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Thursday, March 22, 2018

What is the meaning of Antinomies: motorists shocked by award

At Harvard University (USA, Massachusetts) in the 26 th time handed the IG Nobel prize (Ig Nobel Prize, or Antinovel) – awards for the most ridiculous and absurd research. Among the winners this time were the British, imitating animals, Egyptian, set of cowards the influence of different materials on the sexual life of rodents, the authors of the sociological survey among the liars on the subject of lies and the well-known German carmaker Volkswagen for the manipulation tests for contamination.

Egyptian urologist Ahmed Shafiq won the prize in the field of reproduction posthumously. It was devoted to how cloth underwear affects sex life… rat males. He has created a special underwear for rodents. Some were from one hundred percent polyester, the other was half polyester, half cotton. A scientist was purely woolen and cotton goods. It turned out that those males who wore polyester underpants, “significantly reduced” sexual activity (about 87%). Shafik suggested that this is due to the electrostatic charges generated by the material, writes The Guardian.

“Biological” the award has found two researchers from the UK (for their absurd work of British scientists have long become a byword) – Thomas Thwaites, who created a special prosthesis that allowed him to move like a mountain goat, and Charles foster, who tried to live like a badger, otter, Fox and deer. If the first few days spent in a herd of Alpine goats, the second is eaten by worms, digging holes and even sniffed of mice voles. Both the British published books about his adventures.

The coalition of scientists from USA, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands received the award in the field of psychology. The researchers conducted a survey among thousands of potential liars of different ages about how often they lied during the day. It turned out that the best liars were the young people. At the same time, the authors of the survey could not answer with certainty how truthful their scientific work.

Related to this topic raised by scientists from Canada and the United States, who won the IG Nobel peace prize. The main issues of their work are: “able to distinguish between blatant nonsense? Who is likely to become a victim of delusion, and why?” Students from the University of Waterloo proposed to evaluate the thoroughness of the real and pseudo-scientific, but delusional statements on a scale from 1 to 5. It turned out that the most susceptible to delirium were those students who, oddly enough, believe in paranormal phenomena, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.

In Economics Shnobelem won three scientists from New Zealand and Britain, who investigated the personal characteristics of rocks. “Medical” the award has found the German scientists, who found that in case of itching on the left side of your body you can look in the mirror and scratch the opposite place to the right to reduce itching. Antinomies in physics was awarded to the scientists from Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, who discovered that white horses attract fewer flies and that black gravestones attract dragonflies. And the prize for literature went to Swedish author Fredrik Soberg, who wrote a trilogy about the life of insects.

Prize in chemistry was the most unexpected, writes The Guardian. It was conquered by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW), which in 2015, the US government was accused of manipulating the results of tests for the presence of harmful substances in exhaust gases of diesel engines.


Alexey BATUSHENKO browser portal Avtosklad”:

– As in any joke, in the “IG Nobel prize” for VW for its “deselect” is only a joke share. In the subtext of the event – a statement of fact that “the ecology of evil” of the final victory of common sense in the world of cars. Recall that the German company was caught underestimation of emissions their cars in favor of American environmental requirements with the help of special programs of motor control. The scandal touched 11 500 000 VW cars worldwide and will cost the company at least a couple of tens of billions of dollars. In fact, the organizers of the Ig Nobel Prize should be awarded to German concern prize for the invention of “401-wow, a relatively fair way to” work on the market. However, such a prize you can calmly hand over the majority of avtoproizvodstva in the United States and Europe, seeking ever more creative ways to satisfy the environmental lobby.


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