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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Former KGB officers are confident in the success of Naryshkin in the RAF

Sergey Naryshkin is leaving the post of Chairman of the State Duma and sits in a high chair – Director of the foreign intelligence Service. Although the official biography of Naryshkin is not associated with the work of the secret services, security officers believe that with the new direction that Ukraine and Russia can handle it. He was “a great organizer” talk about him former officers of the KGB.

On Thursday evening President Vladimir Putin has appointed the outgoing speaker of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Sergey Naryshkin, head of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR). The decree comes into force from 5 October.

“The rumors that all the intelligence agencies will be merged into a Ministry of public security is likely wrong

“You are well aware, as we all the situation in which we are now how important the success of this service for consistent and reliable development of our country how important it is in order to stop threats against Russia to prevent their proliferation, but rather to act so that they did not arise in the early stages to neutralize these threats,” said Putin at a meeting with Naryshkin and the current Director of SVR Mikhail Fradkov.

Naryshkin thanked Putin for the trust. “Your proposal I regard as the order of the President, the Supreme commander. Well aware of the nonpublic nature of the work of the foreign intelligence Service, especially in comparison with the State Duma, – said Sergey Naryshkin. – Understand that the scope and contribution of the results of the service in ensuring the strategic interests of the state is enormous.”

“Putin expressed hope that voters who voted in the recent elections for Naryshkin, will be sympathetic to the fact that he will have to surrender his mandate, noting that the mandate also means agreeing with the direction on such an important piece of work”, – said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, adding that the head of state praised the results of operations of SVR, especially in the context of the current international situation, and thanked Fradkov for his work, which was efficient and highly professional”. Soon Fradkov nominated Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways.

As you know, Itachi ran for the state Duma from “United Russia” in Leningrad region Kingisepp district No. 112 and scored, according to preliminary data, almost 55% of the vote. Earlier in the week, Naryshkin, answering the question of whether to apply for the position of speaker of the state Duma of the new convocation, said that it “solves the first plenary session of the state Duma”. “No, I’m not going to hand over the mandate”, he said and stated that he would do everything to justify the trust of voters.

“It is important that he was a great organizer”

Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin suggested that Naryshkin said he was not going to pass the mandate as, “most likely, was waiting for the decision of the President.” “From this decision depended, as in the future his fate. Now the President announced it,” said Mukhin the OPINION, adding that the decision about who will head the foreign intelligence service, apparently, was discussed until the last moment.

A former intelligence officer, Chairman of the Committee on safety of the existing of the state Duma Andrei Lugovoi (LDPR), called the appointment Naryshkin unexpected. “It is rare when the rumors are confirmed such appointments. On the other hand, I believe Sergey is one of the most important politicians in our country. We have five years worked in the state Duma. This is a person of high professionalism, very sociable, with a sense of humor and who knows how to rally the team,” said meadow the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, in the last convocation there is hardly a Deputy who would say anything negative or pointed to some flaws Naryshkin. “I treat it with immense respect and I wish him in his new post all the good and the best,” he added.

Official biography of the 62-year-old Sergei Naryshkin is not associated with the work of the secret services. However, commenting on nine years ago, the purpose of the SVR Mikhail Fradkov, the same Andrei Lugovoi noted that it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of intelligence to manage this service. “The head of the security services do not have to be a professional in this field, – said Lugovoi portal, “Morning.” It is important that he was a wonderful organizer, and he understood the problems of the industry and the challenges facing a particular Department.”

“This is one of the strategic positions

President of center of strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov believes that changing the seat of the speaker of the state Duma on a post of the Director of the SVR from the point of view of publicity Naryshkin, maybe will lose something, but from the point of view of status will only grow. “The head of foreign intelligence, remember, is included in the security Council and meets with the President as Minister of defence. In the hierarchy of power structures is one of the strategic positions”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

However, like Abzalov, if implemented the project on creation of the MGB, SVR significantly lose status. “But even in this case, the head of the SVR is a very serious position, coordinating all the information flow in the external circuit. He personally prepares reports to the first person in the state. For Naryshkin, I think it’s the best alternative to the post of the speaker”, – he explained.

As for Mikhail Fradkov, his experience in foreign intelligence will be useful in the Board of Directors of Russian Railways, the expert believes. “Given the fact that the railroad is actively embedded in international projects, experience of Mikhail Fradkov with external residencies will benefit them, especially given the fact that Russia claims the status of a transit state. In this respect Fradkov, in terms of hardware weight close to the last Chapter Railways Vladimir Yakunin,” – said Abzalov. According to experts, the permutations represents the start of a new political cycle, and the near future can bring a lot of changes in the Cabinet of Ministers, security agencies and governors.

The purpose of Naryshkin in exploration means that messages about plans to build a MGB is not confirmed, said political analyst Pavel Svyatenkov. “The fact that Sergey Naryshkin is appointed Director of the SVR, it means that the rumors that all the intelligence agencies will be merged into a Ministry of public security, is likely wrong. For the simple reason that if the clips were going to be included in such a Ministry, then there would be the appointment of a new Director,” said the analyst, RIA “Novosti”.

At the meeting with President Mikhail Fradkov expressed confidence that Naryshkin will work in intelligence no less effective than in previous posts. “The work is very interesting and responsible. Glad your choice was Sergei Sokolov, with whom we side by side worked quite a long time in the government, and friends. In these trusting relationships, non-public – is also an important factor – I gave you all I know, Sergey Evgenievich”, – said Fradkov.

“For his part, Mr President, I would like to thank you for the high appreciation of the foreign intelligence Service in General, and my contribution for the trust that you granted me for many years in high government posts, including the directorship of the foreign intelligence Service” – he turned to the President.

Who can now occupy the post of speaker of the lower house, is still unknown. We will remind that on Tuesday, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has denied reports about its possible transfer to another job. “My assessment is a rumor and nothing more,” – said on this occasion, the speaker of “the Russian newspaper”.

All factions of the state Duma will be good to remember the work with Naryshkin, said his first Deputy in the outgoing Duma, the first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov. “Sergey E. in any case will forever remain a prominent figure in the history of the State Duma as Chairman, who has worked in very intense, responsible and interesting time, and work successfully,” – said TASS Melnikov.

Meanwhile, a member of the CEC Sergey Sirotkin suggested that a by-election in the Kingisepp district will be held this year.


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