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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Edmund Silva, Jr.: Extensive US military presence puts pressure on us

“We expect that other States would support the restoration of our independence. In particular, Russia has concluded with us the Treaty of friendship in 1869. I hope to meet with the leadership of your country to discuss the restoration of diplomatic relations and renewed the Treaty of friendship,” – said the newspaper VIEW Hawaiian politician Edmund Silva, Jr. He advocates the secession of Hawaii from the United States.

On Sunday in Moscow, scheduled for the second forum “Dialogue of Nations” – Congress politicians who stand for the right of peoples to self-determination. Representatives of national liberation movements from California, Texas, Puerto Rico, Ireland and other parts of the world. The first such forum was held in Moscow exactly a year ago.

“Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown by force of arms, including with the United States marine corps”

Expected at the forum, and the leader of the Hawaiian national liberation movement Edmund Silva, Jr., his supporters call him king of Hawaii. As you know, the monarchy in the Islands was overthrown by the U.S. in 1893, and arose the Republic annexed five years later. Since 1959 the Islands became a normal – 50-to – state in the USA. In 1993 Congress and President bill Clinton approved a resolution “apologizing” to the Hawaiians for the invasion of a century ago, and this move gave a new impetus to the national liberation movement. As the newspaper VIEW, in may the representatives of the indigenous Hawaiian peoples urged the UN to raise the issue of their right to self-determination and again accused Washington of “illegal annexation”.

Behind Silva Jr. is not a Royal life, he does not belong to the family of Queen Liliuokalani, the last Hawaiian monarch. The future monarch was a simple fisherman and a martial arts instructor, lived on the island of Oahu. But already in his youth he was actively involved in the national liberation struggle. The monarch chose him when Silva was already sitting in jail. Elected its elders, headed by a descendant of one of the last peers of Hawaii Sam Kalonas.

Silva was arrested and sentenced to 24 years on charges of stealing half a million dollars by fraud, but the trial of Kalona called “political conspiracy” – akin to the theft of Hawaii by the Americans. In the end, Silva spent half the time behind bars in a Federal prison in Colorado and was released on parole in 2005. According to Calhoun, the American authorities were afraid that he could mobilize people to fight for the restoration of the Kingdom.

About how he talked on the subject of the restoration of independence with the natives of the Hawaii – US President Barack Obama, and Edmund Silva, Jr. said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: a Number of American publications have written that you are in secret relations with China, even to discuss the supply of weapons there. To what extent is this true?

Edmund Silva, Jr.: Chinese ukulele “separatists” – fiction. The story began when a Chinese official allegedly expressed concern that the United States sent weapons to Taiwan. It was reported that this Chinese official asked rhetorically what will be the reaction of Washington if Beijing will start to arm the Hawaiian independence movement.

Based on this statement, which may not even sounded really conspiracy sites, however, fabricated a story that China is going to arm Hawaiian separatists. The Kingdom has no interest in obtaining weapons from foreign States, and, as far as I know, no state ever no weapon was offered.

The independence movement is non-violent, political. This movement was never of representatives, has called the use of force to achieve the goal. Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown by force of arms, including with the United States marine corps. She conceded the throne to avoid clashes between the armed forces and possibly save lives. Her noble example of non-violent resistance is a source of inspiration for us.

The Hawaiian Kingdom was a non-aligned state. The restored Kingdom is also non-aligned, we look forward to peaceful relations with all countries. Two main goals of the Kingdom – peace and reconciliation in the human family all over the world and the reconciliation of humanity with the rest of nature.

OPINION: What are the chances of revival of the monarchy in the near future?

E. C.: the restoration of the monarchy is a process. Been years as I have restored the monarchy. The restoration of the government and the establishment of full independence – of purpose, which we follow every day. Other countries that restored their independence, to seek agreement from the parties to the conflict, such as East Timor. At the time, Hawaii was listed in the UN list as non-self-governing territory. The Kingdom was to apply and the rules of the UN on decolonization. However, the United States has opposed.

We expect that other States would support the restoration of our independence. In particular, Russia has concluded with us the Treaty of friendship in 1869. I hope to meet with the leadership of your country to discuss the restoration of diplomatic relations and renewed the Treaty of friendship.

“The elders formed a government

LOOK: You just agreed to be king, when you were asked?

E. S.: Sam Kaluna, a descendant of the last member of the house of peers of the realm, and other elders formed the government, issued a Declaration and adopted a Constitution. The next step was to choose the king.

In the tradition of Hawaiian civilization one of the key criteria for the selection of the monarch was genealogy. Sam Kaluna studied the genealogies of the different candidates and settled on my candidacy. At a time when the choice fell on me, I was in a U.S. prison as a political prisoner. At first I rejected the request because the verdict had many years to sit. But Kalona convinced me to agree. So I was chosen to be king.

That choice is reasonably made, and confirmed my work we have conducted since then. It is the adoption of the Declaration of independence, restoring the Kingdom to its rightful place as a sovereign state.

Prepared strategy and plan for the development of the Kingdom (available on the official website). This plan restored the Kingdom will move toward self-sufficiency, resiliency, and restore Hawaiian civilization. It also contains our responses to many issues faced by Hawaiians, such as the restoration of the right to profess the ancient faith, the elimination of environmental damage caused by the occupation of the civilization, development of education and health and many others.

“The US military presence puts pressure on us”

OPINION: don’t be Hawaii American, how they would look?

E. S.: Foreigners unable to recognize the subtle primordial civilization of the Islands. Created more than a thousand years ago in Oceania, this civilization has contained a large population in a limited environment of the island.

Hawaiians have achieved a stable growth through the adoption of kanawai – set of rules governing people’s behavior. These rules were developed over many centuries. For example, kanawai prohibits catching certain kinds of fish during the spawning season to ensure that fish next seven generations. Kanawai also regulates how to care for a garden on the ground – again with the obligation to feed seven generations.

Aliens was only pointing out the incredible purity of the island civilization, but did not understand the essence of philosophy. Social practices of the Hawaiians created a family system in which knowledge was transmitted from one generation to another. For example, the Hawaiians had hundreds of names for different shapes of ocean waves.

Foreigners began with the destruction of religion, culture, language, social systems, landscapes, and all other fundamentals of Hawaiian civilization, it can be legally called an attempt of genocide. Today the Hawaiians have the worst statistics for health. Imports of almost all food consumed here, but if there are shortages in shipping, we’re running out of food for three to four days. Extensive US military presence puts pressure on us and pollute the environment. Ecosystems are collapsing. Hawaii’s endangered species, more than anywhere else on the planet.

The Kingdom is going to do everything in his power to restore the health of the Hawaiians, both mental and physical, and to restore a civilization in harmony with the laws of nature.

In addition, the great controversy turned around the plans to build a huge 30-meter telescope on sacred mountain of Mauna Kea. From the point of view of our faith the mountain is a sacred place, and the surface is cut up already 13 telescopes, despite all attempts by Hawaiians to stop such desecration. Against the latest telescope to protest with 1000 people, they blocked the road to the construction site, but people were arrested. The Hawaiian Supreme court overturned a permit for the construction of the telescope. But now listen to a new case with the goal again to provide permission.

OPINION: the fact that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, does his policy?

E. S.: I talked with President Obama in an attempt to establish a dialogue that can lead to the process of liberation of Hawaii. However, the President replied that he was not ready to support our release. He knows the history and the legitimate demands of the Hawaiians. But he just doesn’t want to challenge the status quo.

The fact that the US government is considering Hawaii as a place for stationing its armed forces in the Pacific, remains a major obstacle for the consideration of our independence.



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