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Monday, March 12, 2018

“Volodin will be a speaker, Spring will improve”: what people are saying about the new Duma

In the night of 23 September, the CEC will announce the final results of the elections to the state Duma, but the hard work on the formation of a new state Duma began immediately after polling day ( according to rumors, the President may convene it at the beginning of October). Party feel the loss, assess the acquisition and make applications to the Duma posts. Some clarity on the nomination of the speaker of the observers waiting for scheduled for 23 September meeting of the leadership of “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR and “CP” with Vladimir Putin.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

In the building of the state Duma noticeable recovery. Losing an election or not involved in them all appeared to pack up and say goodbye to the assistants and camera. Great demand for cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Who won the election go to the offices of the chiefs of the party in the hope to find out whether they will get any post, and if so, what.

But while the new Duma as such yet – neither the speaker nor the factions, nor the committees. Only by obtaining the decision of the CEC on election results, new members will be able to receive in electoral commissions certificates of election. The final part of the passed according to party lists of deputies will be known only after 5 working days – this period is given to decide whether they are going to work in the Duma or not.

Already some of the heads of republics and regions that were “locomotives” of the regional list of “ER”, such statements were made. And we expect the same from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – he headed the list “party of power”. Rumors that his mandate can be passed to the head of the Committee on constitutional legislation Vladimir Pligin, who is on the “no-go” place in the list of St. Petersburg that were distributed in recent days was not unfounded: the law on elections of state Duma deputies strictly prescribes the procedure for the transfer of mandates “locomotives”, and this order is no chance known to the Deputy leaves.

On Thursday it became known that “lucky” could become the activist of the popular front, the publisher of MK in Buryatia” Nicholas Buduev.

By the way, in 2011, the mandate of Dmitry Medvedev went to Irina Spring, which otherwise in the Duma would not have fallen.

It so happened that the outgoing Council did not do what, logically, would have to do in advance, namely, to make the documents governing the operation of Parliament, the changes associated with the transition to the mixed election system. Now, if you follow the letter of the regulations of the state Duma, there is no way to include the 225 single-mandate part 4-factions: the regulations say that the faction consists only of the deputies, izbraucieni by a single Federal district, that is on the list!

According to these rules it turns out that the faction of “ER” will be able to enter only 140 people, a faction of the Communist party – 35, a faction of the liberal democratic party – 34, and the faction “SR – only 16! So many seats the party got on the list…

Read the story “the Portrait of the new Duma: the “collective Putin” contained 343 of the Deputy”

And now the new Council will start its work by amending the regulations, according to “MK”, the amendments now being prepared, and the possibility of creating Deputy groups in them is not provided: the Kremlin and “United Russia” decided that, to ensure the controllability of a huge team of 343 persons (as MPs held the ruling party lists and single-member districts) is enough to divide it into 5 intra-faction groups.

In the last convocation of such groups was 4, with the total number of fraction of 238 people. The decision about who in future will lead these units in General should be made on Thursday evening at the meeting of the Bureau of the Presidium of the General Council of “ER.”

As for the faction leader (this position was held in the Duma of the sixth convocation Vladimir Vasilyev, he was elected again – this question, according to media reports which cited a source in the party leadership will be decided on Saturday at the joint meeting of the Supreme Council and the General Council of “ER.”

The intrigue remains whether the post of Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin or is it someone who comes in like the first Deputy head of the presidential Administration Vyacheslav Volodin?” hold to the last.

In the Communist party and the liberal democratic party, believed that this question will certainly arise at the meeting with President Putin on Friday. Although after the elections, those who would like to save the post Mr. Naryshkin, “sighed” with relief, because “like it is” but now we have rumors that at Okhotny Ryad moves g-n Volodin. The more that senior official is not yet said whether he will refuse from the Deputy mandate…

What is clear is that the President’s views on this issue will be decisive.

If the “United Russia” headache from how to cope with the huge number of deputies, the other parties in the Duma a very different problem. Faction of the Communist party now, not 92, and 42. The liberal democratic party – not 56, and 39. The “CP” and is only 23 instead of 64…

To leave the Duma will not only have many former MPs and many staff members of these factions: the norm, the number of party officials is approximately 0.3 of the number of deputies whom they serve. Hence, the apparatus of the Communist party faction, for example, will be reduced twice, and the machine faction “SR” – in 2,5 times…

If you consider that fractional devices traditionally served as a place of trudoustroistva some former members, this feature got lost in the weight of opposition parties disappeared.

But the machine faction “United Russia” will grow from 70 people to around 100!

As for the posts of heads of Duma committees – there are mainly some rumors. All assumptions with links to various “sources” that is Vladimir Pligin, the Committee on constitutional legislation will be headed by Irina Spring or Natalia Poklonskaya, izbrisana from the Crimea that the Committee on foreign Affairs, orphaned after its head Alexei Pushkov has not been elected to the Duma, Vyacheslav Nikonov will get, almost immediately contradicted by other “sources” who claim that Irina Spring “can be nominated” for Vice-speaker of the state Duma.

It would be a beautiful way: on the one hand, the formal – honorable increase, as would the recognition, on the other Okhotny Ryad know that can thus be removed from direct control over the passage of specific laws.

There personalities! While it is not clear and, as a result of the committees must be divided. Everyone knows that when you define them most and his handlers in the Kremlin has to take into account the political necessity to show that the “party of power” is ready to share with the opposition, while not giving the controls the process in the most important branches of the law, and at the same time the need not to offend the “right” people in their ranks.

And the interests of key ministries and agencies to ignore the impossible: it is hard to imagine that the head of the international Affairs Committee, for example, “ER” will agree to put a person who hates Meade.

In the Duma of the first convocation was 23 Committee. In the Duma of the second convocation – 28. In the third Duma again failed to be pressed down to 23. But then off we go… In the Duma of the fourth convocation committees became 29, in the fifth Duma – 31, in the sixth Duma first threatened to leave, only 21, but it turned out initially 29, and then 30…

The number of posts of chairmen of committees has increased during the implementation of the decision “fair”, that is, in proportion to the number of fractions, to divide them between “United Russia”, CPRF, “SR” and LDPR – taking into account all of the above reasons.

Now from package deal to give up no one is going. But the proportions between other factions! And if the Communists were led by 6 committees, spravorossy – 5, and LDPR members – 4, now, for example, spravorossy, according to a source in fraction, “you can count on half a Committee, but if the “ER” from a lordly shoulder will decide to throw it some will give two.”

The Communists hope to receive at least 4, I hope that reason will prevail”. The liberal democratic party, too.

UPDATE: Dmitry Peskov, said Sergey Naryshkin is appointed by the head of the foreign intelligence Service, holding the post Mikhail Fradkov nominated for the post of head of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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