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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Who’s allowed to swear?

What I want to speculate after the election? Perhaps the mystery of Pushkin’s silence, or rather, the mystery of the people’s bezmolvstvuet displayed by Alexander Sergeyevich in his little tragedy, “Boris Godunov”. It’s time to solve the famous remark of the play: “People are silent”. I’m 18 September it became absolutely clear why the electorate in long days and our current typed into the mouth water. If Pushkin had lived until this day, his “little tragedy” would be even shorter. Here’s how it would look:

Ruler. Don’t you dare use bad words! Shame on you! After all, you are law-abiding representatives of a great nation! And so undignified your keep. This is how not to respect themselves! To descend to obscene levels! Around children and strangers to the polls voters!

The people are silent.

Ruler. It is possible, you can swear. I allow you to.

People animatedly talking. And how loud!

photo: Alex geldings


After the relatively recent decision to ban swearing on the streets of towns and villages spilled oceans of drink sophisticated abuse. If document, people somehow constrained and shyly hid their knowledge in this not so vast area, after the decree, apparently, in spite of officiall began to flaunt the whole set of known swear words — especially, of course, the vulgar properties.

Here is a charming looking girl near ugly boy, it is possible to admire, until things get closer, reach arm’s length, you hear: “Buy-b., vodka-b., the most-used., cheap.” A modest young man Teet of timidity and shyness and picks up: “yeah-b., the most-used., singed-b., to-b. to go blind…”

Trial balloon

Well, so is it possible to swear (of course, not so shameless, as outlined above couple) or not? Mean — not in private conversations and in books, movies, plays and song hits? And who can and who can not? In his campaign leaflet one candidate without beating about the Bush sent the appeal against the cranks with the letter “M”. And it was not raised, not subjected to ostracism. Like the President said — not in connection with the agitation, and in the philosophical sense: Yes, in some justified cases it is permissible otdelitsa hard. But not specified: cancelled if the penalty for use of profanity. But this is in today’s straitened material circumstances, the main thing will be to penalize and judge or pity? Therefore, in order to tip the scales in favor of justified used the Mat, I want to sing the praises few energetic expressions, without which rarely (and few) costs in certain moments of life, and see what this trial balloon will be cast — suddenly outlaws and final Amnesty, i.e. permission to send everyone to hell — those and those magic organs, the coveted titles of which consist of a very small number of letters, any known from the cradle.

By the way, is not a coincidence if the word “Mat” has only three letters? The analogy is obvious.


A contemporary recalled the first time I saw the great poet:

“We talked until the French and Olsufiev, speaking in French, introduced me to the newcomer. After exchanging with me a few cursory phrases, he sat down with us to dinner. When choosing savory meat and appeal to the servants he used expressions that are in Vogue among many, not to say all Russians, but which in the mouth of this visitor — it was Mikhail Lermontov — unpleasantly surprised me. These expressions are a foreigner learns first of all to understand in Russian because he hears them everywhere and incessantly; but no decent person — with the exception of Greek or Turk, from whom, in the course of just exactly such expressions, — will not dare to write them translated into your native language,” confessed FR. Bodenstedt, in the afterword to his translation of Lermontov’s poems.

An amazing testimony!

In fact, why izyaslavichi brilliant on paper, the poet and novelist so vile spoken in the home? Shocked interlocutors? Boasted knowledge of vernacular language society? Honed sophistication secular expressions, playing on the contrast with the foul language? Or wound up, inspired, themselves, energized amazing words from time to time subject to fierce censorship persecution? In such a conjecture probably is the truth: we feel freer and stronger when cast by taboos, reject the bans. Language, by its very nature freedom-loving and free, not tolerate the restrictive, conservative attitude and seeks to draw strength from the eternal, beyond the destructive influence of time nezyblemosti.

By the way, Ivan Krylov, in his famous fable, a straw, saying, you see not in the eye…

Why are we high and mighty?

Russian language, no doubt, great and powerful. (This is stated not only Turgenev.) Is it because along with vysokoparnym may suddenly precipitate and chestnut sobering curse. Barkov, Aleksander Pushkin, the great princes of the Romanov dynasty did not avoid these words that are not considered shameful to use them in their writings and oral escapades).

Really nice and educated people, the luminaries of his time (and future times), could not do without a mate? Well, life is still here and there, it is forgivable, hot MOT may slip involuntarily. In prose and poetry, when I have time to think, edit, find a more polite parliamentary turnover is a synonym? But Solzhenitsyn “One day of Ivan Denisovich” uses the famous “phew”, and Vasily Aksyonov wrote obscene words backwards (it was possible to inscribe not an anagram, and not gibberish, but the author stubbornly clinging to the original, for Canon), and John Updike in translation (well, I translated something, but still made in the Soviet Puritan times, without dirty vulgar swearing?!) directly reproduces a word beginning with the second letter of the Russian alphabet. Why not rewrite well, not to make readers “beautiful”?

