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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank has undertaken a new reform of pensions

The government wishes to “not shared” pensions. At this time, disputes broke out at a Moscow financial forum. As reported, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, his Ministry together with the Central Bank is developing a voluntary system of pension accumulation for the population. According to her, the Russians will be able to decide what percentage of their wages they will postpone retirement.

If necessary, citizens will be able to use the money before retirement. It is expected that this system will work in 2018. But Deputy economic development Minister Oleg Fomichev doubt its success. According to him, Russians are unlikely to support the idea of voluntary pension savings.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

No sooner had the Russians to deal with pension reform 2013-2015, as the government prepares the new rules of the game. So, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank develop a voluntary system of savings for citizens.

Recall, now 22% of insurance premiums from payroll (which is broken down as 6% to the savings component and 16% for insurance) is paid by the employer. But as you know, the funded component of pensions are frozen every year from 2014. That is, the contributions of employers for employees who chose the funded part of pensions, is now fully go to the part of the distribution. This allowed the authorities to save part of the budget in the transfer to the Pension Fund.

However, the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank have an alternative proposal to replace the mandatory funded part of the pension an individual pension capital (PKI).

Apparently, the cumulative part of the pension actually eliminate and include it in the insurance part. That is, the insured share will be 22%. To provide current retirees with payment in full. However, the government and the Central Bank are concerned that future veterans would receive a pension, which would have been enough for a decent life in old age, as in the West.

Therefore the following scheme. The Russians may be allowed to voluntarily deduct any percentage of his salary from 1% to 50% of salary for the future life.

Automatically the system will get the Russians who are just beginning to work, and those who are younger the age of retirement. Other categories of citizens will be required to write a statement.

Means COE will be placed in the non-state pension funds (NPF). And for those who are just entering into the employment relationship, the Fund will be selected automatically from the list of pension funds, which are included in the insurance system. You will make a choice computer.

Those who made a choice in favor of a particular NPF can continue to use its services. But if you wish, have the right to change the accumulated amount at the IPK from the previous Fund will go to the new one.

For the citizens who have funded part of the Pension Fund, will be a transitional period. For them the contribution rate will increase annually by 1% from 0% to 6%. But in the first year of the new system a citizen who makes contributions to the pension Fund, pays nothing, but the following year the size of its contributions to the pension will increase by 1%. And so on to 6%. The employee may at any time fix or change the size of the contribution.

Provides for the so-called “vacation” — the suspension of payment of contributions. This can be done at any time and an unlimited number of times. However, for a period not exceeding 5 years. If “vacation” would not be renewed, at the end, contributions will automatically resume.

In addition, a member of the PKI system can use when urgent need a part and the whole amount of savings before retirement.

According to Anton Siluanov, in this and next year, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank will consider and discuss the new voluntary system of savings for citizens. This fall they plan to submit it to the government. And in 2018 to run.

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, in turn, said that the government will not be able to provide a decent pension currently working people in the long term without the voluntary pension savings.

However, the MAYOR fear that the project of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank has not justified itself. “There is such a model — with the entry of default in and with the release of the statement — that is, it is voluntary, not mandatory, in the hope that all will write and someone will come. But if we are to fully freeze pension savings, or will translate them to the insurance part of forever, I’m afraid that incentives citizens to enter into a new system, especially in voluntary, will be even less,” said Deputy MAYOR Oleg Fomichev.

Pension reform. Chronicle of events

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