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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Donald trump has split the Republican party

Former rival Donald trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz had earlier broken its word, refusing to support an eccentric billionaire in the election. But now he changed his mind and urged to vote for trump, as he foresees from the presidency Clinton monstrous and irreparable to the country effects. However, experts note that the US elites will do anything that the President has been Clinton.

A former contender for the presidential nomination of the US Republican party Senator from Texas Ted Cruz (“number two” in the candidate’s race and a fierce critic of the “number one” – Donald trump), announced that the election would support his former opponent, as long as the power does not come to Hillary Clinton. In response to the official Twitter trump was reported, in which the support of the crews was called a “wonderful surprise.” “I appreciate the support! We will have an impressive victory (in the presidential election of 8 November,” – said trump. Note that in the case of Cruz, we are not talking about the traditional support for “their” candidate. It is significant that another prominent Republican, former President George W. Bush said that the November elections will vote for Hillary Clinton.

“After conversations with his own conscience”

“Hillary support not only in the leadership of her own party, but also the establishment of the party, which has officially is a candidate trump”

In his address, Senator Cruz said that despite serious disagreements with trump, the nomination of Clinton for his “completely unacceptable”, and he therefore supported the movement #NeverHillary (the name can be translated as “Hillary – no way!”). “Our country is in crisis. Hillary Clinton is clearly not appropriate for the office of President, and its policy would harm millions of Americans. Donald trump is the only one who stands in her way,” explained the Senator of your choice.

“After many months of careful study, prayer and conversations with his own conscience, I decided that on election day I will vote for the Republican candidate Donald trump,” concluded Cruz. However, a former opponent of trump’s for the battle in the primaries should not be trusted one hundred percent.

Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has already promised to support the candidacy of Donald trump at the Republican national Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The Senator gave a long time in Prime time at the Convention, during his speech, he refused to support trump,” he recalled in conversation with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, expert on U.S. Victor Olevich. – The situation is so beyond decency, beyond the record that Ted Cruz and his wife (who was in the audience) was booed, wife of the Senator was taken from the courtroom”.

“It was a very unpleasant moment, including for the election campaign trump. Trump spoke rather sharply about it,” recalls the source.

As noted, the case of Cruz, who promised at the beginning of the presidential race to back the winner of the primaries, and suddenly refused to do it – not typical of American policy and once again demonstrated the contradictions that persist within the Republican party. But why is Cruz in the end he changed his mind?

“The fact that, first, he won’t after the election, to be among those who will be to blame for losing the trump, doesn’t want to put their reputation at risk”, – considers Olevich. The behavior of the former “number two”, the expert sees some attempt to play both sides.”

“On the one hand to provide strong support for Trump, the one that was expected, on the other – to Express formal support, which will eliminate the talk about the fact that he is responsible, say, for the defeat trump the election in November”, – the expert believes.

The relative superiority

The failure of trump at the election is as likely as his victory – according to the results of sociological research. The survey, conducted September 16-22, Reuters and Ipsos, showed that on the eve of a candidate debate scheduled for Monday, Clinton is ahead of trump in terms of popularity. According to the survey, 41% of potential voters would support Clinton and only 37 percent of trump.

According to other polls, the gap between Hillary from his opponent even less. According to Fox News, the choice of the four registered candidates for Clinton are going to vote 41% for trump’s 40% for libertarian Gary Johnson 8%, and for the candidate from the green Party, Jill Stein is only 3%. While trump is leading in the doubles confrontation with Clinton: 46% are ready to vote for him and 45% for his opponent.

Note that the former Secretary of state a high rating, despite the serious health problems and financial scandal involving a close friend and the sponsor of the campaign, Clinton – billionaire Warren Buffett. And despite the regular “greetings from the past” – the message that Hillary as Secretary of state forgot a classified document during a visit to Russia.

It was noted earlier that the two main candidates – Clinton and trump have a very high rating, so increases the importance of candidates from third parties – traditional “no-go”, but affecting the distribution of votes. Libertarians can ruin statistics Trump and Clinton need to worry about the green Party.

“Clinton – the candidate of the status quo”

Trump in his speeches during the election campaign making promises to radically change how domestic policy of the United States, their economic policies, and foreign policy, said the americanist Victor Olevich.

“Of course, it’s not like and may not like all those who used to live on the current rules. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, of course, is the candidate of the status quo. Even unlike Barack Obama 8 years ago (when he first ran for President), in contrast to her husband, bill Clinton, who ran in the early 1990s, even in contrast to George Bush, it does not offer virtually no reforms,” said Olevich.

From Clinton, in fact, no program, says the source. “The democratic candidate says that will be the first woman President, referred to the merits of her husband in the 90-ies, when the United States experienced a period of economic recovery and foreign policy success, and trying to discredit Donald trump,” explains Olevich. In fact, it offers only maintaining the status quo, which is good enough for the American elite – both political and economic, including foreign policy establishment.

As noted Olevich, the elite uses the mass media (print media, online publications, news channels) in order to push opinion: Hillary Clinton is the only adequate and worthy presidential candidate, Donald trump is supposedly radical, which is not worthy of the presidency, which could plunge the United States into some unprecedented scandals, create problems for America and Americans. “Trump vilified as a racist, as intolerant of a person as an enemy of national minorities – Hispanics, blacks, Muslims and other groups,” recalls the source. Of course, the constant propaganda that is heard from most American media, has the effect.

“It is important to emphasize that Hillary’s support not only in the leadership of her own party, not just Democrats, but also the leadership of the party, which officially is a candidate trump is the Republican party. One of the key financiers – the Koch brothers, who have always supported the Republican party, Charles recently expressed the spirit of what is ready to endorse Clinton and will not support the candidacy of Donald trump. We could mention other important figures,” notes Olevich. These people and these structures doing everything to convince the American voter to vote for Clinton.

“This is reflected in public opinion polls, it affects people, it affects the voters, who thus perceive the race,” he concluded.


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