leader – said the party and the LADIES. However, about whether or not to extend the new rule, and as Prime Minister, is not mentioned.

For dessert remained purely parliamentary business. The meeting of “ER” with a touch of voted for the creation of its parliamentary faction in the composition of the 343 deputies, including the single-seat districts, joined the independent candidate Vladislav Reznik.

For the position of head of the faction also smartly adopted its former head, Vladimir Vasilyev. And six of his deputies Andrei Isayev, plus five chapters of the intra-faction groups: Raisa Karmazin, Victor Kidjaeva, Nikolai Pankov, Viktor Pinsky and Adalbi Shagalieva.

To choose a speaker, of course, is itself the state Duma. However, from the “EP” collection officially encouraged to nominate for the post of Vyacheslav Volodin, previously recommended by Vladimir Putin.

Read the story “the Second after Putin: why Volodin was appointed speaker of the state Duma”.

Deputy speakers from among its members Volodin, whom no one doubts the sidelines of the meeting, on 5 October formally elected, will be not four, as in the last state Duma, and five: Alexander Zhukov, Vladimir Vasiliev, Sergei Neverov, TV presenter Peter Tolstoy and Irina Yarovaya. But the fate of the Duma committees and their heads at the session “EP” to investigate, instructing the newly appointed Neverova with Vasilyev to discuss this at the consultation with the other parliamentary parties. However, now no one doubts that, using his numerical advantage, “ER,” “will overcome the” Committee for the defense of Communists, and to lead it has already agreed a former commander of the airborne troops of Shamans.


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