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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Crimea: the stay behind barbed wire

My previous article “feudalism in the Russian Crimea” has caused a strong reaction, including the negative. Some were outraged, wrote that “to the sea you can go free”.

Answer: if the sea can take place freely, then it is simply unnecessary.

The most valuable part of the Crimea — is the South coast (southern coast). It is on the South coast in the nineteenth century built their palaces and estates of the Russian feudal lords, including the Emperor himself. Gradually the whole coast was bought and estates docked fence to fence.

True, barbed wire was not entangled.

Why the South coast? Because it is along the southern coast is the highest ridge of the Crimean mountains, which protects the coast from the flow of superheated steppe air in the summer and cold in winter, whereby there are no sudden changes in temperature.

In addition, the proximity of mountains and sea making the landscape very picturesque and the sea, and from the coast have stunning views. But it is the mountains, terminating in the water are contributing to the problem are not available in other parts of the Crimea.

First, on the South coast there is little or no natural beaches. At best, it’s the rocks, forming a narrow strip of coast in the worst — just sheer cliffs stretching into the sea. So in some places there is not only the beaches, but even the descent to the water. Most boat landings are made by those same Russian feudal lords who had founded their estate.

Most of the beaches on the South coast — artificial bulk. First you have to make a concrete wall every 50 meters, then poured pebbles between them. Breakwaters look ugly and spoil the landscape, but without them, the pebbles will wash away in the sea in a week.

In fact, her and breakwaters wash out to sea if a storm is very strong.

Every year the administration of pensions falls asleep the beaches of new gravel to increase the width to ten meters, but by the season’s end from the beach is a narrow strip of two meters, and sometimes washes away everything, to the concrete parapet.

Except for the cost of the shingles is the cost of keeping the beach clean, security, etc.

The most important thing is to make the beach inaccessible for everyone.


Because if the beach will be accessible to everyone, then, who gave up the boarding house (sanatorium) with space prices?

Know how much standard room for two persons with not very good food and with so-called treatment? 8000 rubles per day. And it is still very inexpensive.

One of the resorts with the Russian version of “all inclusive” hotel offers standard double room over 17 000 per day! Give prices for high season, and resorts on the South coast (near Gaspra, lower road).

Now think for yourself: will people buy vouchers for the money, if to the beach can take anyone and there will be no room to fall?

The answer is obvious.

Therefore, the boarding houses enclosed by high fences with barbed wire on top, in some places there is even a spiral Bruno! The beaches are also fenced — at the breakwaters are high fences stretching into the sea. The resort, on the beach I hung out, went even further: the entire breakwater and the entire metal fence smeared with something like motor oil, which cannot be washed away, only to “commoners” from the nearby beach was not included on “feudal beach of this resort.

But people still tried to climb. Because on my side of the beach width of 50 meters I was alone, and on the adjacent beach “for all” in the same area it was 100 people.

In the Crimea I travel since 1997, and it so happened that I rested almost all the time in the same boarding house. And he was, as if to say, “not for everyone”. That is, I all the time rested on the feudal territories”, and like a rest rest, seen from above, from the cliff. My family always watched in horror as more and more people in the nearby beaches. It’s really very clear when you look from the height of bird flight.

And this year, I suddenly — again — and found himself on this beach “for all”.

In 2014, when the annexed Crimea, all the beaches are made open and you could walk to the sea and everywhere around the coast from beach to beach — free.

I, naively, thought that so will be always, and this year took a room at the hotel, which is located on the line just in 100-150 meters from the shore, but not close to the “feudal” to the beach, and the beach “for all”.

I didn’t know that all closed once more — and became even worse than it was before!

In the end, from my hotel directly you can get only on open beach “in common use”.

I had enough for the first three days. Just, I was phalsa before release that the first three days I didn’t care, I wanted to lie down. Yes, and there were showers, and people were less than usual. But then… then the weather improved, and people began to shape the hip to hip! I love humanity, but not to this extent.

Had to go to a private beach. The thing is that with all these fences, gates and barbed wire had to walk a detour on mountain road — about a mile there and the same back. But directly, that is, if you go down to the sea and walk along the shore, it would be 5 times shorter. Of course, these “walks” sometimes tired, especially in the intense heat, but the fitness was good.

I wrote about “Russian feudalism in Crimea, now Crimea is Russian, and I live in Russia and not used to saying “but look at them there blacks Lynch”, but…

But the historical truth is that the same beaches “feudal lords” and “commoners” was when the Crimea was Ukrainian. But before that — in Soviet times — was also closed pensions to the party nomenklatura, departmental pensions, the same feudalism, but under “socialist” guise. And before that rested in the Crimea, these feudal lords in their estates.

What to do? The answer is simple: to build beaches. Do not reinvent the need — all have been already invented. In Singapore, in Dubai for a long time already not that that beaches the whole artificial island build. So you can build big, long breakwaters, to create spacious beaches that all have enough and no one else will feel second rate, everyone will feel like — at least on the beach. And barbed wire can be removed.


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