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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Stephen Hawking predicted contact with aliens, not promising anything good

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, known for both his outstanding research in the field of black holes, and close to fantastic assumptions about the future of humanity, and just recently attracted the attention of a wide audience with his statement. According to the scientist, aliens exist and may try to get in touch with the Earth, but people on call to respond should not be.

photo: pixabay.com

Hawking said that he believes that it is necessary to continue the search for aliens, but only with the aim to find “brothers on reason” before they find us. If representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization make contact first, people should “lay low” and try not be give.

Your concern physicist explains that if aliens can reach our planet, it would mean that their civilization is much more advanced than earth, and therefore, meeting with these aliens can be very similar to the meeting of Christopher Columbus with the native Americans, and the role of the latter will be earthlings.

Scientists admitted that his belief that the Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the Universe, only strengthened. Hawking reminds that the Sun is only one of the hundreds of trillions of stars in the Universe, and from a mathematical point of view, it is unlikely that only appeared orbit planet with livable conditions.

Your thoughts shared Hawking, speaking at a television program dedicated to the discovery of the planet Gliese 832c at a distance of 16 light years from Earth.

It is worth noting that on a high mathematical probability of the existence of the Universe other civilizations sometimes say many experts, however, the likelihood that they will visit the Land in person or even try to colonize it, from the point of view of the vast majority of serious experts tends to zero. How do you think physicists and astronomers, travel to other stars is a very complex, long and costly exercise, so in the case that the inhabitants of the two planets know about each other, they are likely to communicate with each other “remotely”.


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