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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

At the meeting with Putin Pamfilova indignation tapped the table

Vladimir Putin met with the head of the CEC. Ella Pamfilova became weary of the President listing the shares of interest received by the parties, and other quantitative results of the elections, focusing on quality indicators. It is estimated that overall the biggest in the electoral history of Russia election campaign (and on the mandates of different levels claimed a total of 102 thousand candidates) was successful.

photo: kremlin.ru

And observers filed complaints or the number (about 400), and character can’t affect the legitimacy of the elections. However, if the President suddenly have a desire to read in detail with statistics, he will be able to look in a hefty album with infographics prepared by the CEC. “Look – there is a lot of fun!” – introduced Pamfilova.

Putin said he saw the head of the CEC took control of the conduct of all legal proceedings and rigidly acted on all matters related to their violation. The legitimacy of the elections, he said, recognized not only by the overwhelming majority of participants and observers, but most importantly – Russian society. “This is the most important indicator that our electoral system is developing in the right direction,” the President said.

Pamfilova with this statement did not argue, but noted that from a technical point of view there are drawbacks that it is necessary to carefully analyze and to make “mistakes”.

Emotions Ella Pamfilova on the day of elections of the new Duma (13 photos)

For example, a very bureaucratic registration of candidates and signature verification engine. Even the party lawyers can be difficult to Wade through the letter of the regulations, what can we say about the independents. “It is necessary to adjust legislation and modernization, in particular the increase in the number of Cohiba,” – said the CEC head.

Pamfilova also complained about the poor information work of the regional election commissions – with this, in her opinion, the reason for a low turnout.

– Here in Moscow, SMS sending, email, and older people used to get postcards. It is necessary to preserve the traditional types of alerts, she said.

At the end of the public part of the meeting Pamfilova, finally, moved by her words, “the most complicated”. “Not all leaders have heard you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, political will, your call for openness, competitiveness, honesty of the elections. Someone caved under the laws and under their own interests, ” she complained. However, the names of these “someone”, the CEC did not publicly called, and promised to provide all comprehensive information to the President, and not only on voting day, and throughout the campaign.

Of the 85 subjects of the Federation “black mark” from Pamfilova at the meeting with Putin, got only two regions – Voronezh oblast, where, according to her, shamelessly used the administrative resource and deliberately changed the data. And Saint Petersburg.

“There I was in charge of elections, and Saint Petersburg I am deeply disappointed,” almost with tears in his voice Pamfilova admitted. All materials, according to her, handed over to the Prosecutor and let the violators “will be responsible for the full program.”

Taking this opportunity, Pamfilova complained to the head of the state to limit the authority of CEC. “We Express distrust to the head of regional election Commission, and the Governor says, “No! Let them sit!” – with indignation, she even slammed her hand on the table. But Putin remained indifferent. “In the government there are things, when higher-level Manager can only wag your finger!” – he commented.

Watch the video on “the CEC Head Ella Pamfilova recalled the punishment for election violations”

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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