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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Big finish Putin: Volodin will be the speaker of the state Duma

All Friday Vladimir Putin has devoted to summarizing held elections in the country, meeting with Ella Pamfilova and members of the CEC, representatives of parliamentary parties and svezheizbranny governors. Deputy head of the AP Vyacheslav Volodin last attended these meetings in your present capacity. As predicted, the media, Putin proposed the Duma to approve the assistant to the speaker of the state Duma is sent to the SVR Sergey Naryshkin.

photo: kremlin.ru

First Vladimir Putin came the members of the CEC headed by Ella Pamfilova — read the details in our report ‘Ella Pamfilova indignation tapped the table”.

While the President continued communication with the members of the electoral Commission in closed to the press, in the next Catherine hall began to gather the representatives in Parliament of parties. Waiting for the release of the head of state, they unwittingly were grouped by interests. The center of one circle was Dmitry Medvedev who was surrounded by members of the same party-the United Russia party, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his comrades. In another corner huddled representatives of the Communist party and “Fair Russia” headed by Gennady Zyuganov and Sergey Mironov. “Well, Moscow and St. Petersburg is generally good for nothing”, came from this “mighty handful”.

The essence of perturbation became clear in the course of communication of deputies with the President. Complaining of numerous violations, not allowed to be elected to the Duma in such prominent Communists as Admiral Komoyedov, Zyuganov cited the results of the two plots in Moscow and the Moscow region where the vote was “absolutely pure”: in the heart of MSU “Apple” and “Parnassus” in the sum received 44% of the vote in the suburbs near the PTI – 45%. “It worries me, – said Zyuganov – Position “Parnassus” on key issues has nothing to do with the state interests. It is necessary to look to St. Petersburg and Moscow, there is still low turnout – only a third of voters came to the polls. And it is capital that we should all follow.”

The leaders of other opposition forces did not hesitate to join in the baiting of the Democrats. Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated: the right to nominate candidates for the presidency must obtain only the parliamentary party. Sergei Mironov went even further, urging to revoke the public funding and the right to collect signatures of those who could not hold their representatives in the legislative Assembly at least one third of the regions.

The leaders of the legalized opposition hinted that, in General, negatively related to brood parties. “We need to move to a three-party system when the party in power gets 305 seats, while the remaining 145 are divided between two other parties”, – said Zhirinovsky, to the prophecies which long-term practice shows, sometimes there is a sense to listen. “We have to drive all the left wing parties in the hall of columns and let them come out of there United. The Communist party then we can rename in accordance with her first name, give 70 seats and put next to busts of Lenin busts its current leadership,” continued his thought Zhirinovsky. The remaining 75 mandates, naturally, he proposed to reserve for the liberal Democrats.

– I’m not the first time I hear complaints about the number of parties, – Putin responded, ” But before saying that they are too few! We opened up the gates for representatives of different political forces not only to the nonsense everyone could see, but to understand the political landscape – what specific forces are behind those who shout the loudest. And now it is more-less clear. However, let’s think about how to make the principles of democracy do not infringe, and that the political structure itself is not eaten, ” suggested GDP.

However, on theoretical questions, none of the leaders linger did not – to the parliamentary parties are now worth a lot of pressing challenges to the constitutional majority “an United Russia” can only be decided by the head of state. “You have powers four times more than the Secretary General and two times more than Obama – said Zyuganov – Only you can balance the situation in the Duma”.

The biggest list of “hotelok”, of course, was Zhirinovsky. According to him, the liberal democratic party for 23 years waiting for the opportunity to appoint a representative on a post of the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs. Now, when the party almost became the second political force in the country, she has every right to offer the place of Leonid Slutsky. “He brought foreign delegations to Crimea, breaking the isolation. He’s not French MPs made the appeal of the French Parliament about the refusal of anti-Russian sanctions! Everyone knows him in PACE!” – praised colleague sitting next to Zhirinovsky. Vladimir Putin did not resist. According to him, before the Committee gave the liberal democratic party, because he feared that Zhirinovskiy’s so light in the international arena, conflicts are inevitable. But Slutsky is a different matter. Its purpose is quite possible to discuss with colleagues.

To ensure the constructive work of the lower house of Parliament, Vladimir Putin has proposed to keep the same distribution of committees that was in the Duma of the 6th convocation. We will remind that United Russia was under the control 15 of the committees, Communists 6, spravedlivorossy – 5, and LDPR – 4. Sergei Mironov, immediately took the initiative to take on this occasion a special law “on guarantees”. Indeed, in the case of redistribution communities, “Fair Russia” gained the least votes first will lose. But Zhirinovsky added that claims not only on global Affairs but wants to retain the post of Deputy speaker.

“The success of the elections is always a new challenge, a new frontier, because with these elections people have their expectations, and these expectations need to justify”, – appealed to all present by the President. To take the frontiers of the state Duma are going with a different speaker because Sergey Narishkin in connection with the transition in the RAF “to continue can not and will not.” “Certainly, the election of a new speaker – it is solely a DePuy corps, – has assured Putin, But Dmitry Medvedev will ask to support the candidacy of Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin. He knows what parliamentary work, he was a Deputy and being in the President’s administration maintained direct contact with the deputies. I hope it will help him to work”.

Judging by the reaction of the leaders with the support of other factions Volodin should not be. Only barely audible Mironov promised to consider the proposed nomination. Although by law the new house of Parliament should begin to work within 30 days after the announcement of the election results, the representatives of the parties in unison asked the President to expedite their return to work. Tired of campaigning, it’s time to push buttons. Putin did not mind: according to him, the state Duma must begin work on October 5 and immediately to engage in the budget. “We sit here every day, yesterday I just after ten in the evening gone,” he added.

Read the story “the Second after Putin: why Volodin was appointed speaker of the state Duma

Finally, after lunch the President waited for the newly elected heads of regions. This meeting was limited to greetings and a brief parting words, so it turned out shorter than the previous one. Putin urged the governors not to forget that they are supposed to represent the interests of all citizens, regardless of their political preferences, and above all to concentrate on the solution “simple and even boring,” economic and social issues. Alex Dyumin, was elected Governor of the Tula region, on this occasion, again invited the President to visit (recall that GDP would travel to Tula for a few days before the election to support his former guard, who easily called Alex).

– And the carrot? A samovar? – asked Putin. And after hearing assurances that there will be both promised not to delay the trip. And indeed, the effectiveness of the new personnel policy providing for the promotion of people from the inner circle, still needs to be tested…


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