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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The purpose of a “real scout” Naryshkin in the RAF was forced to recall his past

“You did a very good job on the post of the Chairman of the State Duma”, – at a time when the 22 September, President Putin said these words to speaker Naryshkin, sending him to a foreign intelligence Service in the building at Okhotny Ryad still didn’t want to believe leaked a couple of hours prior to the rumors that “Naryshkin goes”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Sergey Naryshkin

“Can’t be! Yes, he was worried after the appearance of a summer of rumors that it might after the election to take Volodin, but on Monday went to the President, and in conversations with the leadership of the factions behaved like they were given carte Blanche! He is every day meetings and consultations with the leaders performed!” – so reacted is not the last in the hierarchy of the Duma people questions about, “what goes?”.

“He said that the mandate is not going to abandon!” – trying to cling to something other. For what then, pray tell, Itachi went to the elections on one-mandatory district of Kingisepp in the Leningrad region, and all summer he cut ribbons, gave interviews, shook hands and participated in the debate? Now in his district will have to hold new elections…

But more informed in response to the puzzled questions only sadly smiled.

When in December 2011 after the parliamentary elections, the former two consecutive convocation speaker Boris Gryzlov at the behest of the President left the Duma, that was quiet a fall tree with colorful autumn leaf. Well, Yes. Left. Interesting… Attitude to care Naryshkin more personal: many Okhotny Ryad “sorry”.

It would seem, why? Sergei Naryshkin came to Parliament from the post of head of the presidential administration. Before that was the head of the government apparatus. Public policy to Council did not know at all.

Sergei Naryshkin, as Boris Gryzlov, was and remains a member of the team of President Putin. The President instructed to work in a thought – went to the Duma. Instructed to go left…

Sergey Naryshkin has always done what was needed. He voted for laws that part of society called “draconian”, it was accepted that these laws are passed sometimes through the Duma “with a whistle”, without discussion. His behavior in the voting was no different from the behavior of the majority United Russia. Among 29 bills signed by him – and the one which created the registry of NCOs-“foreign agents”, and the one that banned the adoption of Russian detach in the United States, and those that ensured the postponement of the elections Duma from December to September 2016…

According to polls by the Levada center shows that the work of the Council in early 2012 approved 37% of Russians. After a rise (51% approval!) in the spring of 2014, when the deputies voted for accession of Crimea to Russia, Mr. Naryshkin has always been called the main historical result of the work of the Parliament of the sixth convocation, the index gradually decreased, returning by August 2016 to all the same 37%. Worse than the government of Dmitry Medvedev!

But… for some reason, when 4.5 years ago, Vladimir Putin suggested that the Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, the leader of the Communist party advised him not to follow the example of its predecessor. And Vyacheslav Volodin – advised. And there is a suspicion that if now Vladimir Putin has decided that the speaker should not be changed, Naryshkin would give voice to all factions. Yes, he was implementing the will of the Kremlin, but as mentioned in the famous sketch of Arkady Raikin, “softer, finer, more delicate”. Calm, with a pleasant voice, always ready to smile… As if detached from “ER” (and in the party-is not entered immediately). Frozen when Gryzlov bureaucratic leadership style and attitude of the deputies and journalists were grateful for what is called “human relationships”.

The original form of the Duma team-building steel Duma Christmas skits in the plenary hall, which the speaker invariably performed a duet with Opera diva Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs. Sang a pleasant baritone, from year to year, holding on stage all confident…

December 21, 2011, at the height of the protest movement, at the election of Mr. Naryshkin to the post of speaker voted for him only “United Russia”. He, for the first time speaking to MPs, said the words many were waiting for: “My firm conviction is that, indeed, the Parliament is a place for the most serious and the most specific discussion. “Crimean consensus” after 2014, made a rare disjointed voting on fundamental political issues. And discussion the majority of deputies were simply not needed – what if the affect really anything impossible?

Inexperienced man who once admitted that one of the strongest impressions of life was the buzzing seems from the courtroom front of your eyes, which you hold, was at first very difficult. He didn’t know the intricacies of the rules. Forgot that talking to the side when the microphone is not necessary, and in February 2012 in the midst of a scandal that almost ended with him hitting me, from the Presidium came the confused “your mother”…

By the end of the convocation Naryshkin felt at the podium like a fish to water and very rarely conceded the Vice-speaker the conduct the plenary sessions. As soon as he returned from a business trip, he directly from aroport went to the Duma and took over the reins in the hall.

And travel were many: the speaker flew around the world, establishing inter-parliamentary contacts. After Crimea came under sanctions of the EU and the US, and took it as a personal insult. Lately it is less interested in domestic problems, and more he spoke publicly about the machinations of American imperialism, which crushes under her unfortunate Europe and trying to hurt our country…

And Mr. Naryshkin, head of the Russian historical society, and is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Higher Russian swimming Federation…

At the last plenary meeting of the sixth Duma on 24 June 2016, he admitted that “five years” were “the best” in his professional career.”

He seems to really like to work in the Duma. He got a taste for public policy. But “Your offer is regarded as the instruction of the head of state, Supreme commander” – was all he said in response to the President, sending him out of the spotlight, from the state Duma of the nest, from skits and discussions with academics in the closed structure of the Russian government – the SVR. Guide Russian “00 agents”.

Not someone else’s structure for them, Yes: in the late 70’s – early 80-ies, after graduation he, according to information that has never been refuted, studied in the 101st school of the First chief Directorate of the KGB (currently the Academy of foreign intelligence). And since 1988, for several years worked in the USSR Embassy in Belgium.

Folding as a mosaic of experience, you can come to the conclusion that to leave the Duma he wanted, but that the fate of no escape, he knew.

If this deceptive impression – so the speaker is very well encrypted.

Real, then scout.


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