It seems that such a powerful energy inherent in them words such expressive expressions a sin not to get to work for the benefit of the text. They — like the nuclear power plant — from a minimum of raw materials (three or five, let me remind you of the letters!) they produce as much light and heat, according to others words and actions of this intensity, shed a flood of illumination that no cumbersome hydroplaine they will not compete and can not be compared.

Expressive word brings participants in the episode (named in the novel, Updike) to such a state that a woman vyzyvaet Pirogovskaya the man a slap in the face. Don’t be such a high intensity of emotions, the lady calmly replied would some average half-decent curse.

From personal experience

A few months, the workers can’t repair mine who came to an emergency condition of the balcony. Everyone is busy with the transformation of the General appearance of the capital (when there are global problems, not to particulars, not to small requests of individual citizens). A statement written by me long ago and lies at the housing maintenance office. Apparently, it contained too smooth, sugary, too pricesno. You need to go to this office, to say a few kind, you know what, and it breaks free. But, according to the law on the rules of decency in a society where all mothers, I these words can not say, otherwise will be punished. (Interestingly it turns out: those not working and not fulfilling their duties, for doing nothing are not punished, and those who are true slackers will reproach, suffer the penalty.)

I remember from my childhood: my father, the actor returned home from the theater inspired. Rehearsing a play about the war, in one scene, the commander raised the fighters in the attack. The author of the play instructed the commander to say a few words, and among them one is forbidden to say under any circumstances in Soviet times, the scene was not allowed. But the Director came up with: put the actor in profile to the audience, and the articulating, this is the word Nemo had spoken. Not spoken, but spoken! This Director’s discovery my father was very happy.

Funny courage? However sermyaga it through: why spend millions of “tons of verbal ore”, if you can briefly Express everything, that will take precious minutes of theatrical activity and that only raspolic, stretch energetic call? Of course, the commander could say: “For the Motherland! For Stalin! For the future, for communism!” But all this passed before one single word.

Fuck mate from the life — seize is non-trivial (although it may seem like a stencil) paint of life. Looks like a hypothetical withdrawal from the seven notes of a random selection, the most worthless. Of the seven colors of the spectrum — the unused. Well, let’s withdrawing from the literature of Ivan Barkov, and rhymes — their main component. Of life — the everyday jargon. What will be left? In the words of Alexander Galich: “Salt unscented”.


We once again hauled by the scruff to a higher stage of culture. I remember a lot of similar experiences — not least the anti-alcohol campaign and the attempt to eradicate religion.

Blasphemous comparison? But I’m just saying that artificially and forcibly civilizovani and “improve” anyone, and never fails. In world history such encroachments are a dime a dozen. Yes, and we have: from capitalism to socialism. Of the petty bourgeoisie in the advanced production.

What is invented and put into people antimateriya the law? So we can “civilized” to evaluate the work of the newly elected Duma? Tired of the government? The President? But all we have in the country is excellent. The economy is good. In the social sphere — good. (Not to use another, you know, what’s the word.) But the culture problem. This is the main our problem. If dust from the Russian language obscene — there will come another era. Courteous, vertoletnaya Paradise. Let’s build a perfect society, where nobody will be rude, everyone will be polite and courteous. In addition to sink two ships with prostitutes, and will send the third ship of philosophers, which is not pleasing to the regime. Shoot enemies of the people. And after that we are waiting for a true Paradise.

Alas! Life develops according to other laws than we imposed and the guideline.

In Soviet times, the Mat was a reaction to the pompous phraseology of the party. From the stands, said one thing and life was another, opposite, but to contradict the official hypocrisy was impossible. But at home and in the literature (Benedict Erofeev’s “Moscow—Petushki” and Eduard Limonov and his “It’s me, Eddie!”) the dissenters were engaged in a controversy with the Treasury impenetrable trepologiey.

In General: better to call a spade a spade. Straightness is more fruitful of euphemisms. Bigotry and censorship — two of a kind. In a narrow circle of people who make stands for clean speech, using those words, koi forbidden to speak to others in fear of fines.

“Live as life”, — said about the Russian language Roots Chukovsky. Of life is not to banish life. Especially not to uproot a well-established, is imbued with the intent and spirit of the people of tradition.


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