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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“Supporting Ukraine” American the bill useless for Kiev

The Ukrainian leadership rejoices rapidly adopted by the house of representatives of the United States Congress the bill that supposedly “endorses supply Ukraine with lethal weapons”. However, if the reading in the text of the document, it appears that Congress had provided to Kiev for no more than moral support. For implementation prescribed in the bill for five years… allocated $ 1 million.

The house of representatives of the United States Congress has approved the bill “On stability and democracy in Ukraine”, which implies the strengthening of sanctions against Russia, said on Thursday TASS.

“For one million dollars in five years, we can only several times to go to the US for a conference and pay for hotel”

Act No. 5094 supported by both parties, and made his Congressman Eliot Engel (Democrat, new York). In an accompanying note says that it strengthens the sanctions against Russia “is helping Ukraine’s transition to democracy” and requires the state Department to “develop a strategy aimed at countering Russian disinformation and propaganda.

The project, in particular, forbids government to take any measures or provide assistance,” which would imply “the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, its airspace or territorial waters.” As possible measures, from the point of view of authors, may make the US administration, referred to and supply of Ukraine the “lethal defensive weapons”. However, this provision is recommendatory in nature.

The act added to the total bill on the Federal budget, which will now consider the upper house – the Senate. However, even the authors of the law apparently don’t think the point about the supply of weapons serious. It indirectly specifies the explanatory note control Congress’s budget, according to which implementation is included in the bill measures will cost the American government just $ 1 million, and even this funding will be extended for five years from 2017 to 2021. And then only if funds are found.

“For one million dollars in five years, we can only several times to go to the US for a conference and pay for a hotel,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Colonel-General, head of the Ukrainian Center for the exchange of prisoners Vladimir Ruban. As for the substance of the project, it lethal “defensive weapons” reminded the Ukrainian General, does not happen, and added that in recent years, the world increasingly being a new kind of war hybrid. “And these amounts as on the part of Russia, and the US absolutely will not be recorded in the budget. And not a million and several billion. So do not pay attention to this bill. In fact, the supply of weapons to Ukraine will not be reflected in the budget of the United States,” – said Ruban, adding that Russia and the United States are now trying to find a compromise, and that means Americans are unlikely to make your budget in such a controversial article.

Met “a great guy”

However, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in his Facebook welcomed the bill 5094. Despite public criticism of Kiev, that on the eve allowed herself his guardian – Vice-President Biden, Poroshenko said that the US “continues to support” Ukraine. “And it is equally important that in the support tools included Ukraine lethal defensive weapons systems. Thank you to our partners for their support!” – wrote the President.

Several hours later, after the adoption of the law the Minister of defence Ashton Carter at the hearings in the Senate stated that the United States still does not rule out military assistance to Ukraine. “It all depends on how Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement”, – quotes its RIA “news” (although, recall, side of the Minsk agreements, Russia is not and should not do anything). Carter recalled that “a couple of weeks ago, met with his Ukrainian counterpart, who was called” a great guy”. “We discussed all of our actions,” he said.

The Russian Lieutenant General of reserve, Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada RAS, the head of Fund of support of military reform Pavel Zolotarev also believes the bill is nothing more than PR.

“Regulations on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine is a recommendation. Besides, not the fact that the bill ultimately will approve of the Senate. Especially in the context of the fact that States begin to more critically evaluate the current leadership of Ukraine and its policy”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW. However, according to him, sanctions against Russia over Crimea, the US in the near future are not going to cancel. “Another thing is that, after a certain time accept partial solutions, reducing the sanctions to zero. Also, this bill, if adopted, still has a purely symbolic character”, – the expert believes.

Engel likened the Baltic States, Crimea

As UNIAN reported earlier, the act was introduced in April of this year, and in July received in the chamber support at the Committee level. As reported by Eliot Engel, the project aims to support the right of Ukraine to self-defence and should promote the return of Crimea. According to the Congressman, the United States should treat the Crimea the same way as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose accession to the Union Washington did not recognize the 50 years. The document limits the sale to Russia of military equipment or technologies from NATO countries and aims to prevent human rights violations in the “occupied territories”. “We need to tell the people of Ukraine that we support him”, – demanded the Engel.

However, in may the state Department admitted that the bill he doesn’t like, because it constrained the ability of political maneuver in the negotiations with Moscow. “This will reduce our flexibility in using sanctions to restore the sovereignty of Ukraine in cooperation with the EU,” the newspaper quoted the opinion of the coordinator of sanctions the state Department’s Daniel fried. The official said that one of the American companies complained about the billions of dollars in losses from sanctions against Russia. According to Frida, the losses would probably be “a lot more”.

As the newspaper VIEW, last March, the lower house of Congress has already taken a similar decision, but then it was not a bill but a resolution calling to supply weapons to Kiev. In response, the state Duma urged to return to the President the right to send troops to Ukraine in case the resolution will be approved by Obama. Although this document was merely a recommendation, which the White house since then and have not fulfilled, Kiev uses it as an excuse to saber-rattling and announce that the APU is included in the five of the strongest armies in Europe.


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