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Monday, October 24, 2016

The posted video of the fights of members of Parliament in the building of the channel

Ukrainian MPs Oleksandr Vilkul, former regions, and now the representative of the Opposition bloc and Volodymyr Parasyuk-activist of the “Euromedia” and the commander of 4 companies of a battalion “Dnepr” staged a fight after the recording of the evening broadcast on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. Naturally, all the events caught on camera.

photo: youtube.com

As reported in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, a skirmish between members holding opposing views on Ukrainian politics, came during the recording of “Evening Prime”. After the end of the broadcast Parasyuk tried to break into the room where this was Vilkul.

Walk into a room Parasyuk could not, but from their bratersky plans are not abandoned, they waited when Vikul left the room and started a fight. The situation had to intervene to security.

Deputies stopped the fight, but the conflict flared up again already in the Parking lot. There Parasyuk had an altercation with the driver of the administration, trying to pick up the car for the ATO. After that Parasyuk clashed with one of the guards of the administration.

He Parasyuk later stated that it came to the twins, who now are left in the car Vilkul “many messages”.

He also accused the administration that the “wool”, “agent of the Kremlin”, and his car is bought for the stolen money in Krivoy Rog”.

Parasyuk also suggested the administration to “eliminate, to deport, to no trace, and his acts were not here”.

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