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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Alexander Boroday said in Moscow, sees the future of the breakaway republics

In the Russian capital, former Prime Minister of DNR, and now the head of the volunteer Union of Donbass Alexander Borodai presented the report on the activities of the organization over the past year. Along the way, he and his colleagues made an interesting statement about the settlement of the conflict and the Minsk agreements.

photo: youtube.com

Alexander Boroday

– The Donbas population wanted and wants to be in Russia, – said Boroday at a press conference in Moscow. And I hope it will happen sooner or later. And the whole Donbass will be the territory of the Russian state. The same territory, as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok. The same Russian city will become and Donetsk. Today due to various kinds of reasons this did not happen. Donbass Ukraine will never be but is now not Russia. And yet, despite all efforts, the war was not completed. In Donetsk continue to shoot every day. Therefore, the internal situation in the Republic is complicated. But the Republic survived, and they grow stronger with each passing day.

Nevertheless Boroday believes that the existence of the Republic is not an end in itself.

– The aim of the vast majority of the population of Donbass is to become part of Russia. And I believe that the citizens of a free Donbass must become citizens of Russia. And not only Donbass, but also the entire territory of new Russia.

At this the audience, journalists reminded the speaker that the Minsk agreements provide for the reintegration of Donbass in the Ukraine.

– I am a practical point of view on the events. – said Boroday. – Always good to end the war victory and surrender of the enemy. But not always it turns out. Then the achieved agreement. All agreements are a compromise between the parties. The Minsk agreements serve as a kind of compromise.

Benefit from them, according to Beard, is undeniable. The main objectives of the Minsk agreements for the LC and the DNI reached.

First. The Minsk agreement has allowed the two republics of the objects of diplomacy to be actors. Second. Termination at a specific point in fighting and fixing the demarcation line. Now the party that will violate the line of demarcation, that in the eyes of the world community will become the aggressor. That is, these agreements brought substantial benefits to the Donbass made it possible for the republics to take a break. Yes, the stated objective of the Minsk agreement is the reintegration of Donbass in Ukraine. However, every sensible person understands that there is no real integration of Donbas into Ukraine impossible.


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